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Looks like a pedophile to me!

Lukas Schlosser, otherwise known as his alias sherkahamham, WarriorsComeBack, or legendofshadow, is a notorious pedophile and furry who diddles members of the Hamtaro community. He is based in Switzerland and, unlike most of the country's residents, weighs over 9000 pounds.

Basic Information

Sherka is an incredibly insecure, twisted individual who gets off on other people’s fear. He's constantly whining about his depression, his celibacy, his weight, and his troubled state of mind. Despite this, he's had a very privileged upbringing with no abuse or traumatic experiences in his life. Naturally, the only possible outcome from all of this self-contradiction (besides suicide) is pedophilia.

His Pedo Modus Operandi

Sherka has a particular way to go about grooming his objects of desire. He always seems to be able to pick out the most vulnerable tweens and teens on the Internet, as any good pedophile would do. He acts incredibly kind and friendly to them at first, often sharing details about his personal life and making an effort to appear vulnerable to the unsuspecting child.

He tends to get quite angry and whiny when his target seems to be ignoring him or forgot about him, and will guilt-trip the user back into talking to him again. This typically isn’t a case of a user forgetting to talk to him for weeks, it’s more often only a matter of hours.

He often asks to have Hamtaro roleplay. Unless he’s feeling extra confident that day, Sherka will not ask for sexual roleplays at first. He’ll slowly lure the minor in, and then start suggesting sexual things to do with the minor, such as having dirty roleplays with their “hamsonas”, or Hamtaro OCs.

Curiously, he also names his OCs after people who have confronted him on his bullshit, or people that were his victims. It is unknown whether he does this for sentimental reasons, or as a way to manipulate his opponents. Clearly, you can see that not too much goes on in that big head of his.

Personal Life

Sherka was a terrible student, so much so that his parents would celebrate if he got so much as high as a C in his classes. As you can probably guess, Sherka was too retarded to go to college, so he works in a chemical processing facility for Bayer. Because he is so abnormally large, he often gets into trouble at the company for fucking things up because he’s so fat. He can hardly fit in the hazmat suits given to them, too. Pretty sure they had to import a suit with American sizing for the fatty. His coworkers are constantly telling the smelly fuck to lose some weight, because being around him is simply too embarrassing for them to bear. Most of the time they can't even sit too close to him, because he can't properly wash himself with his enormous stomach and folds of fat retaining grime and dirt.

Also a fun fact, Sherka has a micropenis. It is very sad to look at, you can’t help but almost feel bad for the penis, to be attached to such a horrible person and be so small and shriveled. He sent one of his objects of desire a video of him fapping on the toilet, which is probably the best thing you can do to get pussy.


Sherka allegedly had gotten arrested sometime before 2016 for possession of child pornography. He was too stupid to cover up his creepy behavior, and shared images of naked, depraved children with his contact, who is only known as “Jessica” on a chat service that monitors messages, unlike Telegram or Wickr.

This of course, didn’t stop Sherka from getting his rocks off to babies. One witness account states that he showed a victim a picture of a twelve-year old girl, fully in the nude on her hands and knees, with a leash and collar on. The victim later recounted Sherka’s apparent joy that he would get someone in trouble for sending the nasty photo, and the victim was deeply upset by his behavior towards them. Sherka, of course, failed to realize that he would be the main one in trouble by sending these images to unsuspecting people, because he’s a fucking dumbass.

After Sherka’s arrest, his parents were ashamed by the revelation that their son was a pedophile, but Sherka lied his way out of the situation, causing his stupid parents to forgive him for his infractions. Shows you where he got his remarkable intelligence from.

Sherka’s older brother recently fathered a son with his long-time girlfriend. Of course, this made Sherka ecstatic at the prospect of molesting this young boy. As of right now, Sherka’s brother does not know his little brother’s criminal past, for if he found out, he would easily kick and assrape the shit out of him. One can only hope that the child doesn’t become a victim of this predatory fat faggot.


Someone called him out for being a disgusting pedo. He eventually deleted the comment out of fear his young followers and “groom-ees” would notice.

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