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Shit no one cares about

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Because no one likes you, nobody gives a shit about this article. Anyone who edits it is a faggot. And if that's not enough, nobody cares that your dog Sparky had to go to the veterinarian because the neighborhood kids stuck firecrackers up his ass. In fact, no matter how many times you inform the world how fat you were in high school and that you lost half your body weight on the Subway diet, still nobody cares. Were you to video yourself becoming an hero through the medium of pneumatic-drill/face interaction, the amount of attention and interest you would receive from the rest of the world would make Skuee look popular. If nobody cares about it, you shouldn't or you are with the anti-lulz. If you stumbled upon this article while searching for something, then you are clearly nobody, so please continue reading.

What's that you say? Okay, sure, whatever, nobody gives a shit. Listen to some emo bands while you're at it (or some J-Rock).


On Wikipedia

Wikipedia, like all Wikis, is filled with millions of articles on brown squishy stuff that nobody cares about (You're most likely to find something more interesting floating in your toilet). To take random examples such as their millionth and two millionth articles, not only do you realize that it's unfunny, but also that nobody gives a fucking fuck. On the other hand, most of the internet doesn't give a fuck about ED, so it all balances out.

On the rest of the internet

On the internet, indifference (the emotional version of Shit no one cares about) is used by heartless unforgiving Anons to score lulz off people trying to make other people give a shit. It usually starts with OP posting a whiny, gay problem or proud accomplishment hoping for some advice, back-patting or any kind of positive input from someone whom he hopes may be stupider than him. From here on, our hard-trolling anon has a wide assortment of tactics to tell OP that nobody gives a fuck about him.

List of shit nobody cares about

! to A7X
AA to Alex Dorame
Alex Ford to Anshe Chung
Answerbag to Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne vandal to Bed bug
Bed bugs to Bobby Newton Hendrix
Bobbyq78 to Busy
ButLova to ChanceBlacktown
ChancePsych to Clique
Cliques to Crap sandwich
Crapflood to Dancing sandwich war
Dancing with Smurfs to Dgt2
Dgtrixie to Drama Llama
Drama Prairie Dog to Easter egg
Eastern Europe to Evelyn rei
Ever to Exploit
Exploitable to Fez
Ff6 to Fuckbuddies
Fuckbuddy to George Osborne
George Rekers to Grinman
Grnd floor to Heroes
Heroes Of The Storm to IPad
IPhone to Internet Reviewing
Internet Revolution to Jeffery Dahmer
Jeffery Gold to Just for the lulz
Just google it to Kotakoti
Kotaku to Less Than Three
Less than 100 to Lulu of the Lotus-Eaters
Luluco to Marc Lépine
Marcab to Michael Carneal
Michael Crawford to Mr Hands
Mr Krabs to Nerdcubed
Nerdrage to Nyancat
Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls to Ovamiat
Oven to Penis Nosed Fox
Penis Pump to Pool's Closed/ASCII
Pool's closed to Problem?
Problem With Children to Rants
Raoul DeMarest to Robert Seman
Robert Stainek to Sam Hyde as a mass shooter meme
Sam Leeson to Sewer horse
Sex to Skub
Skuee to Spider-man
Spider Expert to Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu
Swabez93 to Thats racist
Thayo to The happening
The holocaust to Transginger
Transhumanism to Upper Decker
Upper decker to Wajas
Wakachan to Wikipedophile
Wikipedophiles to Yoshi
Yoshi-lord to Redundant

Seriously, nobody gives a single fucking shit.


Of Shit No One Cares About About missing Pics

Spiderman Gives Not A Fuck About missing Pics

Animals That Give No Fucks About missing Pics


Because everyone wants to watch some crybaby eat chips for two minutes.

And the point of this video was...?

Did someone mock you beacuse you're a Brony?

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