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Shitting Dick Nipples

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The original shitting dick nipples image is actually not the worst image on Encylcopedia Dramatica. At least 100 are worse ones.

Self-descriptive graphic phenomenon which has only avoided becoming old meme because no one wants to create the situation in the first place. Popularized on 4chan to refer to any picture so freakish even the jaded population of the unholy imageboard can't quite get a hard on for.

Often saved for trolling purposes or simple disbelief, and near guarantee said artist took eight hours and fancy acrylics to get it just right. The meme goes well beyond rule34 as it not only depicts something which does not exist, but something that should not have even been imagined.

The worst part? She has smelly feet!

If you find that you are shitting out your dick nipples, it is recommended that you consult a doctor immediately.


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My Nipples Are Dicks Manga About missing Pics
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