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Is there anything worse that a Fundie troglodyte who refuses to learn anything?

Yes. A Fundie troglodyte who not only refuses to learn anything, and fancies himself to be a seasoned logician and thinker. Then, of course, there is YouTube user shockofgod. Who is all of the above and less. The thinking man's Geerup and the only radio talk show host ever to donate his brain to science Jebus. Of his many flaws, his most irritating is his (methinks-he-doth-protest-too-much) insistence that he used to be an Atheist; when every indication points to him being a Pompous Fundie Whackaloon from the instant he was conceived in the womb of that hooker.

Meet ShockofGod[edit]

ShockofGod is a notoriously vocal (read: loudmouthed) anti-athiest pro-Creationist troll. Among his numerous failings as an evangelist, logician and human being are:

ShockofGod works his pud into a lather and squirts it into the Book of Acts

Infallible....I love that Word


—shockofgod, using a word that has nothing to do with the Bible.

Shock and the Alliance of Christ[edit]

Shock was a key members of a YouTube cabal of mutual masturbators called The Alliance of Christ. This group contained such luminaries as:

Before they turned on each other like PCP-engorged werewolves in bitter recriminations about who was and wasn't Fundie enough, they managed to narrowly avoid getting run over by the FBI PartyVan for their antics.
Especially interesting is how AoC member GodGunsGutsGlory reacts to be trolled on the internuts: He painted a sign with the name of the Troll Group that pwned him, and shoots at it. Wow. Look at the testosterone-fueled courage of a guy shooting at a sign. Truly he is a son of gawd. With a big cock. He's not trying to compensate for anything. Really he isn't.

What a Delightful Group of Savage Psychotic Bigots You Hang With, Shock

Get a Gun, Kill the Faggots


—Alliance of Christ Member (and shockofgod's butt-buddy) GodGunsGutsGlory turns shooting guns into a failtastic act of whiny emo anti-Lulz.

And to think, shockofgod is the Brainiac in this remedial toilet-training class. He's the SMART ONE!

ShockofGod, Lover of Freedom[edit]

<p>Just like VenomfangX, Geerup, NephilimFree and most other Unamerican, Anti-freedom Creatards, Shock gleefully uses every possible censorship-empowering feature of YouTube, to not only censor and harass, but to be a pillar of predictable anti-Lulz asshattery.

  • Voting on his videos is disabled.
  • His block-list looks like the L.A. Metro phone directory.
  • His comments are set to approval only.
  • ...and then he deletes any comments that might be construed as answering 'The Question'.
  • Video responses are approval only.

and weirdly, and most sinister of all: It doesn't matter how many times you turn down a friend request, he'll just send another.
He subscribes to people he blocks.
Now, this may seem innocuous...but think about it for a moment. It's like he's keeping tabs on you. He doesn't want you sullying his channel....but he's happy to lurk in the background of your channel, like some kind of radioactive mildew spore coated cockroach nest hidden in your wall.

Shock, Phisherman for Great Justice[edit]

Shock pounds off to hacking a noob's YouTube account.

In fact, he lost his YouTube account, shockawenow, to the anti-Phishing Banhammer. But Shock only has three tricks: Phishing, incessantly re-asking the same question, and some grotesque shit involving stapling his shrivelled nutsack to his own leg....he has to stick to the only things he knows how to do. Maybe someday, he'll learn to listen to answers, avoid being a treacherous script-kiddie wannabe douche, and avoid misusing office equipment; He might also learn to wipe his own ass, but let's not get too ambitious.

Shock, GodJesus's Pet Shockjock[edit]

He desperately wants to be next Rush Limbaugh, and he has cultivated an OxyContin addiction to further that goal. Oh, and he has a radio show, where he imitates Limbaugh's voice and his brain wave pattern.
Which isn't difficult: He pontificates on subjects he does not understand; He interrupts his own victims guests; He smugly blames everything wrong with himself on a cabal of evil atheists....and wears a big bib to catch the drool.

Shock, Purveyor of THE QUESTION[edit]

But what he's most notorious for is asking 'The Question': "Can you Provide Proof and Evidence that Atheism is Accurate and Correct?". He will ask anyone he meets that question multiple times.

In the time it takes for you to jerk off, he's already asked the question 108 times (which averages out to twice per pull.)

The inevitable response to The Question is:

  1. The Atheist points out the numerous logical fallacies in that question, especially how it shifts the Burden of Proof...
  2. ...and then they answer it anyway. Soundly. Savagely and without mercy. Until pwnsauce is splattered onto the ceiling.

ShlockofGod's immediate response to anyone answering his question is to...declare victory...because no-one was able to answer his question.
The problem here is that he got into the habit of declaring victory on his radio show; where he could (try to) prevent the question being answered by talking over and then muting the answerer.
Now he does it in everyday life and on YouTube, where anyone can answer him unimpeded. And they do. Some have spent up to 15 minutes slowly and meticulously dismantling his vapid question for him -- stripping it down to the molecular level to exorcise the Fail -- and there ain't a damned thing he can do to stop it.
Well, except for blocking the answerer, and then subscribing to them.
He might respond to a debunking by sending a link to a random video by Frank'sVoice... which is like George W. Bush sending Danforth P. Quayle's retarded chihuahua to refute the findings of a conference of quantum mechanical particle physicists. Except there's fewer piss soaked gorditas and more rolling of eyes.

Shock, Avoider of Questions[edit]

Yeah, Shock will gleefully act the part of the angry interrogator....but as soon as you ask him a question, he runs away like a frightened chihuahua with an ass full of habanero taco sauce.

The Irony is as Thick as his Skull

Scurry away and Never Scurry Back


—Advice he needs to follow.

Some folks are just sick of dealing with his shit

I'm Finished Dealing with Him, as of Now!



How to Troll ScockofGod[edit]

Create a temporary account, and PM him one or more of the following question

  • Ask him "Can you provide proof and evidence that you aren't Satan, sent here to deceive us?"
  • Ask him "Can you provide proof and evidence that you were EVER a non-believer?"
  • Ask him "Can you provide proof and evidence that One -- and Only One -- God Created the Universe?"
  • Ask him "Can you provide proof and evidence that Fundamenaltist Christianity is accurate and correct?"

Then block him. Get your friends to do the same. Then do it again...and again...and again, until his inbox is bogged down with hundreds of PM's.

  • Whatever Happens in response. Declare victory.

or you could use his own techniques against him.
For example: In the following vid YouTuber DonExodus2 uses the 'SchlockofFraud' Method on christard TruthfulChristian.

Your Hater's can Craft Better "Un-Answerable Questions" Than You, Shock

No...YOU have to Prove it Me</u>.


—TruthfulChristian, typical anti-Sandwichist heretic and shill for the Global Cancer Conspiracy.

Shock, Nephilim's Rough Mistress[edit]

Kinda like how Osama bin Laden Jews convinced Mohammed Atta to crash a plane in the world trade center, Shock was able to convince drooling manchild NephilimFree to sacrifice himself in a hopeless "debate" against people who knew what they were talking about. In the end, the "debate" was such a clusterfuck, even the normally semiconciousnessless Nephy felt raped by the ordeal.
The other result of that debacle was the creation of the League of Reason radio show.
So, Shockofgod not only increased the dataforce of his own pwnage; but decreased the signal-to-noise radio of the entire universe even further.

Shock, Ex-Atheist, My Ass![edit]

The Unending List of Gods Shock does not Believe In

The Only Difference between us, is I go One God Further than You


—dprJones, who does not understand mercy, talking to shockofgod, who doesn't deserve any.

The Circlejerk of Creationist Trolls[edit]

'Want more Creationist Troll Aktion?'
BEHOLD! the Circlejerk of Creationist Trolls!

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