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Shortcat is short.
Shortsnake is short, too.
A challenger appears!

Shortcat is regarded by many as the mortal enemy of Longcat, being that Longcat is loooooooooooong, and Shortcat is short. But that's bullshit. It's argued that he's the brother of Tactrohs. It is also argued that Shortcat is a photomanip of Longcat. This, of course, is a lie designed to stop the spread of Shortcat, as shrt was clearly the original and its loooonger cousin was the shooped one. Also blood-related to Shatcat. Some say shortcat is the brother of longcat. This is unconfirmed.

ASCII Shortcat[edit]

          /       \
         |  #    # |
         \     @   |
          \   _|_ /
          / short \______
         / _______ ___   \
         |_____   \   \__/
          | cat\__/
          /is short \
         /   ____   \
         |  /    \  |
         | |      | |
        /  |      |  \
        \__/      \__/

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