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You can't get more extreme than allowing our women to breed with Negroes!


Simon Sheppard around 2005. Yet some argue that you can't get more extreme than Simon Sheppard.

Simon Sheppard is a Sonichu fan
File:Simon-sheppard-stephen-whittle WORK.jpg
Steven Whittle worrying about getting raped in the showers. Simon is just glad there are no women there

Simon Sheppard is an Englishman, whose level of batshit insanity happens to be way off the radar of human comprehension. Upon first examination he would appear to be a right-wing political activist from Hull and one of the first people to be imprisoned for inciting racial hatred on the internet, along with his buddy Steven Whittle. In 2008 they were sentenced to multiple-year jail terms, but before imprisonment, they escaped and flew to Los Angeles as refuge from persecution of their freedom of speech and because their website was based in California. However the Americunts promptly jailed them, and soon afterwards they ended up deported and imprisoned back in negro-Paki land. But Simon Sheppard is much more than just your average clichéd racist person...

The site in question is the hilariously fundamentalist The Heretical Press which leans so far to the right it can only be described as bent (coincidentally there is another Simon Sheppard who is a writer of gay erotica, and a Steven Whittle who is a FTM transsexual). The site itself would normally make Simon Sheppard a figure of wonder amongst /b/-tards and EDiots, putting him up there with their heroes such as Josef Fritzl, Richard Dawkins and House. Unfortunately the majority of his material is far, far TL;DR for trolls anybody inhabiting the internet. Fortunately, ED has uncovered the best of Simon Sheppard's fucked up mind so that you don't have to.

The Tyranny of Ambiguity

Simon Sheppard's dwelling when he was writing The Tyranny of Ambiguity, the place where he would drag back teenage girls to if he was lucky
File:Toadist1 2.gif
You are on the left of this chart.
Man hath no greater madness than to allow women and Jews to control what information he receives. The Jews' strategy par excellence is making money out of running us down and women, well, they're just women.


Simon Sheppard. Perhaps that sentiment would be echoed in Saudi Arabia or Iran!

Simon Sheppard was once a normal man. He worked in the music industry as a sound engineer (he met Andy Warhol once) and got a college degree in mathematics. However at a young age his mentally ill drug addict mother divorced his father, married a Chinaman, gave him four half-Chinese half-siblings (srsly) and then finally became an heroine (no pun intended, drug addict lol) which left him permanently psychologically disturbed for life, although clearly the mental illness gene was passed down from mother to son otherwise you wouldn't be reading this article right now. Mr. Sheppard is not your typical Neo-Nazi - i.e. not just racist and antisemitic - he's also a woman hater, so much so that his favourite film is probably Gay Niggers from Outer Space since it involves the ethnic cleansing of the female race from planet Earth. Indeed, his misogyny is rivalled probably ONLY by Dimitri The Lover, and his writings make him seem kinda like the polar opposite of Andrea Dworkin. To top it all off, he also has a particular predilect for little girls! But it gets even worse, in a similar manner to the misadventures of Chris-chan in which one horror paves way for a worse horror then a worse horror, ad infinitum. It turns out than Simon Sheppard is also into necrophilia and was into digging up corpses from graveyards that he purposely chose to live beside for the purposes of sexual gratification. He has also been known to engage in homosexual activity at times, but when taking into account what he thinks of women, that shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone.

File:Sheppard 1995.jpg
Simon Sheppard in 1995, after completing his book. What a stud!
File:Sheppard morrison.jpg
Sheppard with one of his Nazi mates. He clearly enjoys a lot of beer with that amount of adipose tissue

Sheppard's magnum opus is his book The Tyranny of Ambiguity which is a 500 page diatribe about his adventures in Amsterdam in the early 1990s, trying to get laid, mostly failing, and trying to justify that as scientific research. He has a theory for describing this which he calls "procedural analysis" applying evolutionary psychology and game theory to breeding competition between the sexes and the races.

Here are some quotes from the book:

Humans' priorities are sex, food and shelter, in that order.


Mr. Sheppard is so busy masturbating most of the time that he forgets to eat, which is clearly less important. That explains why he's so skinny

Variation takes place in human males to a greater degree than in females. This variation takes the form, at the extreme ends of the scale, of the exceptionally gifted or intelligent and, at the other end, the men whom I term genetic martyrs [... whom] are likely to be inadequate or dysfunctional in some way or other. [...] I use the term martyrs because it is they who pay the cost, by chance alone, of the wider variation in males which allows geniuses and other high-achievers to come into being. [...] Many fall out of male breeding competition.


Whilst all women have equal reproductive facilities, alpha males vastly outperform unworthy males when it comes to sperm competition

Are drugs a substitute for sex, or is sex a substitute for drugs?
File:Monkey sex.jpg
Simon Sheppard is no different from a monkey really. It's proven that in many animal species polygyny is the most common form of polygamy and that any male given infinite amounts of females to impregnate will be completely satiated
[Female influence is responsible for...] increased male suicide rate, or use of substitutes (such as drugs) [...]; male psychosis. Sudden and otherwise inexplicable incidences of extreme violence: Spree killers. Serial killers.


According to Simon Sheppard, women are responsible for men committing suicide, using drugs and committing mass murder.

Males are basically pleasure-seekers. The primary sexual activity of the male is physical sexual activity; that is, copulating. [...] Psychoactive substances such as marijuana, heroin and alcohol can be used as sex substitutes because they stimulate the pleasure centres which normally provide encouragement, that is, reinforcement, to have sex.


According to Simon Sheppard, sex and drugs are the only things a man should live for.

A Base and Spoiled Female is unrestrictedly allowed to act upon the dictates of her emotions. It is the ambition of every female to be so spoiled, because such females have the freedom to indulge their impulses. Increasing numbers of females are attaining this goal, at least during the ascendant half of their reproductive period. Base and Spoiled Female must not only be financially supported, kept warm, fed and so forth, but also continuously amused and entertained.


Don't you get the feeling that the author is somewhat jealous that he can't be a woman?

But what if the police came AND offered you sex? Caught out on that one, Simon! (The retort: women shouldn't be doing a man's job)
An acceptable substitute for sex
Amsterdam females universally believed that they were not, nor should be, under any obligation to provide sex if they did not feel like it. This is cited as an example of a certain tenuous female grasp on reality, because if males worked only when they had the inclination everything would grind to a halt in about five minutes. The police may not come if there was a crime, an ambulance might not arrive if someone was injured, nor would the fire brigade be certain to attend if there was a fire.


According to Simon Sheppard, relief of the sexual urge is as important as a medical emergency, and rape is awwwright.

During one of these forays back he told me that while talking to F28D (and probably groping her to some degree) she had challenged him to surprise her, whereupon M28DG had slid his hand down the back of her trousers and stuck a finger up her bum. We laughed about this. I had no reason to doubt M28DG's word, he having proved his trustworthiness and honesty to me over the several years I had known him. Having relayed this information he resumed his adventures and I returned to my repose.


A guy sticking his finger up a girl's bumhole is an important part of accurate, lucid, clear-headed scientific research and is also important on a political website.

File:Chris hansen seat.jpg
Chris Hansen needs to have a word with Simon Sheppard.
This is enough to send Simon Sheppard into a frenzy of crazed masturbation!
PDF15 went a long way towards confirming the association between dysfunctional signalling and child abuse; as I told her, the one thing which could be established with certainty from her scant memory of the event was that something abnormal had happened. This provided an explanation for her intense dysfunctional signalling; I would awake sometimes to be greeted with the sight of her open legs and white knickers. [...] PDF15 would remain intact and would not have to watch PDF17 and I in action but the latter had to supply sex on demand. PDF15 and I took the acid (she had wanted this all along) and the three of us went out on the town. In the morning, back at the house and coming down, I had sex with PDF17 while PDF15 pretended to be asleep. As our relationship settled down our habit became that PDF15 and I would share a chair and I would stroke her hair and fondle her, while PDF17 was my sexual release. The sex still wasn’t effortlessly obtained however.


Simon Sheppard boasts about how he was playing sex games whilst on acid with underage teenage girls who displayed signs of child abuse that he'd managed to lure back to his cave.

The stereotypical pattern of miscegenation, that of a White Female, Negro Male. Note also sad looking Negro Female.
File:Mairanne and emil small.jpg
Whilst Simon Sheppard rants and raves about black male/white female miscegenation, his mother gave him this - two half-azn half-siblings - TWICE OVER (four in total). Fear the wrath of Attila and Genghis Khan! (also, one of the prosecutors of him in his trial was Adil Khan, from Pakistan, head of the Diversity and Equality unit of his local police force). But no, Simon Sheppard's siblings were half-yellow rather than half-brown. A wonderful melting pot it all is, eh!
My last approach of the day was near the Bloemenmarkt (Flower Market). Two girls were walking in the opposite direction. One, the older, was large and unattractive but the other was a definite target. She was a little heavier than I would have preferred, about 14 and soft, with brown hair and a sweet face. I could fall in love with her for sure. I doubled back and sidled up beside her. "Hello" I smiled. Someone walked towards us and I moved aside to let them pass, then rejoined her. "Can I talk to you?" "Y..." "NO" shouted the one on the other side. She took the arm of the younger girl and forcefully led her forward, leaving me standing.


—Yes, Simon Sheppard is an actual full blown p[a]edophile.

As the quote above demonstrates, Simon Sheppard is also a full blown pedo. He makes many attempts during the book to try to pick up little girls, mostly unsuccessfully, then goes back in despair and talks about wanting to have his balls cut off. Unusually for a Nazi, he also admits to having a strong lust over racially mixed teenage girls as well. Srsly, even fellow Nazis have disowned him.

I spoke five or six time to a young dark skinned girl. This happened at first by some kind of accident and then by anticipation, that is anticipating her movements as she progressed down the Kalverstraat.


—Simon Sheppard approaches young dark skinned girls, yet rages about race mixing at other times.

It is thought that the film version of The Tyranny of Ambiguity will be coming to a cinema near you quite soon. Don't expect it to be made in Hollywood, though.

The Science of Sex

Simon Sheppard is a self-styled 'sexpert', as if you hadn't heard enough about it in his earlier work! Just as he obviously couldn't get enough of ranting about how bad it was that he wasn't getting laid whilst writing his first book, he has written more which is pretty much along the same lines as everything else that went before it, only without the 'experiments' with little girls.

Here are some moar gems from the delightful Mr. Sheppard:

He'll give you an abortion by thwacking that stick over your cunt, killing you in the process
Cavemen found women as sexually irrestistable as men today do, and what's more they could often get away with murder and rape to justify their actions!
Clearly not batshit crazy.
It takes a certain sort of mind to be able to come up with crap like this
Most of history has not been written; it lies within us. Instincts have evolved just as organs to give us advantage in a competitive, often hostile environment. During early human history women were constantly either pregnant or breast-feeding. In the upper paleolithic period (30,000 – 10,000 BC) the life-expectancy of males was 33.3 years and of females 28.7, with the major cause of female mortality being childbearing and attempts to induce abortions (e.g. putting a plank over a woman’s stomach and jumping on it until blood spurted out of her vagina).


Humans are just really the same as they were 30,000 years ago; civilization is just a veneer

Females cannot tolerate naked masculinity. [...] Females oblige males to be dishonest to obtain sex. [...] The male instinct is to reduce the costs of sex, the female instinct is to increase the costs of sex. [...] The only power that females have is given to them by males; The only thing which females do with that power is use it against males. [...] The Super Masculine State dominates, the Super Feminine State becomes extinct. Conclusion. Control of females is mandatory for a successful, civilized, humane and compassionate society.


Speaks for itself.

In mind is "neanthedral man," fighting off any obstacle to his chosen mate and dragging her off to his cave. If this strategy were employed today women would be sneaking round trying to make themselves as unattractive as possible.


Simon Sheppard believes that "dragging a woman off to a man's cave" is human instinct.

Proof that ducks are more intelligent than women
One day I looked out over an Amsterdam bridge to see several ducks happily floating along on a slab of polystyrene. They exploited that facility with a blissful, animal ignorance – not for them the intricacies of oil drilling, petro-chemistry and manufacturing processes. They just found the floating platform, and used it. Similarly women will drive around in cars, use mobile telephones and all the other accoutrements of modern technology, unaware of how those devices work, who invented them, or who developed them. To the female, unless she is continually reminded, the object is merely an item of utility, with no appreciation of its (invariably masculine) origins.


Women are like ducks!

Males make large differences larger and small differences smaller; females make large differences smaller and small differences larger. PERCEPTION DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ACCURATE AND TRUE TO BE EVOLUTIONARILY ADVANTAGEOUS


Women are illogical and cannot perceive things correctly

Other Shit by Simon Sheppard

File:Andrea Dworkin 1608899f.gif
Simon Sheppard's nemesis, a fat, Jewish, man-hating feminist. It really is a pity she is dead now because it would have been priceless to see them engage in a debate together
A guide to sexual signals that women use to confuse males! Also, why would Google be promoting the Heretical site if it's owned by Zionists? Something a bit fishy there...
The Masculine State expels alien races; The Super Masculine State kills them. The Feminine State admits alien races; The Super Feminine State interbreeds with them.


This is the crux of Simon Sheppard's "Procedural Analysis" theory

Sexual signalling is an elemental mechanism by which neurosis is induced in males. Neurosis is here defined in Pavlovian terms, where neurosis is the stress induced when one stimulus evokes two (or more) responses. The female who emits a sexual signal can evoke eager anticipation while an awareness exists that the prize is unlikely to be won without cost, including a further elevation of neurosis. Neurosis confuses males, rendering them easier to manipulate and control. The neurotic male further empowers the female, both at the individual level and the collective: a reinforcing cycle is established. Females enjoy signalling and inducing neurosis in males. This explains why the less likely the male is to respond, in general, the more likely the female is to signal.


Women enjoy pretending to be sexually interested in men to boost their self-esteem.

In the traditional male and female roles the male was breadwinner and the female gave the male the illusion of control of sex while in fact largely retaining it. This is now practically defunct. In many contemporary Western societies, especially but not exclusively during sexual selection, all pretence has disappeared and it is obvious that females have total control, because females will accept no obligations in regard to sex whatever. It is argued that if females control sex then they control everything; in the short-term because of males' sexual needs and in the long-term by denying reproductive facilities to males who are immune to female manipulation.


Sounds like someone isn't getting any!

History, as understood by Simon Sheppard.
Translated from Dutch: ‘If you put something on, I'll take something off...’
Modern, vibrant, progressive, multi-cultural Britain, as seen through the eyes of Simon Sheppard
One of Simon Sheppard's books. Note the cheaply made cover because he doesn't have sufficient funds for elaborate artwork. Read it on Google books.
File:42145113Mixed race week.jpg
Simon Sheppard's idea of a pervert: on the left of this picture.
Why Simon Sheppard left the BNP. Equal rights for women, no problem with miscegenation, and support of Israel. A real Nazi party the BNP is!

Much of this is the same stuff that is found in his booklet All About Women: What Big Sister Doesn't Want You To Know (Sheppard is a massive George Orwell fanboi, but believes that Orwell "gets the gender of Big Brother wrong"). Simon Sheppard believes that females "prefer immigrant males", stating:

The male instinct is to compete (maximizing fitness) while the female instinct is to conspire (raising the cost of sex, enforcing monogamy). Applying this simple yet powerful and most important of all, accurate model, the male instinct is to be racist (because it is males who fight to protect territory and to retain the racial integrity of the tribe), so therefore the female instinct is to be "anti-racist." Similarly the female instinct on seeing a mixed race couple is to smile approvingly while the true, deep male instinct is homicidal. In an environment where male influence is strong, females will conform to male expectations; but in a society where masculine influence is diminishing, race-mixing by females will become increasingly prevalent. This is plainly evident in areas where there is a high proportion of coloured immigrants. Those females who would not enter into this behaviour (and the majority would, given the opportunity and an environment that is amenable to it) are actually exhibiting a masculine characteristic.


LOL. Also, how does this apply in the USA if there has always been a 'coloured' population there?

There is no evolutionary precedent for television, or the mass media in general. People have no in-built resistance to it and this certainly accounts for its extraordinary influence. Any celebrity, whether black, white, or green with pink dots, who has been lauded in the mass media, has effectively been 'defined as a Paragon by the tribe.'


According to Simon Sheppard, Jews use the mass media as a form of social conditioning to promote race mixing between white females and black males because women are more easily led and controlled.

Race-mixing by women is an expression of paedophilia. She views the immigrant as a child (Affection Beneath), which she also uses for her own sexual gratification. Whatever the case, someone who applies their natural instincts for procreation and child-rearing, intended to further the hereditary line, in the interests of another genotype and irrevocably destroying that hereditary line is, in the proper sense of the word, a pervert.


Speaks for itself!

Big Sister is big because of the greater uniformity of females and their tendency to conspire. The measurements establishing females' predominant role in miscegenation taken in Amsterdam have also been replicated in London. This bias is manifest across females of all ages, all social classes and in many other countries besides Holland and Britain. Many female traits, although they may be less obvious, follow the same pattern. The female inclination in this regard demonstrates that anti-Nationalist influence, which is presently acute, has a female origin, and its dysgenic effects are obvious.


All white women of all ages, social classes, language spoken, nationality, point in history, or any other factor prefer black males given sufficient opportunity to breed with them and they do this to spite and insult white males according to Mr. Sheppard!

The true male instinct on the sight of one of the females of his race with a male of another is to kill. It is the view of the writer that the portrayal of such relationships, firstly via the media and then (by imitation) in real life, accounts for the dramatically increased male suicide rates in recent years in both Britain and America.


So why then are male suicide rates MUCH higher in Eastern Europe where there are virtually no negroes?

There is too much bullshit here to sift through. Simon Sheppard believes that women take men's jobs under the guise of 'equal opportunities'; that women cause child abuse (lol, irony); that Anne Frank's diary was not a diary but a novel; that women should be seen as the enemy of males; that 'human rights' is a misnomer; that we should kill ourselves now for the Zionist Occupation Government; that magazines showing white females marrying black males is a mindfuck or mental assault; that Jews strive to destroy nations and take them over, and much, much more. The FAQ page is lulzy as well, calling for women to have their employment, motor vehicles, and right to vote taken from them. Further lulz is derived from seeing Simon Sheppard adopt the same tactics as Christian Weston Chandler in his quest for a boyfriend-free girl since he's obviously sexually frustrated and repellent to the vast majority of women with his ideas, just like CWC - this and this are basically the exact same thing as Sonichu's News Dash in which he requests an 18-27 year old, white, non-overweight, boyfriend-free girl to come to him by placing an advert.

There is also a specific British section in which Mr. Sheppard gives his take on what life is like in these politically correct times with a hilarious map of the area he lives in as he sees it. Simon Sheppard has been active with a number of poltical groups including the BNP (he was kicked out personally by Nick Griffin) and his newest affiliation is the British People's Party, a Nazi group operating in the north of England. There is only one woman in that party and she's fat and ugly and the wife of one of the members.

The Orders of Big Sister

Big Sister herself!

This was too brilliant not to include as a separate section here on ED. Simon believes that in today's society, as a result of Enlightenment values and pussywhipped, effeminate men like John Stuart Mill campaigning for women's rights, women have become more powerful than men. In the midst of one of Simon's LSD trips a vision came to him, that of Big Sister, and she spoke unto him the following words:

1. I shall unreservedly exploit the achievements of males in furtherance of my goals. I shall enlist the vulnerable and those who cannot speak for themselves for my own purposes.

2. I shall control information, distort truth and manipulate thought. Freedom of speech will not exist.

3. I shall call for tolerance while allowing only those opinions and activities which are to my advantage. I shall promise one thing and do another.

4. I shall decree that males and females and people of different races are the same, when it is manifestly untrue. I shall oblige males to perform roles for which I am naturally better-suited.

5. I shall maintain males in a state of neurosis and confusion, and any male who disagrees with me, or induces any unpleasant feeling, shall be deprived of every amenity I have the power to withhold.

6. I shall indulge my instincts to manipulate, mindfuck, play tricks and be dishonest without fear of retribution.

7. I shall treat animals better than men.

8. I shall encourage massive immigration so that others shall be the underclass and not me. I shall favour immigrants and half-castes to spite and insult males of my own race.

9. I shall have the right to do everything and the obligation to do nothing. I shall have babies whenever and by whom I please.

10. Any male following his instincts to the same extent will be imprisoned.

Steven Whittle

Steven Whittle (pen name Luke O'Farrell) is mostly boring, less funny and has an obsession with Jews which was probably what got him locked up. An interesting observation about his columns on the site is that he uses words like "kike" and "yid" and "nigger" that are MUCH more common in America than in Britain. He doesn't really talk in a very British way at all. This is an obvious sign that he's been spending too much time on with a bunch of ex-KKK losers.

As Simon Sheppard can tell you, being honest and stating the truth about Jews is actually illegal


Steven Whittle: Self-pwnage at its best!

The one thing that Whittle does have going for him is that he doesn't seem as sexually frustrated or perverted as Simon Sheppard. But that isn't difficult, as anyone who's browsed through Sheppard's ramblings can attest to. All in all, he was just very foolish for assisting Simon Sheppard.

Plagiarised Material

A group of negroes with their tiny little penises!

The Heretical site contains a lot of plagiarised material. Some of the cartoons that were primarily what led to Sheppard getting arrested were actually drawn by Wyatt Mann! One of these was "Tales of the Holohoax", which depicts the Holocaust as being like a holiday camp. Simon Sheppard actually sent this through the post to a synagogue. Other articles had names like "Make Niggers History" and "Dumb Niggers Gloating Jews". All in all, having these cartoons on his website was an act of epic self-pwnage. If he'd had Mohammed cartoons on there he'd probably receive government protection, though, especially if he lived in Denmark or Holland (see Geert Wilders).

It's well known that Sheppard isn't that good a writer of his own content. Therefore, he has to copy from others. There is a vast load of TL;DR holocaust denial stuff, as well as a load of stuff about animal sexology models in mammals which he then seeks to extrapolate and prove the application of to human societies. He's strangely obsessed with cannibalism, copying pics from to prove that Orientals are sick fucks too and are inferior to the white man. An amusing excerpt is "When Jim Crow Met John Bull" about the interactions between black American servicemen in WWII and white British females. Racism is a useless word and was invented by a homosexual Jewish communist. Negroes have smaller penises than whites according to Negresses who'd experienced both. Women are the property of the state, rather than of their man. Capitalism and communism are both essentially the same Jewish fraud. And so on and so forth, these sorts of assertions are made, by a clearly very pleasant and chilled out individual who is not in any way disturbed.

As an amateur Nazi psychologist, Sheppard clearly loves Ivan Pavlov because he is not Jewish and h8s Sigmund Freud because he is Jewish; Sheppard believes that women turn him into a salivating, slobbering dog because he can't control his instincts. One of Sheppard's other idols is Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin actually believed that "at some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilised races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world... The break between men and his nearest allies will then be wider" and that "no man in his senses would expect to improve or modify a breed in any particular manner, or keep an old breed true and distinct, unless he separated his animals", clearly showing how Darwinism was in fact the IRL progenitor of fascism.

Arrest and Current Predicament

File:Lol simon sheppard.png
Media coverage of the case was always lulzy
File:Heretical NJ terrorists.png
The Heretical Two and the New Jersey Muslim terrorists: The only difference is their complexion. Both hate the Jews to the same extent.

Simon Sheppard had been receiving raids on his flat for a number of years before being arrested in which the police seized masses of his books and flyers, and most likely his CP collection as well. He had spent time in jail before for inciting racial hatred but not through the internets rather through handing out flyers in public asserting that Jews plan to ethnically cleanse whites from Britain (and all developed countries) by promoting a combination of race mixing and mass immigration as well as feminist things like abortion and contraception so that fewer babies would be born. It was thought that Sheppard was in the top ten on Tony Blair's hitlist after Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Mohamed Al-Megrahi and that guy with a hook for a hand (all of whom, like Sheppard here, also hate the Jews). Since no one would employ Simon Sheppard because he was a Nazi, the only job he could find was as a waiter in an Indian restaurant (lol, srsly) which he got through the local area jobcentre... a bread-line existence indeed.

It was found that Simon Sheppard and Steven Whittle were using a website to "stir up racial hatred on the internet". The Jewish Chronicle and the Yorkshire post (where the Heretical two are from) had the most articles about them. Other newspapers had some articles including the BBC and Guardian, the former describing them as being like "a pair of cranks out of a Louis Theroux documentary" (for those Americunts who don't know Theroux is a Britfag television presenter (who may or may not be Jewish) who has previously covered Fred Phelps and Prussian Blue). Despite being of Constitutional relevance considering the First Amendment right to free speech in America, the US media was oddly silent over the matter. It is pretty obvious why that is, of course.

When the Heretical two were deported back to England, they have since been moved around from jail to jail. Steven Whittle was even let out on bail but b& from using the internets as part of his bail condition. However this was broken, and he was promptly re-jailed for using the internet in a public library. This, according to the site, constitutes proof that the UK is no different to China and Burma in its treatment of political dissidents.

If there is anything we can learn from the case, it is that democracy and free speech are lies, and that Amnesty International won't lift a finger to help them because they are white and British. But at the same time, it's clear that Simon Sheppard and Steven Whittle are losers who would not make good role models for anyone. After all, Sheppard cites Richard Dawkins in his work, but as Dawkins puts it, "scientific theories are not prescriptions for how we should behave".

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