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Simply "No one gives a shit" Okami
Given Name(s) Tim Aguilar, Daddy, White Nigger, Nigger Faggot Possibly Drama-Whore and Nice Guy?
Nationality Americunt  MiniflagUSA.png
Born August 20th, 1999
Residence Orange, California
deviantART Deviantart-favicon.png whos-dad (active)
JewTube YouTube Favicon.png Simply Dad (active)

He also has a feet and hands fetish for some odd reason because he's a faggot who masterbates to girls.

Simply Okami (Now known as Simply Dad) Powerword: Tim Aguilar is a drama whore, meme spouting, SMT Fag who wastes away his life away constantly sperging out on YouTube. He is known for giving out shitty-ass critiques on Deviantart and is a total Nice Guy to the ladytards over there. Little did they know that the fuck has his charms and ways to get manipulative over people and uses them to his advantage. He's also a huge hypocrite when it comes to his critics and likings. Ignore the whole fucking paragraph, hes just a fuck boi. Troll him lol.

Back when he was a weeb he called himself "OkamiUsagi" he later change it to Simply Okami/Dad later on.

His videos[edit]

These videos are a fucking cancer fest, they vary from bitching about people he doesn't like or shitposting in a desperate plea to gain attention from any poor bastard unfortunate enough to lurk around his channel. All of his "content" consists of the following series:

  • Terrible Channels - A painfully amateur Robarate and futile attempt at being an "internet critic"; where he bitches and complains about people/things he doesn't like, following in the footsteps of other infamous buttmad JewTubers, only to fall flat on his fucking face. Trust us, it's puke in digital form. He even uses a fucking Text-to-Speech tool to narrate his videos because he's too much of a fucking autist to use a microphone.
  • Those Who Milk - Moar bitching about how people milk shit for the lulz.
Chances are the fucking asshat is probably going to make a "Terrible Sites" series and the first episode is going to be about the græt and powerful Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Drama w/ Kitsune Goddess[edit]

Last Thursday, he got into a slapfight with Kitsune Goddess a disgusting, degenerate furfag artist who draws vile shit as a means of expressing it's severe autism. It has since been revealed that Kitsune Goddess is ONLY A FUCKING KID.

How to Become Daddy's Fantard For Dummies[edit]

He sounds and acts like a hipster/gangster, he dresses like one to.
*You like Persona 3/4? You're a disgrace to the SMT fanbase!
*You associate with animu and Japanese culture? Fucking close your accounts and kys!
*You like Pokémon? Furfaggot!
*You're into furry things, regardless of how tame and family-friendly they may seem? You're a faggot!
*You've played Undertale before? Well, fuck you then!
*Your attracted to me? Well sorry bitch but you need to date me first before you touch my penis, otherwise go to where my ladytards are at.
Basically, follow these steps to become a cocksucking fantard of his!

His friends[edit]

While he maybe friends with lolcows there are other people who he is friends with.
If you make let's plays and nobody watches them, you might as well kick the bucket.
"Hey guys i'm sick, but here are some cool DANK MAY MAYZ!!!!!1"

  • Shin Megami Talks - Some nigger that talks about SMT games, he is making a shitty manga at the moment.
  • Yalorda - Another let's player but this person get's no views, so basically a nobody and a lost cause.

Moar like "Simply Stealing", amirite?[edit]

Click to view full-size
Turns out he likes to steal gameplay footage without crediting the person who originally upload it. This will surely make Anita Sarkeesian proud!

Did He Improve?[edit]


It seems like he gave fucking credit to the original person who he got gameplay from, in one example, the user he stole content from went by the username "davidramons". The name he assigned to that video? "DavidRS".

Daddy's Response to ED[edit]

What a bunch of fucking morons.
So, the days has finally come, we shall be judging (some) of his response and others:
No. 1: Doctor Autismo: "It was probably written by a Kitsune Goddess white knight"
Our Response: No, so far. People hate her.
No. 2: Doctor Autismo: "Yeah but regardless ED is purely for shit talking"
Our Response: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH, *breathe* no.
No. 3: Venin Vixen (Abby): "Obviously made by a butthurt hater who might be one of the fans of the people he did a rant on..."
Our Response: We did this for the lulz, and nothing else.
No. 4: Simply Okami: (A.K.A Simply Dad) "I wanna talk with the guy who made it tbh." and, "Its creepy how they used comments from nearly 3 years ago in there tho."
Our Response: 1st, The person whom created this is us. 2nd, No. It's not, Showing people something from like your comment form nearly three years ago is NOT creepy.


Simply Dad or a fantard found the ED page and decided to do some good ol' vandlism. An account by the name of "Modalman".

There's a special place in hell if someone tries to ruin the lulz

Beating Off A Dead Horse[edit]

Simply Faggot made fun of the people who made the DJ KEEMSTAR "(DANIEL KEEM)" FUCKING EXPOSED!!!1 videos. Yeah, joke's on him because he still thinks Keemstar is hot shit months after the entire internet found out about his cyberbullying schemes and sociopathy.


Stealing other peoples work[edit]


As you can see here, he has stolen the Jack Frost design from the person who created it. Instead of making it a original design he stole someone else design and got a lot of Jew bucks because of it on RedBubble, someone should call the fucking Reportfag Squad and get this shit pinned for copyright infringement. He also stole the Demonica design and put a label that says "MegaTen", same thing with the Asura design but under the character.

Someone doing God's work.
Rest in spaghetti, faggot.

Up until recently someone has contacted Redbubble and reported him, this will surely make him understand the use of the fucking copyright system and not steal artwork form Atlus. Lesson learned, when making something that's not yours and selling just to get shekels DON'T! Or you'll get fucked over.

His views on FilthyFrankTV, IdubbbzTV and LeafyIsHere (Fanbases)[edit]

Simply Nigger recently made a call-out video addressing how Papa Franku, Idubbbz, and LeafyIsQueer's entire fanbases are shit; all the while acting like the most retarded Social Justice Wanker in documented history (he acts like an SJW because he doesn't understand what satire is). He went as far as to say that these JewTubers hate there fans, and that they only plaster their channels with Dead Meme Storage. He even mentions the fucking Time Magazine screaming "OMG THESE GUIZ FANBASES ARE HATEFUL BIGOTS!!!". It's not like his fanbase is any better than those three. Yet he also says "faggot" which is totally not homophobic and he uses the word autistic against people.

In a nutshell, he is saying "THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN!!".

Second Video on Filthy Frank/Joji[edit]

Still wanting to get moar views, Simply "Dead beat" Dad made a another video about Filthy Frank/Joji. But instead of saying of how there content is shit, he instead makes useless points in the video about how Joji is an asshole for making fun shitty rappers for the lulz, and how his fanbase is toxic, he also goes off topic for a second to talk about how someone is getting his private photos on twitter and discord. There are moar dislikes than likes on his video, just showing how much of a fucking idiot this massive fag he is.

Daddy's Critic Skillz[edit]

Simply Dad has a way of criticizing a tartlet's artwork when it comes to posting on the shitty site named Deviantart. He handpicks artists who have zero experience of artist talent and then shits on them harshly because they are so easy to fuck with. Ever since then he has received multiple warnings and lectures about criticizing art but does he take them into consideration? OH HELL NO.

Oh wow 14 people thought his shittyness was unfair

Daddy's New Bitch[edit]

He's still eyeballing those panty-hoes
Mmm that sweet sweet mentioning though~
"Here Daddy~ Have my body in exchange for your love~"
Daddy asking Vis out on a SavDraws ranting date. (Love at first sight!)
Vis and another bitch fangirling on how cute daddy is
"Let's all forget about this drama and fuck my new boyfriend!"
He just admitted that he only used her for is personal gain (somewhat).
Oh my lawd even Vis-Bitch is starting to look like him usning snapchat filters.

In the month of March 2017, Simply Nigger ditched his last slut and met a Sanic furfag named Viscerotonictsf (An infamous bitch who traces art and has the copyright system as her shield) and instantly he fell in love of how edgy and emo she is. In reality however, he's currently manipulating her to get popular from her Vistards who see him being mentioned on every porno Vis-Bitch has made. In return, the faggot seduces her with his persona and charms, flirting with her nonstop until he gets what he wants: that sweet Edgy pussy. He pretends that he doesn't know her situation however, and still tries to flirt with other ladytards to this day. (Remember kids This what we call a pedophile since Simply nigger is 18 and Vis is 12 16. Managed to get away from a To catch a predator Segment)

Huh, so he hates furries but is dating a furfag? Wow what a hypocrite!
Daddy working his magic on Vis-Bitch

SavDraws Drama[edit]

3 days later, Vis-Bitch went up to the gay man and suggested him his next victim on his cringy videos;Deviantart-favicon.png SavDraws (The fat fuck who roasted Vis on a rant 9 mins flat.) If he did this for her then he would have full access to every inch of her furry body. Convinced by this, he started stalking SavDraws for a mere "two weeks" and finally jumped into the cancerous bandwagon of making SavDraws rants. Most of the ignorant tartlets agreed with him because of the fucking puppy imagery (to distract the tarts from hearing his insults, making him seem like he's making a point, unaware of his ED page) and because of his "handsome" persona. However, some tartlets saw through his manipulative schemes and tried to call him out for it, in which he replies with the same attitude that he still has for over 2 years now. He never changes really.

Daddy's Attempt to be Kewl About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]
After him raging in the comments, he went to SavDraw's recent status update just to fuck with her and hurt the bitch intentionally by pressing meaningless/irrelevant drama on her, trying to stress her to the point of breaking from his walls of texts. Little did he know that EDiots are watching him and are crying with blissful joy of his creations.
SavDraws bitching about the rant trend with her.

Niggers Are Sexist[edit]

"Atleast I can fuk dat ass dough. That's all bitches are ever good for anyways lol"
When Deviantart-favicon.png b3llatores (SavDraw's Undertale sibling) tried to speak with Daddy in a nice little journal, guess what he did? He swished his hair gayly and responded in an cucky manner as usual, but exposed himself into being sexist when it comes to the ladytards and the retards. (What a way to throw your lover under the bus mate) Then he bAWWD on how he couldn't control his psychopathic bitch when it comes to her shitty behavior, proving that he's actually a pussy for being lectured by a woman than a gay man.
Sans trying to help the nigger.
Daddy's Attempt to be Kewl About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]
Congratulations faggot! You just got exposed for your shitty behavior!

Another Goddamn Deviantart Rant[edit]

Trying to push this into his viewers like if he is advertising his shitty mixtape.

Simply Dad after graduating realizing that he was so bored that he wanted to make a sequel to his most popular rant, after defending his sweet edgy sexdoll OH WAIT HE JUST USE HER LOL JK XD, and made a short and useless rant on Solar Sands who is a person that hides behind a peace of paper. But that's not all you fags, he also made the last half part of the video about the viewers with his partner gay lover in crime JohneAwesome, as they read cringe worthy comment's (who are possible trolls) but there voices make the video godawful. Just goes to show you don't try to be edgy like Simply Dad.

Simply Justice Warriors About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Daddy's Ex NEW Bitch[edit]

A drawing that she made of him. notice the nose.
Love at first sight.
Like seriously, how much do you have to be a slut just to get a fuckboi to like you?
This is about as teeny as you can get, a selfie and she is wearing booty shorts. What a thot.
Good God! She wants to fuck him so bad. (She Censored this btw.)

After the sperg know as Viscerotonictsf broke up with him the fag found a new ladyboy named yoyo3639. This fresh whore likes to jump on his cock so much that white knights can't even describe, her content is about as shallow as it can get. she has over 10k subs and the only reason why she got them is because all she does is talk about devaintart retards and people who make fun of them, her deviantart is filled with animu shit which is obvious considering the fact that alot of girls on that shit stained site is a massive no life weeb. her rant videos are about the same quality of his videos just a bit of weebness in it. her jumpstart to luv was when she made a video defending the him, basically defending him like a fucking god and says how he is the greatest thing that mankind has ever produced, (But we doubt she never browsed his ED page.) he is also in the video if you care.

TL;DR Explanation: The video is defending the fuckboi there and done, i saved you eight minutes of your useless life.

A shit video defending his sorry fuckboi ass. notice in the thumbnail that her OC is blushing.
The "animation" that she made to celebrate his birthday LOL it's gone!
I don't know about stroke, does she mean we were fapping?

Last Thursday, she found the ED Page and shared it to her twitter followers, she pretended that she was laughing here ass off, then proceeded to delete the images of herself and her hugging her fuckboi while naked. The person in question named "Jetsperg Samuel" comes along to pretend that he thinks that he is Mister Metokur and acts funny and shit while attempting to troll them in the slickest of ways, then Yoyo messaged Sam and told him to get rid of those photos in question because she felt embarrassed. Remember Kids, if you don't wan't you're embarrassing internet past or shit that you posted of today to be exposed, don't be like Linkara and deleted that shit.

Twitter Garbage About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]
Remember when she laughed at it? the weak should FEAR the strong!

After that shit storm, she then proceeded to protected her twitter account because she was going to get trolled, just like SJWs, Man children and other idiots on Web 2.0, they all cry in shame less a few hours when they are exposed rinse and repeat. In the end, mess with the best, DIE with the rest! HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS. She later messaged the troll in a series of messages she first blocked him, unblocked him just to message him and then she blocked him again and possibly shut down her twitter account LOL. To yoyo3639, if you're reading this, don't get mad at us, get mad at the God who pissed in your gene pool because your autistic ass couldn't stop talking about it LOL. Just like other retards on the internet, they always come back. Yet Yoyo and Dickweed broke up recently. She is dating her Ex Micheal. But i assume Okami doesn’t know that.

Yoyo Messages About missing Pics
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The "indefinite hiatus"[edit]

What a sad strange girl.
The comment that made her sad like a 16-year old white girl breaking up with her boyfriend.
A conversation of the two in the journal she posted
Wow, so sad lol.

Last thursday, the stank got a comment that basic pointed out her flaws you wan't to know what she did? SHE CRIED ABOUT IN A FUCKING JOURNAL ON DEVIANTART. Like, how the fuck does someone sperg out over like this after receiving a comment like that? She then deleted her artwork like a little bitch she is and said she was on "hiatus" because yes, I'm going to be on a hiatus all because i received fucking criticism, this pretty funny because she made videos that criticized people like SolarSands and she tried to act like a big adult but inside is a (wo)manchild who can't take criticism. The person in question that made her do this was Deviantart-favicon.png Tommy-Dixon, a naruto fag who called out her laziness, is the reason why she deleted her shit and she said some pretty interesting things like "Im not going to be posting to youtube in a while" and "I'm hurt and upset and I feel really guilty." and... yeah this is fucking stupid isn't? The comments are people saying "We love you yoyo! sorry for u!". typical gay Devaintart drama, like if that's anything new in the world today.

Simply Dad's Reddit (and Discord)[edit]

Even though this comment came from a April Fools video, It's funny how he calls us "not very smart". Yeah, good luck with that bud LOL.
Another reddit drama he was a part of because he was pissed at a joke video and how it used his face.

Simply Dad on his free time likes to go to Reddit (You know, the normie version of 4chan) and Discord which is the better version of Skype, where if you go onto his profile you'll be seeing a bunch of drama shit and how much he hates anime because he really needs to get that of his chest. On a occasion, he gets in a fight with some fag named "ToxicDevil93" and a few other people. they usually sperg out and cause the post to have over a million comments over stupid drama over animu, memes, and whatever else that goes on (Look at the gallery section to see other drama.), But last Thursday, he had drama with ToxicDevil and claimed how he edits Dad's ED Page, (Which is bullshit considering the fact that reddit fags hate Encyclopedia Dramatica.) reading the comments are super fucking long so in a nutshell...

Dad gets pissed with another reddit user and claims that he edits this page and basically Perjury.

Here are the archives to the page: [2] and [3].

Click to view full-size

And the discord server "/r/Megaten" he goes to, it is filled with edgy maggots who are into jerking off to lolicon and wearing fedora hats but he is the only "normal" person on the server, same shit listed above but he likes to talk about his ED page from time to time, he likes to say that the shit on this page is fake and so on and so... but thankfully, someone found the discord link and his discord profile and posted on this page, so go troll and raid the fuck out those fags LOL! His current Discord with his Yoyo is at the bottom, troll all you want. He stated he will be deleting it.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Daddy EXPOSED[edit]

Some shitty YouTubers actually made only good videos on him.


[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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Their Methods

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