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Face of 40k Feminism

Sisterofsilence (power word: Linn Scarlett) is your average run of the mill man hating feminist retard who is also a fucking college student as well. She is literally cis white female scum from the Netherlands. Her hobbies include bitching about misogyny in Warhammer 40,000, and sucking the dick of some Warhammer 40k author who wrote two books nobody gives a shit about. Her Facebook and Tumblr profile tend to be inconsistent. She says she is an archaeologist on her facebook, and an author on her tumblr. (Implying she has books written somewhere in this god forsaken planet.) Instead of just finding another nerd related hobby, (No wait, that would make sense.) she just chimps out in attempts to change artistic liberties. Little does she know that Games Workshop doesn’t give a flying fuck about what she thinks unless she pours money in their lap. Just like her butt buddy Pantmonger, she is unable of taking forms of criticism or debate. She makes shitty genderbent 40k art as well like a typical SJW. If you remind her that space marines are male she will call you a misogynist and block you. Because she is a special snowflake and that’s how pussies like her operate.

SoS on Space Marines[edit]

For some odd reason she likes to conveniently ignore the most important part of Warhammer 40,000 canon that states that Space Marine recruits are male. Allow us to give her a kind reminder on this website.

But be careful!! You don’t want to tell her that in the risk of hurting her precious little fee fees.

SoS on The Emperor of Mankind[edit]

This woman is attached to the Emperor like fat single women are attached to cats. She tends to be wishy washy on her opinion on the emperor from time to time. Ranging to fangirlism bullshit to straight up “OMG THE EMPEROR IS SUCH A RAGING MISYGYNYST!” Bipolar as fuck like a typical fucking woman who doesn’t know her place. She objects to stupid shit like tiddies on armor but will have no problem drawing half naked Emperor pics, and primarchs getting raped by her shitty mary sue characters.

Shit smears on a canvas by Linn Scarlett About missing Pics
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SoS on Warhammer 40,000[edit]

Everything is sexist, misogynist, transphobic, ableist, oppressive, uninclusive, xenophobic, triggering, cis, white, male, racist, and did I forget to mention misogynist? She thinks that GW is a bunch of misogynist oppressors who are incapable of including independent stronk wymyns into their stupid franchise. Like a powerful woman she is she wants you to hear her ROOOOOOOAR…as she tippity taps on her keyboard heavily breathing in sheer unadulterated rage. She tard raged over a fictional character giving birth to a baby boy. How dare some non-existent woman give literal birth to a cis white oppressor with a penis with her actual fucking vagina. (Could be a man’s vagina with the shitty logic she has on basic biology.) She also has this weird fetish most of tumblr has with making everything trans as well. She thinks it’s a great idea to make an all-female group of space nuns rock limp swinging dicks and a pair of balls. Again, this goes against the canon of the fucking franchise. (((The Ecclisiarchy))) She tries to win cool points with some shitty 40k author named Robbie MacNiven, who has to probably deal with retards like her on a daily basis. The poor man must deal with her trying to suck his dick with her shitty headcanons and lack of knowledge on the franchise to try an impress da boyz. I’m surprised he hasn’t either just let her suck his dick already, or shot himself from how fucked the franchise is at this point.

Autism Awareness About missing Pics
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How to Trigger Linn Scarlett:[edit]

  • Remind her that Sister of Battle can’t be trannies. The Ecclisiarchy states, No men under arms.
  • Tell her Space Marines can’t be female. Remind her that space marine recruitment requires the person to be male. Also include how women died when they tried to make female space marines.
  • If she draws her shitty pee oh see fem-marines, just say “That is some weird armor for a sister of battle.” Watch as rage ensues.
  • Remind her on how you can’t change artistic liberties on a franchise.
  • Tell her that orkz can’t be female because they’re mushrooms
  • Tell her she will be on DramaAlert.

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