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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

This is one of the best examples of interracial marriage gone wrong. Skroy is

The point is not to be bad in life, it is showing everyone you where

apparantly a folf, a dangerous hybrid containing all the worst genes from a wolf, and a fox. However his family background and ghastly appearance hints that he had either other parents, or was a product of one of Chin-Chan's "Amazing chin regrowth experiments" and fell off her non existent chin, eventually developing a mind of his own. There is a tale covering the first theory. This is a tale of love and sadness, following the love of two different creatures from two different worlds.

In the beginning

Sometimes, you may get a baby that is just a little bit more special than others. This applies for the subterranean mutants known as furries as well. One such case was when Cannabis the Carebear and Jax the Bat thought it would be a pretty good idea to have a baby together. During her pregnancy, Jax tried tying herself to a tree and dangle a few feet off the ground so she could "fly". Unfortunately for Jax, she attempted this at a Mexican birthday party and was mistaken for a piñata. Even worse, the rabid spics had sticks from yet ANOTHER bad hybrid: The Fugly Tree, a combination of the Faggot Tree, and the Ugly Tree. The savages beat poor Jax like me to your mother over and over again, drooling over the thought of her containing free green cards amongst her insides. She was rushed to the local hospital where she gave birth to her son and died, most likely due to AIDS. Cannabis Bear was long gone during these events and would "have nothin' to do wiv some hoe's baby". And so ends our story, back to reality.

The Sad Truth

Skroy is a 20-something year old cumdumpster from South Carolina, who is now fagging up a small commiefornia town called Vacaville (named after the god-like species known as lolcows). He likes long walks on the beach, and helping out kids at the local school. He brought the joy of his existence to the humble masses in May of '06 and has become a favorite of trolls since. He has shat many a drama in the furry community, however they are so closely guarded, and an insider would usually be needed. Spitz the Lulzy, A.K.A Rhapthorne the Unholy, is loyal to the lulz and will gladly take you on a wonderful trip through time and recount the most memorable of these shitstorms.

Great J.D. Crisis of Halloween '10

As with all furries, Skroy had his share of relationship issues. One was with fuckbuddy J.D.(More like Gaydee, amirite?) the dog. One day, J.D. tried putting Skroy back in the kitchen after he was done satisfying his sick foot("pawing" to them)/scat("Shit" to us) fetishes. Skroy, like a real woman, proceeded to bitch the fuck out and permabanned J.D from his pants for eternity. A small group of Anon's found out about this and sprung into action. 6 J.D. fursuit clones were created and displayed to the humble masses of Furfright '10 ("Halloween" to the rest of the world) Skroy just so happened to see this and was not amused. He ran home to his hugbox en masse and decided to cover up the relationship as if it never happened. Whenever asked about the incident, he will deny it. But if you ask claiming you were there, he would laugh with you and say he organized it for the lulz.

The original divided by zero.


As with all these overgrown plushies, Skory has white knights prepared to defend their fair maiden at his beck and call no matter the enemy. These white knights include:

  • Huskers (Also known as Rave Huskey, Fidel, and Bubba) Is a Husky who hails from Norway. He is now happily living in Orlando, Flordia with his significant other. He is also the upstanding citizen you see in the VERY FIRST PIC of the Yiff article.


Like most other furries, Skroy is also a major camwhore. Here is a few gems for your pleasure:

Horrifying, isn't it?

Gallery of Fear

How may I get in contact with him?

Glad you asked. Come back safely.

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