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A site that has been slashdotted

Also referred to as being "slashdotted", the Slashdot effect refers to the consequence of being listed on the "News for Nerds Blog" Slashdot and receiving a "flash flood" of hits from basement-dwelling nerds. This can cause server crashes, immense growth in personal wealth or becoming the laughing stock of the internet. The Slashdot Effect is likely the first, and most well known effect causing crashed servers and extreme bandwidth charges. It can be a postive or negative event, but is always extreme in its result.

Ironic twist[edit]

LiveJournal was once featured on Slashdot and announced it on their news page, ironically flooding Slashdot's servers with immense amounts of traffic.

Encyclopædia Dramatica gets slashdotted[edit]

On the 19th September of 2005, The Other Other Wiki and Wikicities were slashdotted. Even though Encyclopædia Dramatica was linked in the discussion, the Slashdot effect was no match against ED's rock-solid FreeBSD servers, obviously.

How to troll slashdot users[edit]

Here's a terrific way to troll Slashdot users:

  1. Steal a website about a cool looking case mod
  2. Mirror it on your server
  3. Submit to Slashdot
  4. Once the story gets posted, replace the case mod site with
    1. Goatse
    2. Tubgirl
    3. Last Measure

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