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Sly Cooper or Bly Blooper to memefags, Thieving: The Video Game to retards, and Sly Racoon to eurofags is a vidya game series made by Sucker Punch (not the band you're thinking about) where you steal as many things as you can all while dying because enemies can tank through your attacks and counter back. The series, like every PS2 flagship franchise, is now in a dormant state forever.

The Games[edit]

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus: The beginning of this ass sucky experience, Sly's parents get killed by The Fiendish Five and having the Cooper line's all mighty McGuffin: The Thievius Raccoonus' pages torn out but instead of attempting to get some of the pages back, our young Sly Cooper just STANDS THERE in a orphanage, until he's a teen. Sneaks through everything and beats the fiendish five including their leader, Clockwerk. You needed some lucky charms cereal to keep your ass alive.

Sly 2: Band Of Thieves: Sly goes to a art museum and tries to steal Cockwerk's parts to dismantle them sell them for millions. However, the parts were stolen by five more fags and Sly must get them back so Cockwerk can't regenerate. You don't need that lucky charms cereal anymore as Sly has a health meter but it goes down so fast you would've kept the spare lucky charms cereal.

Sly 3: Honor among thieves: Sly tries reach the Cooper vault and take it back only to be pwned. The rest of the game is a flashback sequence.

Sly 4: Thieves in Time: Sly after the end of Sly 3 realizes that the Thievius Raccoonus is vanishing the rest is Sly 2 copypasta.

The main characters[edit]

Sly Cooper: The main protagonist who steals from the rich instead of everyone because of his MASTA THIEF HONOR!!!!1!!

Bently Stereotypical smartass because he has to be.

Murray The pink hippo who starts out trying to be a Sly copycat and failing every second. In Sly 2, he becomes Discount Hulk Hogan and calls himself THE MURRAY in the gayest way possible.

Carmelita Fox: A fox jew who wants Sly dead while wanting Sly to get in her fucking panties.

Sly 4[edit]

Because Sucker Punch refused to get off their asses and make a fourth sly game, Sanzaru Games thought it would be brilliant to make Sly 4 by making a plot that's half Sly 1 and half Sly 2. This made Sly fans cream their fucking pants. Which auto-diminished any chance of Sly 5.

Sly 5[edit]

After Sly 4's half-assed ending, Slyfags wanted Sly 5 and still do to this day. Even though just like Jak 4, Sly 5 will never happen ever. When told this, Slyfags will rage like aspies.

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