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A perfect smegma-encrusted cock.

Smegma, more commonly known as "dick cheese", is delicious cheese cultivated under the foreskin, usually the result of weeks of careful aging. Some argue that smegma is the male equivalent of a female yeast infection Girls get smegma too in between their pussy lips and under the clitoral hood (the homologous version of foreskin), and is really nasty. Those people are unaware that once you've gone down on it, it's clean. Sometimes flavored with dried sperm and lint from your underwear, smegma will lose flavor by bathing. The mere existence of smegma is one good reason for genital mutilation. Just like the existence of plaque is a good reason for teeth amputation and boogers are for nose removal. Smegma has a surprisingly large number of commercial applications.

See this video of a girl eating smegma right out of a cock lol

Smegma Poetry[edit]

There once was a girl from Heath
who pulled foreskin back with her teeth
It wasn't for money or anything funny
but to get to the cheese underneath


the cheese will ferment
it accumulates much mass
under my foreskin

Marketable Products That Can Be Fabricated From Smegma[edit]

  • Packaging materials
  • Motor engine lubricants
  • Modelling clay for children
  • Pet food
  • McDonalds shakes
  • Fat-free cheese
  • Frosting for cake
  • Egg Drop soup
  • Tofu
  • A snack for bratty kids

Galleria de Smeg[edit]

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