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Smex is a "word" from the Internet. It arose like a foul odour from the anime community as a "portmanteau" of 'sex' and 'ham'. The word describes the filthy coitus of fat people, resembling two amoebae locked in a primordial struggle for survival. It could also be a combination of 'sex' and 'mex', which makes sense since Mexicans are whores. To tell the truth, nobody knows where "smex" came from, but nobody really cares. It's a terrible, subhuman syllable that should be erased via lobotomy from the minds of everyone that ever heard it. Including you.

Needless to say, the word "smex" is not used by anyone you should pay attention to. It is used by fatties, Azn retards and those who, for whatever reason, wish they were Azn retards. It is advised that you fifty Hitler post any blog using this word and, if it is an option, kill the blogger and burn the corpse.


  • Shmex
  • Shmexy
  • Smexxy

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