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Sniff Responds to this article

The inbreed that is Sniff. Note the permanent sneer on his face. Be aware, viewing this image is grounds for a lawsuit against you.

Sniff Heinkel, Sniffles, Sniffindahouse, or Sniffy The Drama Dog, a self-proclaimed homosexual, is living proof you should never white knight for furries, particularly if you are a furry yourself. Sniff Heinkel (aka Timothy Slosky) is an inbred furfag who is clearly psychotic. He has recently been shitting his pants over fellow furfag scum Allan and has issues with letting things go. He is currently permabanned from FurAffinity (and many other websites) for being such an utter failure at life. Incident (Sniff makes his appearance)[edit]

The pic that launched a thousand lulz.
How epic was it?.jpg

On January 12, 2010, Sniff posted a thread featuring a picture of his former roommate after he allegedly "brutally beat him", on the discussion board of (then, a furry fetish porn site. The original topic of the thread was unclear, but its intended purpose was obvious: to establish Sniff as a force to be reckoned with. Anonymous, noticing what an opportune moment this was, then set the bait by implying that Sniff was actually a skinny nerd and rebutting his claim that the picture he posted was actually of his roommate and not just a random pic he had found on the web. Sniff quickly took the bait and posted a picture of himself giving the finger in an attempt to win the argument by proving that he was not a skinny weakling. From the picture, it was obvious that Sniff was in fact morbidly obese. Basically after this, hilarity and a torrent of replies ensued. People eventually started posting pics of him when they found more on his various online profiles. This of course only fed Sniff's raeg - which in turn resulted in more lulz - triggering the creation of a recursive feedback loop of lulz.

After losing all hope of salvaging his lolreputation, Sniff baww'd to moderation to delete HIS OWN THREAD (yes, he really is that stupid). One of the mods could only take so much of Sniff's bullshit, and his thread was finally bawwleted. But by this point it was too late, and troll threads started popping up to replace the original. While all of this was happening, Sniff's ex-roommate showed up after someone notified him on Facebook about Sniff's shenanigans. Sniff immediately shat all over himself and threatened to CALL THE FUCKING POLICE on his ex-roommate, who at the time was living on the opposite side of the United States. The drama unfolded, and viewers discovered that Sniff had actually gotten a restraining order against his ex-roommate. When nothing else funny happened, everyone pretty much lost interest. Sniff was eventually permabanned from for unrelated faggotry and was never heard from again and then this happened.

How it was reborn again[edit]

"I'm not mad at all!"

On August 11th 2010, Sniff created an account on the "Watch Your Step" forums owned and operated by SilverAutomatic and his cohorts of drama-seeking furfags. It began innocently enough - notorious furry art scammer Allan was called out on his shit by several other users, many of whom Sniff white-knighted for. Allan agreed to return the money which most of the furries, pussies that they are, were willing to accept. Horrified he was not being praised enough, Sniff did not drop it.

During the incident he would insult anyone whose opinions differed from his own regarding Allan and WYS assisting Allan with his "addiction". Eventually after failing to convince everyone he was right and giving the other forum members something to laugh at, he lost it and began cursing in his posts and demanded that he be banned. "Seriously, you guys need to get a life," said Sniff to all 14 of his split personalities. It's rumored that 10 of them laughed at him, and the remaining 4 just tried to kill him.

SilverAutomatic complied with his request, upgrading the 3-day ban to a Permaban when Sniff sent Silver two messages asking why he'd been banned, despite the fact that he literally asked for it. He then began harassing and spamming various members of FurAffinity also on WYS' forums, blocking them beforehand so they could not respond.

The Drama Unfolds ...[edit]

Sniff, as an Emo dog on Second Life!

The Lawlsuit

After telling everyone on FurAffinity that he didn't care about the ban in a journal entry, he created several ban evasion accounts to read what the forum was saying about him. Finding a photo of himself and his Second Life Avatar, which were available publicly on the Internet, he proceeded to edit the journal post to threaten SilverAutomatic with a lawsuit if he didn't remove the picture IMMEDIATELY.

Said picture is now at the top of this article.

BRB Suicide[edit]

When the weight of being made fun of by kid furfags got to be too much, Sniff decided to do what any normal person would do: pretend to be suicidal. Since ya know, that solves everything. When even Dragoneer came to his Journal to tell him not to be so melodramatic, Sniff once again lost it and demanded to be banned. Like SilverAutomatic, Dragoneer instantly complied with the demand.

Epic Ragequit Fail[edit]

Just when you thought Sniffles couldn't be anymore of a loser, he surprises us all and pulls even MORE magic from his failtastic little hat. Clear out of the blue, he posts up a journal on InkBunny, telling everyone that he was leaving the furry fandom forever. Everyone laughed, because they knew that Sniffles can't stay away from all things furry for very long. And right they were, because every single comment that's been posted on said journal has miraculously disappeared, proving once again that Sniff doesn't know how to GTFO.

Sniff Joins ED: Exhibit B[edit]

Utterly outraged by having his miserable life made fun of and thinking he has what it takes to become an epic troll, Sniffles the butthurt created an article for someone who he thinks created this article and "ruined his life". And it failed.

The article has already been purged. Thanks to the valiant efforts of Encyclopedia Dramatica, Sniff has avoided 10 years in prison.

Sniff Joins XTube[edit]

Further failing to understand the concept of hypocrisy Sniff promptly shat his pants at the thought of being stalked.

As seen here.



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