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EDiots are SEAKING the next sock of SokiTwopaw.

Atomic.gif Warning!
Sokithreepaw is a dummy account, yet furries are fucking retarded and keep adding its videos to their favorites!
SokiTwopaw is against the sexualization of the furry fandom. That's why his fursuit has huge wolf tits.

SokiTwopaw is an upstanding figure in the fur community. He has taken it upon himself to unite his furry brethren in an attempt to gain equal rights for fur-kind. What he of course fails to realize is that furries are animals, and animals are not entitled to human rights. He is a highly regarded artist living in Washington state who is in perfect shape, and who is renown for his eclecticity. He also has a lovely 'finance'.

SokiTwopaw managed to lulz it up in typical lolcow fashion. Less than 24 hours after this article was made, he removed all of his YouTube videos. Then, due to his dox being here on ED, he came with an apology to get it removed. Once it was removed, he once again deleted fucking everything by wiping out his YouTube account, and is now presumed to be hiding in his hugbox while being fucked by his Jew-furfag father who escaped the Lolocaust.

Anatomy of Ruin[edit]


Ultimatum Declaration[edit]

Yes, that's right. DECELERATION. Remember folks, SPEED KILLS!

SokiTwopaw is a furry on a mission. He needs you to stand up for yourselves and announce to the world that you don't care what they think of you. That's right, you need to try REALLY HARD to show the world that you don't care what they think. This is Sokitwopaw's gospel. With it, he will fight against the intolerance of furries, and battle the evils of Fursecution, Taxidermy, and lulz. Once again, however, he is far too profoundly stupid to realize that it's not what you think of you, it's what the world thinks of you, and the world thinks he's a fucktarded attention whore

Also, note the title "Ultimadum Deceleration". All of his rant videos are titled with Ultimadum. More like Ultimadumb, amirite? "Deceleration" is another example of this furfag's mental capability. We all make mistakes from time to time, but this is a fucking header — it is impossible not to notice it. Slow down furries; slow the fuck down.

SokiTwopaw performing one of his daily hobbies.
A majority of the ... haters are between the ages of 13 and they don't have their driver's permit.



Normally when using the phrase "between the ages of X and X", one typically replaces the X with a number of some sort. Not SokiTwopaw. He takes an easy, laid-back approach to grammatical syntax, not bothering to actually make any sense whatsoever. This is a serious speech, seriously.

Friends, we are gathered here to listen to a person not speak about the problems of our community, but against the crimes committed against it. The crimes of which fall under our basic humanistic rights: the right to freedom of assembly, the right to freedom of speech, expression and thought, the right to have our own thoughts and actions not judged by others, but be guided and judged by ourselves.



Whatever "humanistic" rights are, it's pretty clear furries don't have them, since they don't see themselves as being human. And guess what? You won't find the "right to have our [your] own thoughts and actions not judged by others" anywhere in the Constitution or in any legal document whatsoever, you stupid furfag.

As people and artists alike, I rally to see black person, wolves, foxes, lemurs, the great macros and the smallest of micros alike join together against our discrimination.



SokiTwopaw is RACIST. Also, artists aren't people.

Friends, I declare that we no longer be known [as a] ... porn-based community, and that we stress that we be known for unity and ... pride in who we are and what we do.



Like, for example, fucking animals. They may be disgusting sexual deviants, but now they will be UNIFIED disgusting sexual deviants.

It is up to us to change the false premonitions that have been glued to our backs for oh so long.



Hint: look up "premonition", you fucking idiot. (And that ain't glue.)

And Now a Word From SokiTwopaw's Fursona[edit]

Soki on a date with Lucky. His fiancé is going to be pissed when she sees this.
Soki's friends are all trained e-lawyers.

Soki Taunts /b/[edit]

Note that he claims he loves the attention he's getting. PROTIP: REVERSE PSYCH DOESN'T WORK. Also his mole is the size of Montana. Hopefully it's cancer.

Soki Apologizes to ED[edit]

YouTube apparently thought this was against their TOS.
Or maybe Soki just decided to delete everything.

Hey, at least we saved you black persons a copy. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, VIDEO DELETED

Shortly after apologizing to ED, Soki decided to go back on his word and delete fucking everything, leading to the re-upping of his dox. It was then discovered on July 10th, that he supposedly 'doesn't care'. The Journal can be found here. For extra lulz he admits to be allergic to cats.

The Greatest Story Ever Told[edit]

A post from SokiTwopaw's LJ. You silly furry, he wasn't laughing WITH you...

Phone Fursecution[edit]

Soki and his fiance, KiyaShoushi


Soki has announced his decision to sell everything furry related.


Logs of arbchat HERE.

Second Life[edit]

On February 19th of 2006, Soki hit a particular low, and decided that his life was so pathetic that he needed to start a second one. His SL name is Soki Mcann, and even nearby furfags were happy to point out what a faggot he is:

[23:46]  Fox Kilian: fucking wirte MOAR about soki
[23:46]  Fox Kilian: write*
[23:46]  Alyx Stoklitsky: LOL OK
[23:46]  Fox Kilian: it's okay, it's for the lulz
[23:47]  Fox Kilian: I helped make the article on [[Arohka]], but it needs more lulz and drama

ED quickly took pics for evidence, and struck up chat with Soki, who remained his usual cheerful self - whether or not this was merely a front to hide the huge pile of bricks that he was shitting is hard to tell, and amusingly made a habit of spouting the occasional meme.

ED thinks he was silently terrified.

Of course, Soki was (is) reading this very page, and upon seeing the above text stating that he was scared shitless, coughed up the following story. Impossible to verify, but the thought is lulzy anyway:

[0:55]  Soki McCann: Dude, I know a fur. Who HID IN HIS ROOM after he got a page
[0:55]  Soki McCann: He wouldn't come out.
[0:55]  Soki McCann: For like 3 days.
[0:55]  Alyx Stoklitsky: LOLOLOL
[0:55]  Alyx Stoklitsky: Did he close the curtains?
[0:55]  Soki McCann: haha and bought a dog
[0:55]  Alyx Stoklitsky: Win.

The Breakup[edit]

In his videos, he frequently wonders, 'How deep the rabbit hole goes?' Perhaps now he has reached the bottom. On April 8th, after six years of being together, Soki broke up with his first and only girlfriend/fiance, causing him much butthurt. One week later, he officially turned emo after posting this:

You know how a scab works right? Its meant to heal wounds and such...but if you pick at it, or have it torn on're right back to where you started.

Its been a week since the break up, and I was starting to feel better, life was starting to move on and hell, I went and saw the BellFurs this weekend and they made me feel a whole hell of a lot better. "Thanks guys! :D"

But then class came around today...and I saw her again, and all the crap that had almost gone away came right back. I mean sure we talked to each other over the phone...which is one thing but to see one another again is hurts. And I just realized that we 'get' to see one another every Monday and Wednesday and who knows when else during the week due to school and a small college town population.

And I know I shouldn't be reaching out to the internet for help, friends are currently too involved in their own girlfriends to help "making out right in front of me WHATTHEFUCKASSHOLES"...I'm just tired of this. I almost just want to get back together with her just to end the problems at least until school ends. Then we can both say "seeya!" and go about our merry way, but if we did that we'd just be fooling ourselves and causing more problems. I know she isn't fairing any better and that hurts even more that I'm the cause of it...maybe she is doing better I don't know.

That and I know Ive ruined quite a few "friendships" because of this crap. But what ever, if that's the case, they can just go find some one else to go type fuck. Im tired of being used as well. "OH Soki I feel so bad for you, here help me warm my cock in your non existent taur ass! It will make it all better!!!!" Yeah, no... good job you get a gold star.

Then again out of the 800 of you, there's four of you who really honestly care and don't want anything out of it. "Thanks you four, you know who you are :)"

According to a relationship book that I got way back when I took a psychology class, I'm in the "denial stage"... I'll make sure to send you all post cards before I get back.




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