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Whose streets?
SFPD's streets, bitches.

Solidarity is what you chant while looting an iPod in Union Square in the name of protesting the President or Israel. It doesn't really matter as long as it's a 60gb. Fuck Nanos

You can signify your interest in participating in Solidarity by the following actions:

  • Chanting "WHOSE STREETS?!?!" (correct answer: "SFPD!!!" (San Francisco Police Department))
  • Chanting "JEWS DID WTC! Jews out of Israel!"
  • Throwing a chair through a Starbucks. (Black bloc)
  • Wearing all black. (Black bloc)
  • Blocking off traffic and screaming at yuppies who have already gotten ahold of their trust funds unlike yourself.
  • Getting run over by a bulldozer. (see: Rachel Corrie)

Other uses of solidarity are getting into the pants of impressionable 16-20 year olds who think your flophouse on 6th and Market is so fucking cool.

Don't forget. 60 gig iPod!

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