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Sombra The Drug Sniffing Dog is a Columbian police snitch that has helped in the capture of close to 250 smugglers and the seizure of 9 tons (18,000 pounds) of cocaine from Columbia's Urabeños Crime Syndicate. Sombra has recently rose to international fame when the Urabeños Syndicate, Butthurt about losing potential income and getting one-upped to a Dog placed a 200 million peso bounty. (7,000 dollars) on the dog's head and probably placed an even bigger bounty for anyone who can deliver to them the dog's nose.

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Given Bodyguards[edit]

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Sombra, Shadow in English, is a 6 year old, female, fecal eating, rat chasing canine drug snitch - that despite it's participation in over 300 missions and its receiving 3 medals of courage has received personal escortsin because the dog's handler Jose Rojas is afraid no one would care much for him if his celebrity dog were to die.

Looking to protect his fame and being recognized by young girls at the the mall, Sombra has been moved to El Dorado Airport in Bogata for her safety as the Columbian police want to protect her because she is popular with children and is seen as a hero to them.

The Urabeños Syndicate[edit]

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If you're a fan of the boogercsugar or by your crack from a black drug dealer named Msurice that likes to think himself a business man but has to take off both shoes to make change for a $20 then it most likely came from El Clan del Golfo (the gulf's clan), formerly called Los Urabeños or Clan Úsuga or Autodefensas Gaitanistas de Colombia the most powerful drug syndicate in Columbia.

A neo-paramilitary group made up of Mid-level to bottom-high l.j evel military suffering from PTSD the Urabeños are known for shooting first and then dumping enough lead into the body just to make sure it's dead.

Since their appearance in Columbia in 2001, the murder rate has sky rocketed because they have no tolerance for snitches, people that don't have a clue or are willing to play along.

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