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Who and What

Some say that this is the only known picture of Some Guy... No, not butter-face. Behind her, with his back to the camera.

Some Guy is acknowledged by the staff of Wikipedia to have done everything ever, both IRL and OTI, including the creation of Wikipedia itself. Some Guy has made both MySpace and Google. He has also made famous fictional characters such as Magical Trevor and Super Mario, all the while keeping Ozzy Osbourne famous. If you are unsure of who did something, it is acceptable to credit it to Some Guy until it is proven that it was actually done by Someone Else.

Some Guy likes to pop into people's pictures they take while outside. He rarely interferes with people's daily lives, but he's always there. Watching. Waiting. He also does all the graffiti around the world, hence why it's uniform in appearance and total crap.

Other People

Some Guy has teamed up in the past with Those Other Guys to do many great things, such as inventing Starcraft, running the FBI, and causing 9/11.

However, Some Guy is not to be confused with the following individuals.

That Other Guy

A former member of Those Other Guys, That Other Guy has since broken free of their society to do many things on his own that counter the actions of Some Guy and Those Other Guys, such as starting MyCrib and The Suckage, as well as inventing World of Warcraft. That Other Guy did that thing that was super cool. But it wasn't the guy you're thinking of, it was That Other Guy.

Some Jerk

Some Jerk is that guy who stole your coat, scratched your car, or stole your girlfriend IRL. Some Jerk also parked wrong and boxed you in, didn't hold the elevator door even though he saw you running and took that sandwich you put in the office fridge with a note that said: "Do Not Touch!". Not to be confused with...

That Bastard

Every woman knows That Bastard. He's the insensitive asshole who mistreated one or more of their female friends at one point or another. That Bastard was the one who cheated on you, slept with your sister and mom, then changed his phone number and left all of you with herpes even though he promised it was okay for him to go in raw because he's clean. You hate That Bastard, but all the dudes think he's a pretty cool guy.

Someone Else

Someone Else did everything that was not done by Some Guy. The two are often confused for one another and there is a good chance you at some point in your life you will hear the words: "It wasn't him! It was Someone Else!". Someone Else is also to blame for everything you get blamed for but didn't do. You didn't forget to lock the door and got all your shit stolen. It was Someone Else. You didn't turn off the computer without saving and delete your roomate's paper that he worked on all night. It was Someone Else. You didn't videotape yourself taking a massive dump in the middle of the room and upload it to youtube. You know it looks like you, but it was Someone Else.

Dat Nigga

Dat Nigga is that random Black guy that you see, who does everything that Some Guy does, but he's black so therefore he is never given any credit unless it involves a crime.

Things Done by "Some Guy"

  • Some guy burnt down the reichstag.
  • Some guy invented foam peanuts.
  • Some guy took that cola you left on the counter like a minute ago.
  • Some guy called the police about your party being too loud.
  • Some guy said on the news that he saw it happen but it was too dark to know for sure.
  • Some guy was the first man in space.
  • Some guy wore a cowboy hat and blocked your view of the movie.
  • Some guy shot J.R.
  • Some guy called your house at 3AM but it was a wrong number.
  • Some guy, who is a friend of a friend of your's can get you a good deal on a used car.
  • Some guy dropped your sister off last night after work and you wonder if there is something going on between them.
  • Some guy did that thing on the history test that you took but your teacher still took a point off your score and wrote "Some Guy???" next to your answer with a red pen.

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