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SonicClone (Real Name: Noah Evans) is a 20-year-old illiterate and annoying jerk on DeviantArt who is a Star Wars fan and a Bible-thumper who also has a love of bad movies and a fetish for giant deformed asses, which he thinks God gave him the ability to draw. If you just imagined that, then you'd only be in the borderlands of the ballpark of what SonicClone truly is.

His Abysmal Tastes and World View

It should be known that almost everything relevant to this christfag's interests is marketed towards children, some examples being Veggie Tales, that terrible live action Cat In The Hat movie, Treasure Planet, that terrible live action Super Mario Bros movie, and Thomas the Tank Engine. In typical Tarlet fashion, he has a tendency to whine and cry about being "attacked" by "haters" via his DeviantArt journal despite advice against it from friends and spectators alike and will BAWWWWLOCK you if you are of a different faith, sexual orientation, weight class than himself, or for even thinking of giving him a critique on his God-blessed art.

He also thinks Jar Jar Binks is a brilliant character, a woman's place is in the kitchen and he will call you sexist for saying otherwise. He also believes that Barack Obama is a Muslim, and all non-Christians are going to Hell.



JFK was also a catholic, and possibly was a Christian.


—Ouch, someone give the Pope a burn heal for that slick insult.

Out of his assignation, rose multiple conspiracy theories. A lot of fiction & articles center around government deception or terrorism. However, there is no proof or confirmation about any superstition.


—I wouldn't be surprised if he were a truther but I guess even he hasn't gone full retard yet.

I drew this because nobody else would!


—On why he drew a picture for the 10th anniversary of the shitty live action "Cat in the Hat" movie.

Originally, I wasn’t planning on drawing something for today because “Doctor Who” really isn’t special to me: And not just because it holds no Nostalgia for me, I also am picky when it comes to it. However, since a lot of angry DeviantART people would most likely put a bounty on my head for not doing it, I decided to draw it.


—There's probably even more of a bounty on his head now for drawing that.

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