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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
He's black, that explains why he's such a huge dick.

SonicTeam765 is a fan of the Sonic franchise, but despises the newer games in the franchise and attacks those who like them. He is 20 years old and lives with his parents. He does not have a job and gets his money from government funds. It's possible that he was born with some kind of mental condition, as he is known to throw tantrums over the tiniest of things. For example, he loses his mind when someone ships Sonic with Amy. He hates Amy Rose because she is a stalker, yet he stalked a 14 year old girl on DeviantArt. Whenever he starts to lose an argument, he tries to change the subject or just gives a "NO U" argument. He tells others to kill themselves whenever they don't agree with him. Yet somehow, the little immature fuckhead managed to get a picture with a YouTube video game reviewer called SomecallmeJohnny. Despite being a complete and utter asshole, he still convinces people to draw crappy art for him. He's very similar to gallantmon8 in that regard. Oh, did I mention he's a Sonic 06 white knight? It's safe to assume that he had sex with animals, considering he has said he would be okay with having sex with a gorilla if it could talk.


So far SonicgoatfuckerTeam765 seems to take huge bouts of interest in Anime. He seems to take an interest in Fairy Tail and hates One Piece even though it's the same fucking shit. As you can imagine he hates everyone that likes One Piece and/or hates Fairy Tail. Since he has nothing better to do than shit on One Piece fanboys, this further proves he's a basement-dweller with no life.

Video Games[edit]

You would expect SonicTeam765 to be a fan of Sonic games, right? Well, this fucker has said that he's somehow not a fan of the series. This is in stark contrast to his profile, which is so full of Sonic shit that he seems like he's more obsessed with Sonic than Chris-Chan. Either he's an idiot who thinks he can deny the fucking obvious or he just likes to deny everything. He also says he doesn't like Super Mario games, even though he furiously ships Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy with Sonic and shows support for several Mario games on his profile. Also, his favorite Sonic character is Rouge. Take a guess as to why. He didn't have an opinion on the shitty Sonic movie trailer, but it's probably because he's hoping Sonic will have sex with a human woman at some point in the film.


SonicTeam765 is into shipping Sonic with any human women he can think of. He has publicly stated that he ships Sonic with humans for no reason. If anyone comments that they don't like Sonic being shipped with humans (because it's fucking bestiality), he will adamantly defend his shippings by claiming that Sonic isn't an animal, so it's totally not bestiality. He will often cite Sonic 06 as being a reason why it's okay for Sonic to have sex with humans, despite the bestiality subplot being one of the major reason why the game is so infamous.

For reasons beyond anyone's comprehension (other than him being an egotistical retard with no life), he has devoted groups to his favorite ships: Deviantart-favicon.png Sonalina-Fans, Deviantart-favicon.png SonicxPalutena-FC, and Deviantart-favicon.png SonazeandSonouge-FC. He uses these groups to defend his erotic fantasies and gets angry whenever someone points out the idiocy of such couples. Despite rumors that he ships Sonic with these women because he finds them attractive, he has admitted he does it for no reason. Thankfully, the first two groups were shut down, probably because no intelligent person wants to see Sonic fucking human women. Unfortunately, BeastialityFan765 combined the two into Deviantart-favicon.png sonalina-sonitena.

He cannot stand shipping Sonic with Amy Rose, and will whine whenever someone portrays them as a romantic couple. Though unconfirmed, he more than likely will throw a bitchfit if someone depicts Sonic as gay. He has no problems with lesbians because they make his dick happy.

He apparently "cringe when people made Sonic a pervert." This is in spite of the fact that he ships Sonic with every single female character in existence and the fact that 90% of his favorite images have a Mature filter on them. In the comment section for that post, he indicates he hates the shitty fanfic "Sonic's Ultimate Harem," which seems like the type of thing he would furiously masturbate to. It's especially hypocritical because he ships Sonic with at least 12 different women.

Constructive Criticism[edit]

He thinks that "constructive criticism is bullshit." If he doesn't like something, he's just going to tell the person it sucks without any further explanation. He says that if people don't want his criticism, they shouldn't bother to write, draw, or whatever. He expects creators to just automatically know what they're doing wrong, and that figuring out what they're doing wrong (probably not drawing enough titties or bestiality for his taste) is their own problem. He claims that "People only want 'Constructive' Criticism because they only want to protect their ego." It's safe to assume that because he can't articulate why he holds certain opinions, he thinks the idea of explaining yourself is stupid.

Things that make him butthurt[edit]

Unedited. He is genuinely that stupid.

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