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Sonic Blast, also known as =SB= for short, is the most popular Sonic the Hedgehog forum made with a shitty forum engine named Zetaboards. It's a haven for furfags and butthurt dipshits that would fit more on scumbag Facebook pages like Teen Swag. As you may expect, they are vulnerable to trolls and disencourage lulz, though they do have their own form of the latter.

Joel Vaughn, AKA Neo Metallix, or simply Metallix, created the forum on the 8th April 2006 and is a lazy 26-year-old dumbass that lets people back on his site even after they spammed the shit out of his forum for almost a year. He promotes retards and butthurts as moderators and promotes unlikable sag-tit women as his slave admins. Because of his sheer idiocy, decent members of staff became ex-moderators and vigilantes and left the forums due to the sheer calamity it has somewhat obtained after it seemed pretty decent in 2009. [edit] Examples of idiocy and general Sonic-fag retardedness

A Sonic forum is full of Sonic-fags that make god-awful fan characters and nonsensical roleplays, where the latter seems to be a key feature of the forum. However, the idiocy and drama mainly lies in the Shackside Hangout section of the forum, home to the most popular attention-whore topic that eliminates any possibility of sane Sonic discussion, Shackside Life.

Before Neo Metallix took a shit on the spam-haven topic, the thread was originally numbered in roman numerals for some undefined reason and was nothing but pages of discussion of everyday teen life that nobody at ED gives a shit about. Every time you post an image macro or a witty-one-line comment, the moderators will be on your ass reminding you of some retarded three-word-rule. Spam is funny so it looks better if you just post what you want to post and not need to waste 3 or 5 seconds of your time adding three words to spoil the quality of the spam post.

As for Sonic-fag retardedness, the community takes the blue needlemouse too seriously and dives into topics such as crushes on Sonic characters, what the characters have nightmares about and even dumb shit such as what if all Mobian males over the age of twelve. Sonic the Hedgehog is a fucking video-game character and hasn't had much success in the last few years, yet they're giving him so much detail the blue blur might as well exist in RL.

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