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Sonic Forces (a.k.a. ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL: The Resistance ) is a 2017 vidya gaem starring every autist's favorite blue hedgehog. Unlike past Sonic games, however, Sega decided to finally pull a Bethesda and turn the Sonic series into motherfucking Fallout by throwing in a super edgy post-apocalyptic setting and a fucking character creation system – that's right, this is DevianTART Furfaggotry: The Game. And the game flopped HARD.

Fallout: New Mobius[edit]

Wow, this shit is edgier than Shadow the Hedgehog.
What Sonic should have done.


Sega wanted to reveal the OC creator, but later despite the fact there was already skecthy leaks about Sonic Forces, they made the end of one of their trailers with a shadow of a character. Sonicfags and the Jewtubers not realizing that Sega was trying to pander to them and the OC crowd, they thought the character in the shadow was either:

....or it was Bubsy. Most Sonicfags took the latter wholesale. In their degenerate minds, they and their Jewgold hungry Sonictubers made retarded rants about Bubsy being in a "game" despite Sega not even having the rights to the character.

Bubsy Forces

Make Your Own Original Character[edit]

Jesus Fucking Christ...
DeviantART's official response
We've all seen enough DeviantART to know where this is going...
JOIN THE RESISTANCE About missing Pics
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Gameplay? What Gameplay? Most of Sonic Forces relies on boring lines of rings, enemies, and grind rails with shitty animu music thrown in for the sake of interest because Sega knew that nobody but their retarded fans would buy it. You literally just go in a straight line because Sega is too lazy to make a good game. The gameplay is so bad that a world record speedrun was almost under 50 minutes with barley any exploits and/or glitches. We kid you not.

Modern and Classic Mania Sonic go from Point A to Point B by holding up (and sometimes X or Square for Modern) and right for 1-2 minutes while your poorly made OCs goes around doing everything the 2 Sonics did holding or spamming RT/R2 without a invincibility button.

Modern Sonic (and Shadow)[edit]

He's basically Sonic Colors Sonic, but...


The only character that uses Color powers via "Wispons" and Wisps. It's usually better than the other two playstyles but have the shortest stages.


LMAO it's literally just a reskin of Sonic, guys!


All of the boss fights are the same and copy off of each other. The 2 Sonic Infinite bosses and the Metal Sonic boss are complete clones. I kid you not.

Classic Sonic[edit]

This deserves a section of its own. The worst and most hated playstyle in the entire game. Besides Tag Team, it has the fewest stages. The physics are very bad and Classic Sonic runs SLOW. There is also a speed cap and whenever you touch a Booster, it does nothing but launch you forward for a single fucking second and you slow right back down because of the stupid ass speed cap.

You also have the drop dash from Sonic Mania (it's also slow as fuck), in which this Classic Sonic is the one from Mania so SEGA can sell more copies and get more jewgolds from their fanbase of adults that act like little kids (see Sonictubers for more). You can't even go up fucking loops and hills properly. Jesus!


When you complete a mission in the story, you get and unlock a glorified story cutscene which is basically like the cringey "muh friendship" Disney moments from Kingdom Hearts, plus the false hype and notion that something big and bad is happening or is going to happen, where.... surprise! The story is horrible and not even close to being as serious as it makes itself out to be. We get it! Teamwork and togetherness and all that other bullshit. The only good thing about these gay cutscenes is Infinite's voice acting. And just like any other post-2010 Modern Sonic game, there's horrible jokes and cringeworthy shit all because Iizuka's dumbass wanted to market the game to lulzy kids.


We did it, guys! Sonic OCs are now canon. What will tomorrow bring?! 💨


—DeviantART... srsly... Archive today-ico.png (archive)


If you're dissapointed it means you were stupid enough to think Sonic Team can make a game, you played yourself buddy. Wait until next time when the next Sonic game comes out so you can repeat the cycle.


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