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Keeping the dream alive...

Sonic Robo Blast 2 or 'SRB2' is a three-dimensional open source Sonic the Hedgehog title, created in the late 1990s and lead by a few basement dwellers who are now 30-something year old's who sit in Discord and look at either lolicon hentai, furry porn, both, or all of the three. Sonic Robo Blast 2 utilizes a modified version of the Doom Legacy port and draws its inspiration from the now classic two-dimensional Sonic releases of the 1990s that the elitist Sonic fans agree on being the best games.

The Developers[edit]

The developers are a pack of lazy, obese Sonic fans who clearly don't know how to do their job. At the time this page was edited, they have stated that they are working on the latest version (namely 2.2) which incorporates a completely new look, new shield functions, astounding music, and creative new level designs. 2.2 will probably finally elevate the game from shit to an astounding "Mediocre." Some argue that their time could be better employed by actually completing the numerous unfinished levels that they've been promising to append since the fucking 90's instead of adding useless feature creep. Version 2.2 is supposed to be released "When it's done." God knows when that is, because the lead dev is wanting to add unnecessary additions to 2.2 when it should've been long released by now. Don't try to tell him that though, as he'll get butthurt with Spazzo PTSD. Sonic fans everywhere have been masturbating to the trailer since it released. Approximately 100 gallons of furfag cum has been released in total. As of 2019, the developer team now mostly consists of homosexuals, trannies, nonbinaries, agenders, and some other fictional genders. It's VERY important that you know they are, because one slip up and they'll correct you and block you the moment you refer to them as a real gender. It doesn't help much that the devs are always squabbling over the smallest shit in their in-dev groups to begin with, especially in public.

The Forums[edit]

This game somehow has dedicated forums, most of which are just flat out dead, but one of them is still standing, the SRB2 Message Boards. In this forum, you will be banned if you forget to capitalize a single letter of your sentences or forget punctuation because the moderators hate people. You can also post your work on the Submissions forums and wait to die from old age before they get released to the public to meet valid and constructive criticism by the community members.

The Graphics[edit]

You will notice one thing when you get the game. Aside of its all around mediocrity you will be able to choose between two rendering modes, Software and OpenGL. Both of them fucking suck. The former only uses 1 CPU core as it was made for the lead developer's caveman Windows 98 machine, it gives you instant nausea if you aim the camera up or down and has awful performance for 1080p gaming. The other one actually looks 3D but hasn't been maintained for decades as the lead developer's caveman computer is unable to even render the title screen using its advanced technology. The other programmers working on this left because some asshole used the wrong gender pronoun when referring to them. As a result , OpenGL mode looks even uglier than software, and while it does have the functionality of being able to render 3D models, these lag the game, somehow.

The Discord[edit]

Sonic Robo Blast 2 now have two Discord servers after abandoning the shithole that was the IRC and Skype chats. Of course change is bad, so there was some faggot that kept insisting IRC was totally superior. Such fag left and was never seen again anyway. The community has now two Discord servers, the Community and the Official, where the best of both worlds come together sometimes for the greatest of events! Unlike the community in 2.0, some of the community are spriters and mappers that abide by the sacred "2.2 style." If you post any content there, and you decide you don't want your content to be criticized (which is your fault anyway), you'll be instantly exiled from the community, and forever be considered a shit-stain of a modder, because you never listened to the experienced content creators. ALSO CAPITALIZE YOUR "I"'S, VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you ever have the misfortune to ever want to be associated with this community, here's a tip: If you want to be with the cool kids, just talk shit about the Official Server. After all, zero drama happens in the Community Server.

In reality, both Discords both share the same type of bullshit you'd expect in the SRB2 Community, but to a greater extreme. From little boys getting their panties in a twist because there's no Anti-Alias on a sprite, to heated arguments because an ex-dev were stating their own opinions. They are so much full of cancer that it makes the 12 year olds dwelling on the Master Server innocent as a lamb.


Sonic Robo Blast 2 has an online multiplayer feature for up to 32 players. The multiplayer is the most likely the only reason the community exists, excluding mods made by other dev groups than the "official development team" because they're fucking assholes anyways. Every single server is shit, however. Most of the servers are just horny teens roleplaying original characters, forcing their furry cocks inside each other's assholes as they scream in pain from their abnormally large penises. Even if you do find a decent server, there's a solid chance it'll require you to wait over an hour to download about a hundred wads just to play unnecessary edits of character WADs, terribly coded Lua scripts that the game can't even run without lagging AND forced downloads of music WADs. By the time you're at wad 47, you'll get kicked for hogging on the server's bandwidth. If you manage to make it into a server after downloading the truckload of wads and somehow manage to live a few frames without synching out because of the great netcode, these are the game modes you can play:


You just play through the game normally, except with a few friends, with a bunch of shitty attempts at precision platforming. Whoever thought platforming in Doom was a good idea was clearly retarded. You also can't move when you finish a level and will have to wait for the other retards to do so as well, but because this game if full of toddlers that have no idea how to use a keyboard, you'll die of old age before even reaching Arid Canyon Zone.


Players jump around and throw rings at each other to commit mass murder. In most servers, you'll find retards spamming rings like they spurt out shit from their asshole as they attempt to insult you in their superior language. A lot of Match players propose that Sonic and Rails need nerfing, while they run around aimlessly with automatics and type in all caps in the chat, "HE'S FUCKING HACKING!!!11!1!!!1!1!111!!!!1!" Expect thok-bombing 100% of the matches you play.

Team Match[edit]

Match but with teams and nobody fucking plays it.

Capture the Flag[edit]

Match except with teams, flags and different maps.


Also Match except you have to find the other players before the time runs out. Most of the time, very clever players use skin colors so they can blend in with their surroundings, but are caught anyway by someone spamming autos.

Hide & Seek[edit]

Tag but you can't move after the hide countdown is over. Fucking incredible idea.


You get to race with your friends in the normal maps. You can also play mediocre circuit races. Said maps were removed in 2.1, however. Many tears were had. Literally the only way to win in this gametype is playing as Sonic, or some other overpowered WAD that the community offers.


"WADs" are add-ons that you can either download or create, and then add into the game. Being as shitty as it is, Sonic Robo Blast 2 lacks content, so adding WADs is highly recommended. Problem is that they're worse than the game itself. They're either Lua scripts to give everyone cheats or a reused city or house map used for role-playing that more closely resembles the dumpster that the creator lives in. On the very rare event there is a good WAD, it's unreleased WIP content only the creator has, but obviously most of them ragequit the community anyway. But without further ado, such terrible WADs previously mentioned are:


House22/House23/House24/House25/Whatever random variation is probably the most 13 year old kid ridden out of all the frequently used role-playing maps. The main attraction is a map with a gigantic rectangle shaped house with unfitting textures plastered all over it. Everything else in the house is cubes with the game's terrible textures on them that are supposed to be furniture. You can make better looking houses in Minecraft.

Green Flower Zone (Huge)[edit]

It's literally just the first level with a bunch of unnecessary bullshit used for role-playing.

You know what? Fuck it. I'm really pissed off for one reason and one reason only. You know why? Because I was NEW to this SRB2 modding bullshit and using Doom Builder 2 with NO FUCKING CONFIG FILE for Doom Builder 2 that I didn't even know existed in the first place. Ok? The SRB2 Doom Builder they had at the time was complete trash. Like who the fuck would use that worn out piece of shit? That's exactly why we have Zone Builder now—a brand new up-to-date version of SRB2 DOOM BUILDER THAT A FUCKING DICKHEAD LIKE ME COULD USE WITHOUT STRESSING MY FUCKING ASS OFF ABOUT MY GOD DAMN SECTORS OVERLAPPING, THE DAMN THING CRASHING CONSTANTLY FROM TIME TO TIME, AND NOT HAVING TO WORRY ABOUT BROKEN ASS FEATURES THAT WERE HARDLY EVEN USED AT ALL! On top of that, a fucking map that was supposed to be a test map exclusive to the server that I was hosting at the time for only a bunch of close friends, had spread like a fuckin' wild fire and had become notoriously popular to this fucking day. WHY THE FUCK DO THOSE YOUNG ASS FUCKING NIGGERS!?!?!?!? HAVE TO TAKE SHIT THAT ISN'T THEIRS, MODIFY IT UP THE FUCKING ASSHOLE, AND THEN PASS IT OFF AS A ROLEPLAYING MOD?!?!?! NIGGA, THIS SHIT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE A ROLEPLAYING MOD, IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AN AUTISTIC PLAYGROUND FOR MY LEARNING HABITS TO GROW!!! IT'S LIKE A SKETCHPAD WHERE YOU KEEP ON DRAWING AND CAN GO BACK TO PREVIOUS ARTWORK WHENEVER YOU'RE READY TO LOOK AT IT TO SEE HOW MUCH YOU'VE IMPROVED!!! And for all of you fucking faggots asking me for a sequel, you're not gonna fuckin' get one. You know why? Because I am not associated with this autistic gay-ass mother fucking playground for a bunch of young childish furry niggers NO MORE. So before I end this gay ass paragraph, let me just give a big FUCK YOU to a few people that I would like to fuck so hard up the ass:

1. The stupid nigger-faggot who wrote this entire cancerous encyclopediadramatica shitting on a bunch of people who don't even know any better or didn't know any better at the time.

2. The fucking queer faggots who keep asking me for a sequel to this shit.

3. This has nothing to do with the people I'd like to fuck but go read a fucking book instead of this gay ass shit. We already know that the Sonic community, in general, has turned into a fucking pile of shit just like the SRB2 community itself has turned into a shitfest—but DON'T ENCOURAGE THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR. People NEVER learn from this shit, and as always, should be left alone in their own Goddamn world to do whatever the hell they want. Fuckin' society today SUCKS fucking DICK, I swear. Anyway, fuck you people, and kiss my ass. I'm out. Sayōnara.

P.S. Don't shit on fucking weebs either. Dickheads.


The creator voices his opinions.

Mystic Realm[edit]

A level pack that was made decades ago and has for only redeeming quality that getting hit with a nuke shield in any level will cause your lives to overflow and give you a game over as a result.

Tortured Planet[edit]

A levelpack with music that will literally put you to sleep. It's so bad that one of the level has a giant skip button straight to the end of the game.. This levelpack will torture your soul more than it claims to torture the planet.

Shut Up And Get On It[edit]

Shut Up And Get On It, or SUGOI for short, is a fuck-ton of wads made by the entire community mashed into a "level-pack". Most levels are shit. Also includes an animu girl in the ending.

Sonic Uncovers Banning And Realizes Anime Spoilers Hurt Intricate Ideas[edit]

If you thought SUGOI wasn't enough, now there's a sequel to it with double the very creative maps and a new shop system, extra special stages and a speedrunning mode!. The first few levels will drain your will to live faster than you can trigger a developper in this community!

Dirk The Husky[edit]

A dog character thing that has the power to generate platforms of ice which was hyped up by a few OC furfags, who had more involvement in making the character than the damn creator himself.. Because this character is barely any relevant anymore, the creator behind it is coming up with daily new designs while the other persons literally go like "uwu snoggo" to make him feel like he's still relevant. Just writing this sentence may have taken a few years off my lifespan.

Inazuma the Deer[edit]

After his creator taking half a decade to notice his character was a recolor, a redesign was put into place. Problem is, now he has absurd overpowered abilities which get even worse on Match. So much that role-playing servers force you to download edited versions of this WAD with removed Match abilities.


It's literally the same as FSonic, which some argue is a decent quality spritework but with Toei Sonic's artstyle. Or for short, an attempt of the Sonic Fan Games HQ to spread their words that Toei Sonic is the best thing ever and that everything else should die and try to get the innocent lambs of the SRB2 community infected with their superior ideas.


A wad that literally updates so much because the developer literally can't decide of what to do with this little shit's abilities. In fact, the community can't seem to decide either as they all scream that Sonic should be able to run past Silver in competitive gametypes without being punished.

Super Mystic Sonic/ SMSUnleashed[edit]

It's Yellow Sonic but he runs fast, and can turn Super with the press of 2 buttons. It was made because for players who are too fucking bad and need invincibility to complete the first level. It's also said to require a GTX 1080 to just render the beauty of its sprites, can you believe it was six years ahead of it's time? It doesn't help that the creator is a self-centered prick among the community. Any other shiity recolor seen in the community that isn't a Yellow Sonic with stripes will leave him butt blasted beyond belief. He also still works on Super Mystic Sonic even after a decade, and doesn't plan on releasing it, even crying for help because a little kid had their hands on his super secret wad! He's basically what you'd expect from the adults that dwell in the community.


SMS but unironically one billiontimes better. Around the era the community had enough of Super Mystic Sonic's bullshit, and decided to make a parody of the wad, which all the little kids ran to, ruining every kind of attention SMS had from the Roleplaying children on the Master Server.Yeah somehow this game has good things in it as well!

The Community[edit]

As detailed, the SRB2 user-base is sadly infested with 13-year-old boys, weeaboos and trannies. Notable individuals include:


Dev lead and massive lolicon collector. The reason for every past developer leaving and the current ones being comprised of kissasses and furfags. Has a fucking mental breakdown whenever you mention Spazzo. Probably older than your dad. Will probably end up in prison someday.


Ex-developer with an ego the size of Uranus. Infighting between him and Mystic have led to a fucking rift and now everyone fucking hates everything. Has no reason to exist anymore, but still rears his head out of his ass every now and then.


Mazefire3609 is an autistic lolcow furfag who has a bunch of Sonic fan characters. On the SRB2 Skybase, he likes to post a lot of pointless poll threads that no one but a few children give a shit about and he constantly goes off topic in his posts making large detailed lists of his favorite video games. This sperg also thinks that autism makes you smarter, which is clearly bullshit. Just like ever other asspie on the planet, he uses his autism as an excuse to be a fucking retard.


acalicocat1 is a "troll" who takes WADs and puts it in his great WAD called "SRB2 Cape Cod". Oh whoopsy me I forgot, acalicocat removed ALL of his videos and scrapped SRB2 Cape Cod entirely. He now has made a new shitfest known as "PAPER SONIC THE HEDGEHOG SUPERCHARGERS". Yes, we shit you not. When people point it out, he whines about how that his WAD has original content and that he did not steal it.

Recently, A Cat has come back with a huge vengeance, whoring off all the attention he could get by making several trolling attempts to people but failing miserably. His "trolling" got so bad that the admins had to delete the barely-used user activity list in the forums because it was literally flooded with unfunny shitpost names and bad attempts to get attention. He lurks in the two Discords, trying to gain attention from the admins and denizens by having himself being talked about and threats of stealing content. This only fails, because no one cares about A Cat by this point. It's worth noting that this USI-afflicted fag has been holding a grudge of the community for over 8 years.


"Sapheros Lucidus", or "Duon the Adventuror" is a individual recently notably known for being permanently banned from the community. The reason? Sending unsolicited dickpics to minors, attempting to ERP with them, being a creep in general, and as of writing, has been showing his dick out to everyone he'd catch under his eye for over two years and was only found out because only one person had the courage to report him, while everyone else knew about it but shrugged it off and making jokes about the factoid. Not only he'd target minors, but adults as well, have they ever have the smallest indicator of being male, making him not just a pedo but a sexual offender. To sum it up, he's just horny.

In all areas related to modding or playing SRB2, Sapheros managed to fail them all. He refused to play ringslinger gametypes and only hosted Co-Op with a fuckload of WADs (most by him.) Probably because it's hard to play when your other hand is busy fapping while simultaneously ERPing with some kid over Discord. Most of his mods were 1.x or 2.0 ports of WADs nobody cares about for how terrible they are. Anyone would be disgusted to have their content being immortalized by being ported by this waste of oxygen. We even categorized this for you so you can see a sample of his anthics:


Having no coding skills, frequently he would be seen whining for Lua coding help, being the sad excuse for a scripter he was. In the end, he would have someone do all the work for him anyway. His largest mod, Boss Mayhem, is just a fuckton of ports of other 2.x bosses that don't even have the merit to exist in 2.1 era, and MAYBE you'll find a boss made by him. Being included only after bitching a metric ton of words in how his code didn't work this or that way, of course. Other than that, he was mostly seen making million edits to Rosy.wad, trying to balance the character to please everyone, of course always failing because he doesn't know how to design the character or just constantly changing abilities because someone said "Do this!" but then have someone else say "Do that!", even though nobody in the community is smart enough to design a character either.


A common in-joke on the community revolved around Sapheros not being to draw something as simple as a circle. As absurd as that sounds, it's the truth the community had to deal over for years. To give you an idea, he couldn't draw his OC - named "Duon" - that we shit you not is a recolored stickman. His refusal to learn, and lack of knowledge and overcomplicating of basic artistic concepts a 13 year old kid could grasp resulted in drama discussions in the spriting channels (keeping that for another section.) Might you try your best to help him, he would always pull a shit excuse out of his ass, such as "But Inazuma said he wanted like this!!!!" or "But I don't want to do it step by step!!!"

Outside SRB2[edit]

Possessing the great skills he has on the SRB2 community, it would only make sense he would succeed in the other various branches of art. Enter his Minecraft fanfiction, Legends of the Terralands, hosted only on the amazing FanFiction.Net. It has more effort than anything else he tried to do for SRB2, but that's like saying you deserve a medal because you managed to shit out something ten times bigger than your asshole just for eating a single slice of bread for the entire week. (Seriously though, man, your characters communicate through something called "the PM?" Did you even try?)


A brony and the leader of the SRB2 Skybase. His overinflated ego makes him look like a control freak and it shows. A lot. Hilariously, he often breaks his own rules that he is serious about enforcing. He is also seen to be turning members against each other for his own personal enjoyment. Nobody really takes him seriously at all, because of all his bullshit.

Rex the Fox[edit]

Rex the Fox is an eight year old Brony lolcow who claims to be 12 years old and ironically sounds like a six year old girl. Rex infests a forum called the SRB2 Skybase and creates Over 9,000 rage threads. Or his super kawaii purple Tails Fan character. Every other child, Brony, and spic on the the SRB2 Skybase doesn't like him. No one does. Not even the 13-year-old boy who created the site likes him. He's since left the SRB2 community, and never returned again.

Okay, I am SICK and TIRED of people here that think they have the right to go around and make everyone feel stupid. I understand you have a critical nature, but DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT bring that out on me. I can't have an opinion here, because people like TeamLarva come around and crap on it. I think if the Skybase is going to survive, some people are going to have to FIX THEIR ATTITUDE. I didn't come here to be knocked down, I came to talk with fellow Sonic fans. Thanks for understanding, and to all you haters of me, TAKE THIS POST INTO CONSIDERATION.



—Rex the Fox sperging out.


SuperWind is pretty much the main stereotype of an SRB2 Skybase user. He can't make a proper post for his life. Hell, he can barely even speak proper English. No one likes him either. He's essentially a carbon copy of Rex the Fox, except less educated in English and without the constant rage threads. At the very least he doesn't have a fan character.

Sky the Destroyer[edit]

Sky the Destroyer is a 13 year old weeabo who goes to Sonic conventions and has an original character named Sky. He's also the creator of the SRB2 Skybase. Everyone tells him that his site is shit and its a waste of his money. He even admits its shit himself. But he claims that his parents got it for him because he got good grades in school, so he doesn't want to take it down.


Mazefire3609 is an autistic lolcow furfag who has a bunch of Sonic fan characters. On the SRB2 Skybase, he likes to post a lot of pointless poll threads that no one but a few children give a shit about and he constantly goes off topic in his posts making large detailed lists of his favorite video games. This sperg also thinks that autism makes you smarter, which is clearly bullshit. Just like ever other asspie on the planet, he uses his autism as an excuse to be a fucking retard.

Flair & Honey the Cat[edit]

Flair is a most likely high functionally autistic horny 13-year-old boy. He does sexual roleplays with his fuck buddy who usual goes under the name of Honey the Cat. Flair has cyber fucked a Rainbow Dash roleplayer three times in total as far as the public knows. The first time another 13-year-old boy set him up. Flair said that his dick "hurted" after he masturbated, so that probably means that he's actually eight years old. He also claimed to have been fapping outside with his laptop. The second time he had cybersex with Rainbow Dash he was actually fucking a troll pretending to be his fuck buddy the entire time. The truth resulted with asshurt and the troll was kicked from the server moments after Flair used his sword on him. The third time Flair was fucking retarded enough to have cybersex with a troll AGAIN (The same troll too) and when the troll revealed himself, Flair pretended that he was Sonic.EXE that entire time to cover up his stupidity. Flair claims that Sonic.EXE is a friend of his and helped him obtain an SRB2 wad.


TeamLava (aka Konata1000, Konata1000ALT, or Teem Lava) is was a notorious troll in the SRB2 community. Everybody hates him for his faggotry, and his trolls have gotten worse over the years, to the point of being a fail troll. His main target is a lolcow named Rex The Fox, who quickly got tired of it. In September 2013, TL was trolled on a Skype call and is now disliked by all of his little playground troll friends. he hasn't trolled since. He has also been permabanned from the SRB2 MB for his 'trolling'.

TL has mentioned watching the show 'My Little Pony' but constantly denies it. He then proceeds to make fun of other bronies in an attempt to cover his idiocy.

TL has shown to try and invade servers, but his childish little fail trolls involve running around chasing people and shooting them with rings on SRB2 and having cybersex with Flair. (I wouldn't be surprised if he enjoyed it)

You see? This is why I positively hate the shit you post each day Teamlava.

Everyone has their own opinion on how things should be organized, you don't have to go around with your "god" criticism everywhere and make people hate you on the inside. Before you open your mouth and say," well, if you can't handle negative criticism, then you're stupid." No one wants to hear your bullshit in the first place, you're acting as if you give your criticism on a list(or anything else) then everyone just has to respect it, well life doesn't go that way.

If you really want people to respect your opinions, make them sound more sincere and actually thought out instead of "This is pure garbage, I don't see why you're even continuing this crap, you should stop before you waste your life on this junk, Good day.


Spencer The Cat giving Team Lava a 'why you suck' speech.


  • Say a WAD everyone adores sucks.
  • Host a server with a script to mess with config files.
  • Keep hitting teleporters and recyclers.
  • Spam the say command with a script.
  • If you have a Wi-Fi router, toggle it off and on quickly, and watch the players on your server complain as the it slows to a crawl.
  • If you win at a match in any mode, brag about your achievement and watch everyone get pissed off.
  • Use aim-bot in ringslinger gametypes
  • Call out any kind of wrong criticism, it's very effective!
  • Or even easier, call out anyone that says a modder can do anything they want because they're the one making it anyway.
  • Set the game to windowed mode and drag the window around during netgames, this will freeze the game for everyone in the server!
  • Say the word Spazzo, preferably around an older developer.

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