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Keeping the dream alive...

Sonic Robo Blast 2 or 'SRB2' is a three-dimensional open source Sonic the Hedgehog title, created in the 1990s by a few basement dwellers who are now 30-something real old's who chat in an IRC chat all day and look at animu porn. Sonic Robo Blast 2 utilizes a modified version of the Doom Legacy port and draws its inspiration from the now classic two-dimensional Sonic releases of the 1990s.


The developers are a pack of lazy Britfag 'swine who haven't updated the game since early 2009'; at the time of writing they have stated that they are working on the latest version (namely 2.1) which incorporates new shield designs, textures and path ways. Some argue that their time could be better employed actually completing the numerous unfinished levels that they've been promising to append since the first release. Version 2.1 was supposed to be unveiled at some point in Q4 of 2011 however never materialized. Some figures within the SRB2 community are vehemently opposed to the release of this latest iteration due to the fact that they're faggots. The decision has been made to change the SOCing code and GAYmers who've been active in the community for the last decade are already memorizing the SOC code of the nao. This could possibly lead some to the assumption that the developers are attempting to troll the community. As of 2016, 2.1 has finally been released, but the fanbase is unsatisfied, after the developers worked their asses off for three years, 2.1 has had a total of 16 updates, 2.1.15 having long awaited slopes. (Next update has more netcode functionality w00t!)Way to go!


Sonic Robo Blast 2 also has an online multiplayer feature. The multiplayer is the most likely source of all the faggotry in the community. However, there are some really good servers out there. Every single server is shit, I do not know how would write such fallacies.


You just play through the game, except with a few friends.


Players jump around and throw rings at each other to win competitions. In most servers, you'll find Brazilians spamming rail rings like a MLG 1337 pr0 and curse you out in their superior language.

Capture the Flag

Match except with flags and different levels. CTF is one of the most played gametypes in the community besides Coop.


Its the same exact fucking thing as Match, except that you have to find the other players before the time runs out. Most of the time, kids use wads that have NPCs so they can blend in with their surroundings, but are caught anyway by someone spamming ringslinger.


You get to race with your friends in the normal maps. You can also play mediocre circuit races. Said maps were removed in 2.1. Many tears were had. You're screwed if somebody is playing as Sonic and knows how to thok.


WADS are add-ons that you can either download or create, and then add into the game. Being as shitty as it is, Sonic Robo Blast 2 lacks content. So adding wads is highly recommended. The only problem is that 99.9% of all wads suck balls. They're either multicolored Sonics with super strength or a blocky house map used for role-playing that barely even looks like a god damn house to begin with. Notable wads include:


House22 is probably the most semen ridden out of all the frequently used roleplay maps. Its just a gigantic rectangle shaped house with a bunch of shitty unfitting textures plastered all over it. Everything else in the house is blocky things with shit textures on them that are supposed to be furniture.

Green Flower Zone (Huge)

Its literally just the first level, except that it has exploration that the actual game doesn't offer. It also has a bunch of unnecessary bullshit used for role-playing.

Super Mystic Sonic

Super Mystic Sonic is a yellow Sonic with green and red shoes who has the ability to boost, wall jump, thok, spindash, go really fast, skid on water like he's riding a skateboard, and he's way more powerful than Sonic.

Inazuma the Hedgehog

A blue hedgehog who skates around and automatically spawns an electric shield when he spins. Did I mention that he can swim and also has the ability to go faster than Sonic?

Shut Up And Get On It

Shut Up And Get On It, or SUGOI for short, is a fuck-ton of wads made by the entire community mashed into a "level-pack". Most levels either are crap, or overuse slopes. Also includes a animu girl in the ending.

The Community

As detailed, the SRB2 user-base is sadly infested with the multicultural detritus of a number of races, colors, creeds and role-playing 13-year-old boys with Sonic fan characters.

Most of these people are on a site called the SRB2 Skybase. Some of the people below are located on that site.

Some notable personages include:


A brony and the leader of the SRB2 Skybase. His overinflated ego makes him look like a control freak and it shows. A lot. Hilariously, he often breaks his own rules that he is serious about enforcing. He is also seen to be turning members against each other for his own personal enjoyment. Nobody really takes him seriously at all, because of all his bullshit.

ShadowCM also has an original character named Shadzy. (NOTE: DO NOT STEAL!)

He is also known for handing out infractions to people when [[butthurt|he's angry.

CM also maintains the Skybase Weekly A.K.A his way of posting news about members and random tangents of useless informations that no one cares about, here is a sample: News Highlights week of 6/15 - 6/22

A productive week to say the least, with WAD releases and WIP WADs from many, hope you find some time away from SRB2 to read volume 51!

SRB2 News: Xkower8181 started a Mobius Adventure (WIP) WAD this week, with a full team to help him out! The Rainbow Dash WAD was released yesterday after a long wait to get it finished. Xkower8181 started an interesting poll about your favorite SRB2 Gametype.

Sonic News: The Live Action Sonic Movie by Sony is officially confirmed, thanks to Z'hire for the heads up and article. Some gameplay video for Sonic Boom has been released recently, and it seems the 3DS is more common since the system is more common, at least it seems that way for now.

General News: Xkower8181 started a discussion this week about the now somewhat outdated game "Flappy Bird" and its clones.

Member News: The Active Members Poll for June is up, and on time for once at that! This Weeks Birthdays: Sky The Destroyer mazefire3609

Rex the Fox

Rex the Fox is an eight year old Brony lolcow who claims to be 12 years old and ironically sounds like a six year old girl. Rex infests a forum called the SRB2 Skybase and creates Over 9,000 rage threads. Or his super kawaii purple Tails Fan character. Every other child, Brony, and spic on the the SRB2 Skybase doesn't like him. No one does. Not even the 13-year-old boy who created the site likes him.

Okay, I am SICK and TIRED of people here that think they have the right to go around and make everyone feel stupid. I understand you have a critical nature, but DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT bring that out on me. I can't have an opinion here, because people like TeamLarva come around and crap on it. I think if the Skybase is going to survive, some people are going to have to FIX THEIR ATTITUDE. I didn't come here to be knocked down, I came to talk with fellow Sonic fans. Thanks for understanding, and to all you haters of me, TAKE THIS POST INTO CONSIDERATION.



—Rex the Fox sperging out.


Rex the Fox also has a YouTube account. He makes Minecraft videos (Like no one's done that before), Playthroughs of classic videogames such as Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and he uploads videos of his My Little Pony Collection. He does other videos. He also records himself reviewing toys. Although, the videos where he does groom his pony toys were removed because a few people made mean comments.Comments are disabled on some of his videos.


SuperWind is pretty much the main stereotype of an SRB2 Skybase user. He can't make a proper post for his life. Hell, he can barely even speak proper English. No one likes him either. He's essentially a carbon copy of Rex the Fox, except less educated in English and without the constant rage threads. At the very least he doesn't have a fan character.

Sky the Destroyer

Sky the Destroyer is a 13 year old weeabo who goes to Sonic conventions and has an original character named Sky. He's also the creator of the SRB2 Skybase. Everyone tells him that his site is shit and its a waste of his money. He even admits its shit himself. But he claims that his parents got it for him because he got good grades in school, so he doesn't want to take it down.


Mazefire3609 is an autistic lolcow furfag who has a bunch of Sonic fan characters. On the SRB2 Skybase, he likes to post a lot of pointless poll threads that no one but a few children give a shit about and he constantly goes off topic in his posts making large detailed lists of his favorite video games. This sperg also thinks that autism makes you smarter, which is clearly bullshit. Just like ever other asspie on the planet, he uses his autism as an excuse to be a fucking retard.

Flair & Honey the Cat

Flair is a most likely high functionally autistic horny 13-year-old boy. He does sexual roleplays with his fuck buddy who usual goes under the name of Honey the Cat. Flair has cyber fucked a Rainbow Dash roleplayer three times in total as far as the public knows. The first time another 13-year-old boy set him up. Flair said that his dick "hurted" after he masturbated, so that probably means that he's actually eight years old. He also claimed to have been fapping outside with his laptop. The second time he had cybersex with Rainbow Dash he was actually fucking a troll pretending to be his fuck buddy the entire time. The truth resulted with asshurt and the troll was kicked from the server moments after Flair used his sword on him. The third time Flair was fucking retarded enough to have cybersex with a troll AGAIN (The same troll too) and when the troll revealed himself, Flair pretended that he was Sonic.EXE that entire time to cover up his stupidity. Flair claims that Sonic.EXE is a friend of his and helped him obtain an SRB2 wad.


TeamLava (aka Konata1000, Konata1000ALT, or Teem Lava) is a notorious troll in the SRB2 community. Everybody hates him for his faggotry, and his trolls have gotten worse over the years, to the point of being a fail troll. His main target is a lolcow named Rex The Fox, who quickly got tired of it. In September 2013, TL was trolled on a Skype call and is now disliked by all of his little playground troll friends. he hasn't trolled since.

TeamLava has also shown to fail his trolls many times, and often resorts to senseless name calling when his trolls don't work, making anyone listening laugh themselves off. Even his trolling toy, Rex The Fox can't take him seriously anymore.

He has also been permabanned from the SRB2 MB for his 'trolling'. TL has tried to delete this section THREE TIMES but even more hilariously gets reverted afterwards. He even got banned for this once, creating even more lulz.

TL has mentioned watching the show 'My Little Pony' but constantly denies it. He then proceeds to make fun of other bronies in an attempt to cover his idiocy.

TL has shown to try and invade servers, but his childish little fail trolls involve running around chasing people and shooting them with rings on SRB2 and having cyber with Flair. (I wouldn't be surprised if he enjoyed it)

TeamLava tried to remove this entire section with this message once: "We don't need ANOTHER shitty part of this article. Make a decent section on me or don't at all"

You see? This is why I positively hate the shit you post each day Teamlava.

Everyone has their own opinion on how things should be organized, you don't have to go around with your "god" criticism everywhere and make people hate you on the inside. Before you open your mouth and say," well, if you can't handle negative criticism, then you're stupid." No one wants to hear your bullshit in the first place, you're acting as if you give your criticism on a list(or anything else) then everyone just has to respect it, well life doesn't go that way.

If you really want people to respect your opinions, make them sound more sincere and actually thought out instead of "This is pure garbage, I don't see why you're even continuing this crap, you should stop before you waste your life on this junk, Good day.



Spencer The Cat giving Team Lava a 'why you suck' speech.

He also infests Youtube with a channel where he shows off his fail trolls. He also faps to himself cybering Flair, TWICE! On his channel, he 'archives' deleted videos and posts music from children's cartoons, and then attempts to 'troll' people with it. He has failed many times. These are several of his failures posted on JewTube:

It seems that TeamLava's 'trolling' does not work.

Here's a thread made by TeamLava raging about modern sonic:

Cuddles The Pink Cat

Cuddles The Pink Cat is a stupid furfag who has all these characters like Jacob. She claims herself non-recolor, buT ends up with bunch of recolors.

She only joins private servers on srb2.she is humilated at the skybase with her zits and fat ass. Cuddles is a stupid rper. Back in 2012, she's the admin of Jacobs server.always yelling ad muting chat so they can tell each other shitty stories.


acalicocat1 is a "troll" who takes WADs and puts it in his great WAD called "SRB2 Cape Cod". Oh whoopsy me I forgot, acalicocat removed ALL of his videos and scrapped SRB2 Cape Cod entirely. He now has made a new shitfest known as "PAPER SONIC THE HEDGEHOG SUPERCHARGERS". Yes, we shit you not. Anyhow, he also has some shit comebacks, and even called a stolen enemy "Slime Pooper".

When people point it out, he whines about how that his WAD has original content and that he did not steal it.

He also vandalized the shit out of the SRB2 Wiki, but the admins banhammered him and his other spam accounts.

A Typical Chat

Now you would think that the chat feature would improve the game, but it doesn't. Notice how everyone only talks about Sonic and sex.

<Sonic127> XD Dr. Omeletteman renamed to nakels enchilada

<Ultrasonic95> it keeps you on the brink of death for all eternity

-Sylpheed Hedgehog- renamed to -Sanic Teh Hedjhawg-

<nakels enchilada> tuter den lettur

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> WHAT?



<Sonic127> XD

<Ultrasonic95> SSENIC

<-Sanic Teh Hedjhawg-> Cum awn shtep EET UAP!

<LeoJR> SANIC!!!!!!!!!

<Hails the fox> team heroes!

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> NO


<-Sanic Teh Hedjhawg-> UR 2 SLOOOOOUUUU

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> Ik

!~Sulfur~! Thaisunnnn

<Sonic127> Can I Agree?

<nakels enchilada> SHAAA


<Sonic127> XD

<-Sanic Teh Hedjhawg-> Nuu

<Sonic127> Jk


<nakels enchilada> WHAT A WILD RIDE.

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> dude

<Sonic127> ?

<-Sanic Teh Hedjhawg-> LOL Anus Pipe?

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> Sulfur

LeoJR thinks mlp is gay

nakels enchilada renamed to dotcer egman

Ultrasonic95 has no clue what is this

<!~Sulfur~!> e.e

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> Didnt you read Rule 2?

<dotcer egman> GET A LOAD OF THIS

<-Sanic Teh Hedjhawg-> LMAO

<!~Sulfur~!> I didn't see it

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> ..

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> Ahem

<Ultrasonic95> narxt larvaerll


<!~Sulfur~!> and I cls'd my console

~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX gets a stick

~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX gets a chalk board.

!~Sulfur~! gets a ruler

Sonic127 takes stick away from tyson

~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX points at Rule 2

<Hails the fox> hi gys!

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> RULE 2

!~Sulfur~! spanks Sylph

<!~Sulfur~!> =3

Sonic127 then smacks tyson with it

Ultrasonic95 takes the stick


<-Sanic Teh Hedjhawg-> Im Going To Go Give My Server Aids And 5 Children From Unprotected Sex :D

Ultrasonic95 points at another rule

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> SERVER

<Hails the fox> ....


<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> AND OW

<Ultrasonic95> RULE 34

<dotcer egman> SRB2 RULE 34

~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX smacks Sulfar!

<dotcer egman> IF IT EXISTS

<Sonic127> NO!

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> wait

<dotcer egman> THERE IS A WAD OF IT

Sonic127 smacks docter eggman and tyson

>>-Sanic Teh Hedjhawg-<< (team) My Pussy Is So Wet :o

~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX smacks Xania!

!~Sulfur~! bitch-slaps Tsyon, DOn't talk to your mother that way!

Ultrasonic95 slaps dctr egmargn

<Sonic127> OW!

Ultrasonic95 watches as everybody slaps everybody


<dotcer egman> GET A LOAD OF THIS

<dotcer egman> GET A LOAD OF THIS

<dotcer egman> GET A LOAD OF THIS

<-Sanic Teh Hedjhawg-> Feel Its Juices :o

<dotcer egman> GET A LOAD OF THIS

<dotcer egman> GET A LOAD OF THIS


~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX gets a bat!


<-Sanic Teh Hedjhawg-> XD

~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX shoves bat up Sonic127 ' s ass!

<dotcer egman> SOMETHING THE MATTER?

Sonic127 gets a gun

<Hails the fox> how do i speak like dat?

!~Sulfur~! gets teh Iron fists

<LeoJR> SANICjjjjjjjj

Sonic127 shoots tyson

~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX dodges.

!~Sulfur~! socs Tyson with a sock

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> Miss motherfucker


<-Sanic Teh Hedjhawg-> It Just Turned Into Gay Porn In Here Real Fast >_>

dotcer egman eats Sonic127

Sonic127 fires gun bullets on tysons ass

<LeoJR> eggman x

Sonic127 blasts eggman

~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX moves out of the way.

<-Sanic Teh Hedjhawg-> My Point Exactly


>>Hails the fox<< (team) (eats eggman)

~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX moves up and down (Crouches)

<-Sanic Teh Hedjhawg-> My Pussy Is So Wet >_>

Ultrasonic95 slams a molten paddle into Tyson's mouth

!~Sulfur~! shoves Rule34 into Tyson's anus.


<dotcer egman> ALL SYSTEMS.

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> ...

<LeoJR> O_O

<!~Sulfur~!> Taste it!

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> Ok

<dotcer egman> FOOD POWER


<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> Fuck the rules

<Hails the fox> ....

~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX gets paper that has rules on it.

<Hails the fox> help meh....

<Sonic127> FUCK RULES!

~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX throws them out of a window!


<Ultrasonic95> no rules?

<Ultrasonic95> yey

<-Sanic Teh Hedjhawg-> I Have A Bad Feeling

Ultrasonic95 floats through the floor

<!~Sulfur~!> Since when does Techno Hill have a window?


<dotcer egman> I ' ve got a joke.

<dotcer egman> Why does SEGA keep making pointless characters?

Player 12 has joined the game (node 11)


Player 12 renamed to InfiniteEcho


<-Sanic Teh Hedjhawg-> Can You Lick My Ass ._l.



<Ultrasonic95> and it is in fact merrier


<Darkis> masturbation funs

<Ultrasonic95> because more 34343434

<-Sanic Teh Hedjhawg-> okden


<Darkis> aa

<-Sanic Teh Hedjhawg-> Nah

<LeoJR> HA

<Ultrasonic95> LEO

<Ultrasonic95> I WILL DICK YOUR ASS

<-Sanic Teh Hedjhawg-> Im Onna Fuck Your Mom ._.

<Darkis> leggo

<!~Sulfur~!> You know what they say, the more gay you are, the more gf's you get!

<LeoJR> ? ._.

<LeoJR> O_o

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> Seriously?

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> Sulfar

<-Sanic Teh Hedjhawg-> And Then

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> is that true?

<LeoJR> dick my ass WTF U MEAN WITH THAT

<!~Sulfur~!> no

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> Oh

<Darkis> fuck this server

<Darkis> e.e

<-Sanic Teh Hedjhawg-> LOLzzz

<Darkis> ty

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> darkis

<dotcer egman> No thanks.

<Sonic127> XD

<LeoJR> dick my ass lol????

<Sonic127> No, I Won't fuck this server

<Darkis> this server is hyper shit

<Darkis> nvm

<Darkis> aa

<-Sanic Teh Hedjhawg-> Time To Go Fuck Sylpheeds Server With Aids :D

<-Sylpheed Hedgehog-> Bai Tai Sun Im Gunna Gou Get My Server Pregenant

<ponysalvaje123> xd

<Sonic127> Look, if you hate this server, Why did you even join in the first place?

<Naim hp [inf]> hola

<ponysalvaje123> hola

-Sylpheed Hedgehog- Cums In Leos Eye

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> O_o

<-Sylpheed Hedgehog-> >:D

<dotcer egman> OH DEAR LORD

-Sylpheed Hedgehog- left the game

dotcer egman renamed to Nipples Enchilada

<Nipples Enchilada> It ' s chilly today, huh?

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> dafuq

<Shadic121> yea?

<Sonic127> Shadic... :/

Player 6 renamed to jjedg_000

Player 11 renamed to -Sylpheed Hedgehog-

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> wb

<-Sylpheed Hedgehog-> ROFL


Blonic renamed to Blonic Bhe Bledgehog

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<Lara> lol

<Blonic Bhe Bledgehog> YOU DON ' T SAY


<NameIsSupernumurary> >.>

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> hey i said sorry..

Game unpaused by XTysonXTheXHedgehogX


Map is now "MAP56"


<Lara> @[email protected] what are u guys saying

<jbh1145> hi

<Sonic127> :D

<Dr. Omeletteman> WHY DUFAQ AM I GREEN

<Sonic127> YUS\

<-Sylpheed Hedgehog-> Such A Wet Pussy I Have :o


<FourScore64> ._.

<-Sylpheed Hedgehog-> Mmmnnnn My Clit Is Getting Hard

<FourScore64> Rings


<Shadic Teh Hedeghog> DIE NIGGA

<-Sylpheed Hedgehog-> Tyson

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> ?

<~XTysonXTheXHedgehogX> yeah syl?

<FourScore64> I wasn't gonna let Robotnik get away with the plan

>>Geki ninja speed<< (team) LMAO

<-Sylpheed Hedgehog-> Get Your Finger Out My Ass >_


  • Say Sonic sucks.
  • Say a WAD somebody adores sucks.
  • Issue random childish insults such as fat/ugly/stupid etc. there's plenty of underaged fagtards on there who'll bite.
  • Host a server, activate "Rings Linger" & "Friendly Fire" then keep hitting/killing everybody.
  • Keep hitting teleporters and recyclers.
  • Set rings for your team only in CTF-mode.
  • Make a script and keep spamming it.
  • If you're Admin/Host keep spamming Csay

*If you are a character that taunts keep spamming them. Scratch that, in 2.1, the taunt function was removed.

  • If some fuckwitted Admin gets a hard-on for you supply them with their own IP address then sit back and watch the Banhammer fall.
  • If you have a wi-fi key, toggle it off and on quickly, and watch the players on your server complain as the server slows to a crawl.
  • If you win at a match in any mode, or get to the goal first in Co-Op, brag about your achievement and watch everyone get pissed off.

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