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Police.gif SoK is now officially DeD

Fun fact: Sons of Kojima is massive Jewish propaganda

Sons of Kojima were a group of butthurt children that consisted of greed, self-glorification for popularity's sake and pantomiming themselves, acting like elitist, fedora-tipping autists, claiming to be above DSP, his white knights, and pretty much everyone else. By the end of the day, they are a prime example of every other annoying group that thinks they're hot shit. Even worse, they prove the lolcow they're criticizing right. Failing as trolls, they circle jerk each other in their videos, and on Twitter against a single person at times, in order to achieve their ultimate goal of enlarging their E-penis. You can help the herd by not giving them ANY water.

Sons of Kojima members[edit]

this is their god
  • Fred Fuchs - Current leader and ultimate fake-voiced try hard that has a USI sociopath complex rivaled by Philly-boy himself. For reasons known only to himself, decided to pick a username based on a running joke in Angry Video Game Nerd videos. Usually condescends to those who do not think the exact way he does and has admitted to using a VPN, creating alts just to troll DSP’s channel, and being so butthurt that he had his 5 accounts banned in order to try and strawman DSP into making him look like much more of an asshole than he already is. Manipulates others into doing his work for him as he watches from behind the scenes. Devoted to find out whoever hates his pathetic group that outside of DSP, no one would care about. Made Onyx paranoid about him because he admitted to creating 5 alts for being banned. His ulterior motive is to use the DSP movement in order to get himself popular, and what further demonstrates this is the fact that he doesn't care about DSP and never was a fan, but is pretending to be one so he’s just like everyone else. Critics have laid claim to him of being two-faced, condescending, and a dominating voice in every discussion. By that, we mean that Fred Fuchtard decides to randomly speak over the person he's talking to by interrupting them and then goes on 15 minute whining strawman tangents about how they are wrong. By the end of the day, he is the A-Log to the DSP movement by showing he takes lolcows seriously and that his ultimate desire is and always has been to become popular and cash off of Phil by having popular guests on that already hated Phil in the first place. Did we also forget to mention that he is going for his political science as a masters degree? At least when he's not backstabbing the members of his own group.

Fun fact: Fred also came out of the closet. Fred's Skype call orgy over Phil rubbing one out

Fred is also a clingy gf when it comes to petty internet drama

So, since Bitchboy102 aka MoogleFantasy cried about having his section removed (wonder what that's all aboot) here it is again.

MoogleFantasy - A dirty passive aggressive Quebec nigger no life Canadian twat weeaboo that played Dota 2 for over 700 hours, and a faggot that resembles Spax3 when it comes to knowing the law. Claims he has family in the FBI and will take anyone down in his path if they ever dare dox or DDOS him. Has weak self-esteem issues to where he is a professional victim that is bound to become the next Brianna Wu finding a girlfriend free boy, or the next love shy. Sounds like he's deepthroating dick, and apparently has issues reading basic sentences. He also took antidepressants in the past; he probably got tired of being mocked every day by the local canuck bullies so he became a member of the Stalkers of Kojima. Pity he didn't OD.

Sons of Kojima planning their self fellatio

Fred not recalling that Onyx has good reason to be paranoid

TL;DR: He's a USI-suffering asshat that's part of the club that claims to have the biggest e-peens on the internet.

  • Hollywood Kojima – The faggot who created this cancer group to begin with. An egotistical douchebag who constantly attaches his name to anything he can to grow his e-peen beyond one inch. The original source of the Charity Water bullshit with his name plastered all over it to make himself look better than other people. He ended up walking out on the group and left Renegade Operative in charge where he ran the group straight underground. Has a faggot relationship with Dudedaman321 where they cyber all day. He uploads videos no one cares about and has basically been forgotten.
  • Renegade Operative – High-pitched house nigger who used to run the Sons of Bitches. Most likely 15 years old 12 years old, as you can tell when he plays any video game. Thinks he is hot shit because he ran SoK for a couple months and now he just uploads shit playthroughs on his channel. Got kicked from the SoK for wounding Fred Fuchs' ego, only to come back and lick Fred's balls in apology a couple of weeks later. Ended up leaving and forming his own group regardless. Is the laughing stock of the entire Anti-DSP community with his attempts at sounding smart. Without CoK-SoK, he'd be forgotten.
Artist's rendering of Renegade Operative
  • RetrospectivePC (Che) - Was the Vice President and pandering asshole that spams everyone, won’t learn to shut the fuck up, and tries to make himself look like the victim. Is Fred Fuchs' professional fuckboi and every person that’s asked about him behind the scenes says he’s annoying and not so bright. Is basically a carbon copy of Fred Fuchs. Unlike him however, he realised how cringeworthy their circlejerk is and decided to run off with (at the time) only chick in their group.


  • EvilAJ2010 – Fat 30 plus year old no lifer who is the reason neckbeards and little kids think it's cool to hate on DSP. He makes 10 hour videos of MGS playthroughs, but they just want to see him shit on DSP. Likes to think of himself as some kind of a messiah for inventing a format that any retard could have come up with. Got called a stalker by Phil and that made him feel special and get a half-chub at knowing that. Also was pictured posing in what looked to be a paisley smoking jacket looking really mean next to a pair of nunchuks like a 12 year old fresh from seeing Bruce Lees Game of Death
  • Loophole572 – Pudgy little autist who thinks he is actually funny. A pimple-faced little fucktard who used to dickride DSP until he realized he could become more popular by being a hater. Only claim to fame is trolling DSP in Destiny Beta, then muting himself and running away. He attempted trolling him again on Hate Live with his nervous ass, got pwned, then hung up the call like a bitch and ran away again. Only in this for the fame and popularity, he tries to attach himself to everything he can. He's basically the aspie version of Hollywood Kojima.


Come on guys donate. The people need water


  • Karel Hering – Idiot from New York who flipped out when Ghosthead made a parody account about his bitch. Makes the SoK look like a bunch of old farts and regularly shows how much of a caveman he is on videos.


When they're not circle jerking each other on Twitter and bullying others for having a different opinion like the terrorist group they are, they attack anyone that is more popular than them and then ask them to show up on their podcast without so much as a "sorry".

Special guests have included, and are not limited to:

  • Jack Scalfani (And Jr.)
  • The Lemon
  • SlySpy
  • Slowbeef
  • DasBoSchitt (Twice)
  • MegamanNG (Twice)
  • BiohazardAsian
  • SomeOrdinaryGamers
  • Engravings
  • Timboslice
  • Theaireaidlord
  • Gorthemoviegod
  • Kyoko Kirigiri, a former "The King Of Hate" forum mod
  • Mightyfurtado
  • You
  • Their pet dog
  • A pile of cummed-on Muppets
  • An outhouse cleaner

More to come.

CoK-SoK White-Knights[edit]

  • Scottisascott - Faggot kiddy script hacker who thinks he's tough shit because he can DDOS people and "dox" them by Googling their information. Uses botnets to hit off the CoK-SoK's critics on Twitter because he can't take them insulting his masters. His friend Strafe admitted to Boon that he made a VPN cracker so he has no life. Uses demonic photos as his profile picture on Twitter so most likely an edgy teen with a god complex who gets bullied regularly. Won't admit his age publicly because he's most likely 10 years old, proven by the fact his vocabulary is shit. Circlejerks with Funkmaster, SexualEcchi, and others to bully people who are superior to them and mask their insecurities. Thinks million dollar companies can be DDOS'd by him because he's just that good apparently. Retweets ass 24/7 because he can't get laid and calls others virgins and beta males with his buttbuddy, Strafe/JudgementFucktard. Sent Mustafa pizza because he pointed out how retarded Scott is then had to lay low otherwise Scott would get his period. Insulted Burn for his tastes in hentai (yet has several anime profile pics) because his time in the military was more productive than Scott's entire life. Also assisted in vandalizing this article, because even though this CoK-SoK cocksock can DDoS and use botnets, he doesn't know how wikis work. Even though he claims to be innocent, he didn't have the common sense to try and disguise his name. Recently had his Twitter baleeted due to butthurt, with the picture of his final tweet archived right here on this article.
  • JudgementCut - Insufferable douchebag who's a kiddy's script hacker in training, taking lessons from Scott. Denies talking to him much or being his friend but you can clearly see them sexting each other over Twitter and circlejerking with Funkmaster for being professional cyber thugs. Not very intelligent, you can see this when you start to piss him off by making the CoK-SoKs feelings hurt by posting up E.D. articles and not being in their Twitter hugbox. Apparently got Scott to teach him how to protect himself from being DDOS'd, probably because the Facebook drama was his fault. Recently got his Twitter suspended for reasons unknown, maybe they finally figured out his sexting and hacking.
  • Funkbringer - Spends his time bullying people like Dan for being a pinnacle of humanity and overall better than a piece of useless shit like him, and for Dan having emotions like normal people. Think he's hot shit because he's friends with Strafe and Scott who show their true gruff colors to followers by retweeting ass pictures constantly and calling others faggots because they appear to be weak. The last white knight remaining for the SoKs, as the previous two have had their Twitters pwned.
  • Pixelbuster/Pixelmatt/Nitomatta - Thin-skinned teenage autist who is considered to be a complete tryhard and an annoyance of the SoK circle group and has a huge bad habit to flip flop and act like a complete dumbass without thinking. Goes by Matthew Margolis who acts like the retarded version and carbon copy of Grant who has a whiny bitch of a voice that sounds like Homestar Runner's incel cousin, never shuts the fuck up, and makes himself the victim to stir up a pity party for others. He has similarities such as buying himself a shit ton of video games, being a complete attention whore on the internet, and pretends to be their buddy until his means of desperation including buying video games for them as part of forgiveness. Thinks deleting his tweets and blocking anyone who opposes the CoK-SoKers will fix his problems, but bitches about drama due to his insecurity. Makes fun of people who like anime (specifically hentai) and video games like he has no self-control, yet owns games in his backlog and posts several hentai and Rule34 pictures on Twitter, further proving him a massive hypocrite and a downright douchebag to the community. He also looks like a bald rooster of a virgin compared to Chris Chan, who thinks he has a life.

SOKWater Weaponized Hostage Negotiation[edit]

Used for guilt trips, shame tactics, manipulation, and to use it as a trophy to hoist over others heads. Also what makes it even sadder is that a lot of the money is being donated by their own alts to glorify themselves. Even worse, the charity streams were monetized and were also in consideration to be monetized.

SoK's charity shield

How to Piss Off Sons of Kojima[edit]

Pissing off these kids is really easy, as they are thin-skinned teenagers that can be easily torn a new one by any troll.

  • Call them out on their hypocritical bullshit, which is anything they do.
  • Say anything negative about their group.
  • If Fred Fuchs or any CoK-SoK members follow you on twitter tell them to fuck off and you’re not interested in being in their circlejerk group, then unfollow.
  • Block every member of their group. They will then show a picture of you blocking them, then they will all call you names and circlejerk each other by agreeing even with their alts. Retaliate with unblocking, sending them some Pain Series, then reblocking them.
  • Tell them that they flipped-flopped like fucking Mitt Romney when they went against DDoSING Darksydephil's forum, but promoted doxing when a video of a person’s voice was leaked on the internet. Which is stated on their YouTube "about me" page that they don’t promote doxing, hacking, or DDoSING.
  • Tell Retrospectivegaming (Che) that he’s nothing but a low IQ fuckboi that jerks off to John Cena every day.
  • Tell them they are just like DSP, as they block anyone that proves them wrong.
  • Say they are all circlejerkers because they retweet each other and agree 24/7 like an echo chamber ejacularium, much like DSP and his fan base where they think they're right and everyone else is wrong.
  • Say that without DSP, they would not be relevant and no one would give a fuck about their group, let alone their SOKAST.
  • Tell them that they use the SOKWater charity as a weapon to promote themselves to be popular or that they use it as a weapon as a means to guilt, shame and harass others into promoting their content.
  • Call them all out as wannabe A-Logs, and when they ask why, show them this page and Anthony Logatto's page at the same time.
  • Accuse Fred of being a sociopath and being exactly like DSP that talks shit but can’t take it when it’s given back to him.
  • Tell them their group is a bunch of individuals that are the same as DSP and his fan base. Then watch the lulz unfold when they prove you right with the butthurt responses.
  • Show them this article.
  • Show them our Offended page if they start whining about your criticism.

After this, it's pretty much effortless to offend the entire Sons of Kojima group at once. Hell, contributing to this article is another good way to piss them off.


Sons of Kojima Honorable Mentions[edit]

These people were either ex-SoK members or people that got themselves so associated with trying to join or troll them, it was too good to pass up.

  • Shadowsteppah - a.k.a. Sidesteppah, has numerous problems with the law and is currently on probation with his parole officer. Thinks he's badass but comes across as a fucking idiot with nothing better to do than troll people. Thought he was cool for going on Mustafa's show with his Twitter alt and insulting Burn too.
  • Nomad Slayer - One of Fred’s minions that is a whore-in-training and yesman to whatever he says, is the third in line for the D. Would be nothing without CoK-SoK; made a video called 00Boondocks00 Tries It: Being a little bitch but then pussied out and took it down, showing the irony of the group.


Sons of Kojima Exposed[edit]

Lately they've been obsessed to find the person behind the Exposed account, to no avail.



The most feminine and homosexual of the bunch who finally surrendered to the Bubba e-peen of SOK. Originally a member of CoK-SoK he ended up trying to bring down the group after being obsessed with their god Fred Fuchs. TheKingOfDivas claimed to be on the fast track of shutting down. After a 50 minute documentary about Divas getting "exposed" for getting butthurt and jealous over the new members getting recognition in this gay clan. It was pretty much was just them saying "He sucks cause he tried to take us down and do something else with our lives" and mutually masturbating each other for almost an hour to refill their cum barrels. Then he made a letter of surrender, deciding to shut down his Twitter and make his YouTube channel dormant and neutral instead of getting in another petty internet gay boxing match with them. After a week of hugboxing with about 4 or 5 sock accounts he finally deleted his Twitter a week later.

Divas will forever be known as a fame seeking hater turned DSP white knight for trying to bring down the group of the DSP obsessed idiots. Divas spent his time commenting on DSP videos with multiple sock accounts to thumbs up his own posts and agree with himself to make himself look more important than he was. After manipulating several people with autism and people with severe mental disorders to do his dirty work he was finally outed for being a closet homosexual with a hard on for their god Fred Fucktard. Of all the Cok-Sok we can't think of a more pussy, conniving, backstabbing piece of shit psychopath than the Queen Diva himself.


SoK v ardnas[edit]

Fred and his drones have beef with a Youtube user known as ardnas. ardnas would make videos almost daily detailing whatever shenanigans Phil had been up to that day, and had managed to carve herself out a decently sized audience. Freddy boy, being the egomaniac he is, took exception to the fact that someone other than him was getting attention and decided to try and turn all his followers against ardnas. To do this, in the course of shittalking and bullying ardnas on Twitter, he told everyone that ardnas had been monetising all of her videos. While it is true that ads appear on ardnas' videos, this does not necessarily mean that she monetised the videos, as ads can be placed on a video without the person posting it making money; particularly in cases where the videos contained something which was noticed by Youtube's content ID system, which is something that could happen to someone essentially reposting DSP's crap. ardnas tried multiple times to explain this to people, but was continually ignored by Fred and his buttbuddies. Furthermore, it would take a DSP-esque lack of self-awareness to try to make money off of videos making fun of someone else for being an exceptionally greedy person. It's probably safe to assume that ardnas is not that retarded.

Fred would finally get his way in February 2016. ardnas had been using intros for her videos by a user named 19basher88, but as we saw with Phil himself, using other people's content in your videos can be dangerous, as ardnas found herself hit with a bunch of copyright strikes for the intros he used, effectively destroying his channel. Here's where it gets murky though. ardnas claims that basher pm'd her saying he'd been hacked by Fred and co., whereas Fred naturally denied all responsibility, claiming that basher alone had orchestrated the takedown, and that he hadn't hacked him at all. A more likely explanation is that basher got drawn into Fred's circle jerk, and decided to sacrifice ardnas to his new god. There is also the possibility that basher was fabricated by Fred from the start, as he showed up out of nowhere, and disappeared into the ether once his business was done. Given Fred's massive ego, and his propensity for petty bullshit and infighting with anyone who isn't licking his balls 24/7, it's pretty safe to assume that Fred is behind all this bullshit, which shows that he's an insecure little shit who only cares about being the most popular (which everyone already knew). Here's some of the aftermath. Fred's sycophants jerking off his ego, and being in denial about the fact that more people watched ardnas' videos than their own crap.

SOK v SamxByrne[edit]

Last Thursday some weeaboo fag named SamxByrne(Now rebranded as Twitter-favicon.png WaifuKaori) made a harmless comment about how stupid it is to complain about Phil uploading a short video occasionally. After arguing with drgnkiller for several tweets she mentioned that Fred makes videos for cheap views. This shattered Fred Fuchs' fragile ego, causing him to get extremely defensive; probably because Sam got a little too close to the truth (that Fred is using DSP to try and gain popularity for himself) for Fred's liking. A couple of weeks later, almost the exact same shit happened. Sam called out the SoK on their hypocritical bullshit like criticising DSP for promoting his own streams, and reading Phil's leaked personal information on their podcast. Fred was his usual level of butthurt at these comments, and tried to absolve himself of any responsibility by saying things like "it wasn't just me who decided to shares Phil's personal info!" and "it's totally different just because we're not friends with Phil!" There was of course also the usual phalanx of brainwashed Fred fanboys jumping down Sam's throat because she dared to question his actions.

After all this, Fred decided that his flawed logic and passive aggressive tweets would not be enough to defeat Sam, so he then started insisting that Sam participate in his shitty podcast, and talk about this stuff there. Sam wisely decided to not do this, as it was obvious that Fred just wanted to humiliate her by having his pals gang up on her while he manipulated and misrepresented everything she said; as is Fred's M.O. Sam instead reasonably requested that the two of them have a private conversation over Skype in order to work things out. Fred was having none of that though, and was determined to get Sam on the show, since he knew that this kind of drama would get people to listen to his shitty podcast. Fred kept calling Sam a coward, demanded that she respond to the podcast offer (refusal doesn't count as a response, apparently), tried to discredit her by misrepresenting her regarding an incident where he called her "cunty," and claimed that she had no reason to not want to come on the podcast, failing to realise that no one is under any obligation to appear on his podcast just because he demands they should; which speaks to the severe case of unwarranted self-importance held by Freddy-boy.

Sam's crusade against Fred's bullshit overlapped with the ardnas saga, when Sam called Fred out once again, this time over Fred getting mad when ardnas used a screencap that Fred posted on his Twitter. Sam, like any person with at least half a brain, realised that it was fucking retarded for someone to try and claim ownership over a tweet, as well as trying to claim ownership over DSP's content by putting your own watermark on it, which is something else Fred does. Fred tried to dodge this criticism by claiming it's okay for him to do this because he's not making money out of this (monetised 'charity' streams anyone?), unlike ardnas; even though there was no proof that ardnas was making money off her videos.

After Sam accused the SoK of making up Sammy Samosa (some DSP fan who is far too stupid to be a real person, that was created to give Fred an opponent he could actually beat in a debate), Fred decided to do what he does best, and make a bunch of shit up. He claimed that Sam had started a group called the 'Sam Squad' as an anti-SoK group. As Sam explains here, it's all bullshit. Sam's explanation includes exhaustive screencaps of the Skype group's conversations, which does include some shittalking about the SoK amongst all the weeb shit, but nowhere near enough for them to be reasonably dubbed an anti-SoK group. Of course, no one gave a shit about proof Sam provided, with Fred's fanboys continuing to drink his kool-aid without question.

SuK VS. its own community aka SoK witch hunt edition[edit]

On an ordinary day, CoK-SoK was stroking their egos making up shitty memes as per usual in the hopes that they could be popular. Then, something unexpected happened. A person had seen the light then proceeded to find himself in a mountain of SoK shitposts. His name was Doper and he gave them such a surprise. He wrote a twitlonger criticizing anti-DSP/SoK and others on how stupid it all was to make fun of a fat manchild dedicating 24 hours a week and writing the newest updates on Twitter with their daily lives. They're not trolls; they're lolcows that trollshield in disguise. CoK-SoK didn't like the criticism they received (naturally), so they went on to do a bunch of assblasted ranting for 2 hours in addition to circle jerking like they say they don't do. They pretty much told their critics "it wasn't real, it's all in your head" then continued to be lolbutter butthurt like an SJW on Twitter. Just when you thought the butthurt could not continue anymore they bled out the ass, and then they created a 1 hour and 20 minute rant video on a 4 paragraph criticism which was BALEEETED! Finally, Fred ended up bitching out saying that it was just a social experiment, dude! (Cool story bro).

Vergil's twitlonger Che's twitlonger Loophole's shitty but funny at the same time damage control/attempt at saving face Crow's twitlonger Purple's twitlonger Doper's twitlonger Fred astonished that people can criticize his group Lori's tweet where she sucks off the CuKs Fred's 1 hour and 20 minute totally-not-butthurt-at-all rant

Mass Leakage and the Death of SoK[edit]


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