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SoulBrothaNumbuh3 (Powerword: Max Field), is a YouTube "filmmaker" and former forum operator with an ego that far exceeds his sub count.

Who he is and why he's here[edit]

SoulBrotha is one of those YouTubers who considers himself more of a filmmaker/director than a "content creator," even jokingly saying that people fear those two terms in one of his various online interviews. Unfortunately, this plays in to his filmmaker ambitions, and gives him ammo to talk shit on other YouTubers like he has divine right. The dude actually has a good deal of skill, but often spends his time ripping on YouTube critics and pseudo-intellectuals for being obsessively angry at shit like The Emoji Movie or whatever typical trash Hollywood's conjured up this month, rather than polishing his craft. He claims that people shouldn't make web videos their ultimate goal, being pretty snarky about it too, but doesn't realize he's in the same boat with a lot of the assholes he likes to make fun of, even if he says he's got a career (editing wedding videos) in progress. He also says that budding editors ought to be using Avid Media Composer instead of the popular and efficient Premiere Pro. While Media Composer is the industry standard, it's not clear if Macks understands that it's a whole different animal from the Sony Vegas he uses, and it takes loads of time and effort to learn, which may be something even he isn't used to. Overall, his channel's content isn't bad, but some of us are led to believe his time on YouTube is devoted to fucking with people rather than entertainment...

Channel history[edit]

Macks has been on the internet since at least 2010. He had two other channels, SoulBrothaNumbuh1 and 2, both taken down for violating community guidelines. in other words, he had to tone down his douchebag persona or risk his next account being terminated, as people were getting sick of his shit. This was also around the time that he found out who Benthelooney was, and as we all know, he would have so much fun with the cartoon fag. He used to hang around the anime abridging community to scout out voice actors, since his channel wasn't good enough for regular actors. This would also lead him to produce his infamous Arthur dubs, but be careful not to talk about those anymore, lest your ass get whooped by the insult comedy master. After deciding he had directorial talent, he opened a third account, and then a fourth one for his more off-beat shit. On his "soulbrothanumbuh3" channel, he posted yet more videos in his more unique style of comedy, such as parody dubs, cartoons, and also some voice acting and filmmaking tutorials. But none of this would eclipse the peak of his internet drama with sir Ben Tannehill, because of his comments on animated minstrel shows and fucking disgusting child porn. While Benthelooney reached a whole new level of pathetic, SoulBrotha and his friends would continue harping on it to the point of watering down all rational communication, thinking they were legendary for pouncing on what was then a chewed-up carcass.


Funny story, Macks has attracted two particularly upstanding young men to his channel, YouTube Favicon.png austinmcconnell and YouTube Favicon.png WeegeePlays. What's so funny about them, you ask? Well, these two have become so obsessed with SoulBrotha that they decided to take one too many pages out of his playbook. Austin only copied his style, though in a way that seemed forced and obvious, but Weegee here did so literally, by stealing almost the entire "How to be an Online Voice Actor" script and re-fabricating the lines for his own shitty video. Luckily, hbomberguy would catch on to this and make a video exposing them both.


  • bobvids (formerly SheSellsSheShells and TortoiseonTour) - your stereotypical SJW hipster indie fuck who is easily angered, just like SoulBrotha. Back when WeegeePlays plagiarized Macks' video on online voice acting, he completely overreacted to the situation by saying that you can't go anywhere on the internet without finding loads of false information and clickbait, mainly because people won't stop making videos with titles like "Why X SUCKS!!!1!" He also had to get in that Weegee was such a terrible thieving bastard for stealing the lines from a video by an only moderately successful YouTuber who has a seedy past of his own that involved fucking with people for fun, and who most people probably haven't even heard of since they watch nothing but PewDiePie and Markiplier or Vore-related videos. Bobvids probably doesn't care about any of that, since he most likely got into SoulBrothaNumbuh3 because Macks says things that usually go against most people's opinions, which reflects on him: Bob's signature video series is called "Everything Wrong With Everything Wrong With...," where he criticizes the larger YouTube channel CinemaSins. He does so many of these videos that some people believe he's obsessed with them.
  • Marbles - The Ranting Community's boogeyman and grim reaper. At least, that's how he's seen by most of them. He's responsible for several pointless strands of e-drama to boost his own ego, a notable occurrence being between him and DoomSlayer34. He proclaimed himself to be a fan as part of a Q&A once and later had Macks on his shitty group podcast. The biggest similarity between the two is that they love to make fun of weirdos and eccentric people on the internet, despite not realizing that's exactly what they are.
  • Shippiddge - A YouTube machinima animator from 2006. He's actually a pretty harmless guy who makes a Pokémon-themed SFM series, that he let SoulBrotha work on with him. Since Macks has Pokémon shit all over his channel and constantly mentions it, of course the opportunity was a dream come true. Shippiddge is also friends with people who affiliate themselves with Macks, though it's arguable that he just sweeps them under the rug most of the time.
  • NefariousBanana - Sweet fuck, we might just be at the worst one yet. Here we have another easily pissed off SJW indiefag who does almost nothing but chew people out based on their political beliefs and whine about current events on Twitter, yet it's perfectly okay for him to laugh at other people. He also makes physical threats of violence against other people, especially alt-right furries (a.k.a. THE EASIEST FUCKING TARGET EVER), which is really pathetic nonetheless, but it just seems awkward to see a guy with a cutesy avatar threatening to put his fist in people's faces over Twitter arguments. In short, he's a toolbox, try to avoid him as much as you possibly can.

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