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The /i/nvaders fighting Negro Rights.
A modern-day Jew Alien.

Space Invaders were a terrible problem throughout the 1980's, laying waste to whole regions of teh internets with their repetitive movements and predictable attacks. Much like trolls, the Invaders targeted the foolish and isolated, amassing in great swarms against lone n00bs in an orgy of destruction and flaming.

How Do I Shot Space Invaders?

  • Move left.
  • Move right.
  • Fire.
  • Repeat till dead.
  • ????

Lasting Legacy

Space Invaders has lead to a long and lasting tradition of attacking weak and defenceless n00bs with massive firepower and overwhelming force[1][2]. It also inspired many terrible movies, such as Independence Day and Citizen Kane.

Aliens Amongst US!!!11

It is widely accepted that many aliens are currently living simple lives desguised as Jews amongst us as we speak. Reputable authorities have documented these terrible and sadistic creatures, and Agencies exist with the sole purpose of saving teh human race from total pwnage. Sadly, nobody gives a shit.

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