Spaghetti in my Southbridge

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Spaghetti on the Southbridge

Spaghetti in my Southbridge is the latest shitty forced meme to arise from 4chan's /g/ board.

It all started when anonymous took apart his Archos Gmini and posted an image of it, he asked if anyone knew what was wrong with the circuit board. It appeared that a peice of spaghetti (perhaps even a noodly appendage) was laying on the southbridge - possibly shorting it.

Cries of forced meme started just 40 minutes after the thread's creation, when anonymous said "this has meme potential....". This particular poster was declared a faggot by the rest of the users for ruining the first original thing to come out of /g/ in a long time, and thus relegating Spaghetti in my Southbridge to the dark, moist halls of forced meme status. Whether it is technically "forced" is still open to debate.


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