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It's as bad as you'd expect.
Typical sploder game.

Sploder is an outdated as fuck site that uses ActionScript and allows braindead children to make their own videogames without coding knowledge. It was founded in 2007 by Geoff (a.k.a Jewoff) to profit off 13 year olds poorly-made games. Remember Scratch? This site is basically THE SAME FUCKING THING except instead of making shitty Lego drag-and-drop animations and Java games that take no effort to make you're making effortless Flash videogames that will never be sold in Stores because they're not real videogames.

Ever thought a game about going to McDonalds and eating a burger was a good idea. No?, well Sploderfags do so there are millions of games like that on this website. Some of those completely idiotic and unoriginal ideas Sploder users have come up with are the infamous "Why kids shouldn't X" games in which the main character gets into trouble for being fucking retarded, the "Going to Fast Food Restaurant" games in which you literally have to go to a fast food restaurant and buy food and let's not forget the failed attempts at making Sonic and Mario fangames.

The "best" example of a creator of such games is a member known as Sceptile. His crap is so overrated and many people on Sploder worship him. However, in 2012, he got banned for making pr0n and this made all of Sploder butthurt. Of course, Sploder.com is a good example of Stockholm Syndrome because they allowed him to come back.

Yes, people actually play games about going to McDonalds in Sploder.
If you use Sploder there's at least one nigga in your friends list that looks like this.

Birth of Sploder[edit]

In 2007 some jew named Geoff decided to make a site where babies could make games and upload them to the platform. Little did Geoff know that his site would turn into a shithole of copied games and clickbait garbage made by 9 year olds once its popularity had increased. Fast-forward to 2010 when the site becomes more popular due to the amount of little fags who have no future as Game-Devs increasing and finding the site through Google by searching stupid shit like "How to make games online". Due to the popularity the site was gaining Jewoff continued updating the game creators until eventually he went fucking missing and was never seen again. As of 2018 the site is as dead as the shithole that is MySpace and Geoff has confirmed that the site will shut down in 2020 due to Flash getting raped by HTML5.


Game creators[edit]

Sploder features 5 game creators but who gives a fuck about those other 4, people will always end up using the Physics Puzzle Maker, it's the only decent one. You can also add music to your games but you can only use chiptunes stolen off ModArchive.

Retro Arcade Game Creator[edit]

The Retro Arcade Game Creator was launched in 2013 and received little attention because of how limited and boring it is. But hey, fuck making retro games, kids prefer playing games about going to Burger King and blowing up the world.

Platformer Game Creator[edit]

Soap controls, A shitton of bugs and a Spongebob looking motherfucker as the main character, The Platformer Game creator has all of that. Ironically no one fucking uses it to make Platformer games, everyone uses it to make clickbait games and shitty quizzes (Yes you can make quizzes in the fucking platformer game creator.)

Physics Puzzle Maker[edit]

The most popular game creator out of all of them because you can do whatever the fuck you want with it such as a game about shooting your semen into a butthole. The possibilities are endless with this game creator, however most of the games made with this creator are absolute garbage. But hey no one gives a shit about the other creators, if you make at least ONE game using the Physics Puzzle Maker you'll definitely become famous in Sploder and people will play your game.

Classic Shooter Creator[edit]

This creator is what you'd get if Asteroids had actual enemies and missions, sounds cool doesn't it? Well sorry to disappoint you but it's probably the worst out of all the game creators due to how limited it is and the physics being shit. You also can't customize it that much so if you wanted to change your character from a spaceship to something else you fucking can't because fuck you.

The Algorithm Crew (A.K.A The one no one gives a shit about)[edit]

With this game creator you'll be able to make a Sci-Fi 1337 H4XX0R simulator in which you and your team have to do H4XX1NG while killing futuristic creatures and robots to win the game. It lets you choose from various characters and play with an AI.

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Lately, Geoff, creator of Sploder has confirmed that if Flash died, Sploder would die as well. If Adobe really kills Flash then say goodbye to the hundreds of games you spend creating in Sploder because they'll be gone as well as your account. Even if Flash doesn't end up dying it's still likely to close anytime soon due to how fucking inactive the community is, even MySpace is more active than Sploder at this point.

As of August 2018 the forums redirect to this.

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