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Squidbillies as of season 9
Squidbillies newest character

If you were tuning into Squidbillies and hoping for some hot Japanese tentacle rape porn you would be disappointed to know that Squidbillies is just a crappy animated show on a crappy cable network. That is until sagging ratings had them introduce a new character, the Pedosquid. With the Pedosquid hanging around and introducing Rusty to a new hobby, will Rusty help the Pedosquid avoid the v&? Find out next week. Also coming this season Rusty goes to a cross burning after a SquidNigger loses his head on a lolercoaster, at the meeting, klansmen mistake Pedosquid for a black person and hilarity ensues. Recently this once barely decent cartoon that got its humor from political incorrectess has sold out to faggots to make itself more liberal and sensitive towards the plight of faggots everywhere, therefore killing its lulz as it can now only rely on repetitive acts of cheaply animated violence as a source of humor.


It took over 9,000 hours in MSpaint to make this.

The Squidbillies is a new meme shitting all over /b/ mostly because it is easy as shit to edit a played out saying onto a drawn hat. For those of you without the shooping skillZ to blank out a hat but still want to make a version of the easiest meme to edit since advice dog, you will need the Oh Exploitable version.

  1. Open Exploitable Squid in MSPaint
  2. Shoop an unfunny meme onto hat
  3. Post your unfunny pic on /b/
  4.  ???
  5. Profit

Gallery of Fail

Rule 34 spcl for you

Unknown Hinson

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