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The Squirtage Wiki was a wiki hosted by Wikia which was dedicated to squirtage or female ejaculation - a mythical event that follows female orgasm. Described as a "healthcare" wiki, It was hosted by Wikia in early 2010 and enjoyed some brief infamy until it was discovered by Somey of WR in August 2010. Noone cared, however, and the wiki got to stick around until Greg Kohs of MyWikiBiz, a major-ass Wikipedia critic and abuser of Jimbo Wales, wrote an exposé on it in October. After dropping his drama bomb, Kohs then called the Wikia CEO & the site got deleted immediately. Too late for Wikia, as the story had already spread far and wide.


Q: Can a female dog ejaculate? A: Im not sure, but i will try to find its clitoris to see if it can be stimulated.

Q: What age can a child squirt? A: at any age for both boys and girls. how ever, boys wont make sperm. Also the fluid that girls make is uknown, but is comes from the urethra ( peehole). they both can orgasm from stimulation penis for boys, and clitoris for girls. remember all the organs are already made befor birth.

Q: My 7 year old daughter, "plays" alone in her room with a hand vibrator, and wets her bed, is this normal? A: I dont know but try not to let her get to bored.(sauce)

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