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A great tragedy befell all of us when we lost Stanley Rubiks, a man who from humble beginnings selling shoes in Nepal, came to give us many heroes we sing about today. Who could ever forget Captain Planet, Robocop, Punky Brewster or the Power Rangers to name but a few? Or the invention of the now popular toy the Rubiks Cube which isn't just a complicated puzzle box, but makes for a good hiding place too also? Stanley came up with the heroes we love and admire effortlessly and without making any profit from them, he just loved inventing them and giving novelists the idea while still continuing to sell pancakes in Peru to make ends meet. All the while being a hobbyist virtuoso on the nose flute which he played so passionately throughout his life. So today, in his memory, play a song using your nose. Thank you Mr. Rubiks, for giving us so much.


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