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As the Lulz king of psychology, Stanley Milgram taught that 98-99% of humans are Sheeple and incapable of standing up to authority.

This, he theorized, comes from our early years when we are taught from a young age to respect authority figures because they are GOOD and there to help us.

This, Milgram would say is the beginning of our standing down to and following the orders and lessons of authority figures like teachers. We believe that they are good and have no ulterior motives against us. In a number of Experiments Milgram showed that all a person has to do is believe that a person is an Authority Figure and people will do most anything for them such as rape, robbery and murder. Most of us automatically believe that when an authority figure orders us, it is for our's and others' good and that's why they are so willing to follow it.

Most people are so ego fragile that they want a father figure that will tell them what to do and say good job when they do it. This is why cults, certain governments and the Holocaust all exist.Propaganda inserted by the jew.jpg

Obedience To Authority Or The Milgram Experiment[edit]

Stanley Milgram

This is a fun one and can be used as an awesome party game if you want to psychologically scar your friends if You had any.

Before you start, this only works if you are the Alpha in your group. If you're some omega male that was only invited to a party because someone is trying to sexor your hot sister, it won't work. Another thing, despite this experiment being disavowed and deemed unethical by psychological canon, the knowledge gained from it is often used by the police, drill instructors and correctional officers.

To do the Milgram Experiment as a party game, what you need is a volunteer who will tape wires to their chest from a cut extension cord. FOR THE LOVE OF FUCKING G-D DON'T PLUG IT IN. Hide the other end and have the person stand down the hall.

Plug another extension cord in an outlet with a switch and run it down the hall. Pick a weak minded friend and tell them that the friend you have the fake plug attached to wants to test his man hood by getting shocked and you want him to flip the switch.

80% of the time most people will do it with no prodding but if they refuse, yell at them like a drill instructor, calling them a pussy, getting people to laugh at them and 95% of the time the hold-outs will do it.

Make them feel safe, the first 2 times you have them flip the switch for 2 or 3 seconds and have the Plugged In Friend act like nothing happened and demand longer bursts.

Have the gamma male do a longer burst, say 15 seconds but this time have the Plugged In Friend act like his heart is bothering him and his chest is hurting from the last blast.

Demand a fourth blast of 30 or more seconds.

This is where the fun comes. 99% of the people that accepted to do the first 3 blasts of electricity will do it for a fourth time either on their own or if you drop rank on them and demand that they do it.

When they flip the switch, have your Plugged In Friend grab his chest, fall down and pretend to be dead. If done right you will have emotionally scarred that omega male for life.

What Milgram showed in this experiment is that very few people have the capacity to refuse an authority figure even when they knew what they were being told to do was wrong.

The Conspiracy Theorist[edit]


For all their talk that they are resisting authority by believing that JEWS DID WTC, Bigfoot is real or that gnomes are responsible for feeding you cookies at night, when you sleep and that's why you're getting fatter - all they are doing is allowing themselves to be led astray by other, supposed, authority figures much like cult members and Scientologists. In other words, they are selectively rejecting facts based on the world they want to see.Propaganda inserted by the jew.jpg

For instance, At the highest level of Scientology the member is supposed to achieve immortality. Despite knowing of no one who is immortal or has ever lived 1,000 years and even seeing their great messiah L. Ron Jeremy getting put in the ground to feed the worms - they choose to believe this still.

All you, and we do mean you because we know you're scoffing at the idea that Bigfoot isn't real, a grey headed alien didn't bring you home on your first birthday and when you give Scientology $500,000 you'll get laser beam eyes, have done is replaced one reality with another, one you'd rather believe in and accept while you willingly choose to drink their poisoned Kool-Aid and revise all your original ideas around their theories and published books that you bought from the back of a comic book.

Doubt and mistrust are always healthy to a society but when you replace one reality with another because you don't like the original or the second reality answers to your aversions and loathings against certain groups then you are not thinking but rather shopping for a master to submit in front of and to lead you and take your money from book and audio sales.

Learning To Stand Up To Authority[edit]

Fat cartman fat 55555.jpg

The best way to learn to stand up to authority is through education, not because it teaches you how to but because it broadens your experience.

For example, there are a lot more lulzy way to perform a Milgram Experiment, such as convincing a Fast Food Manager to strip search an employee but if you are aware of the Milgram Experiment and how it works you won't be getting arrested at your minimum wage McDonalds job at 3 in the morning because you believed it when a Detective Milgram told you, over the phone, it was all right to assist him in an investigation while waiting for him to get there and stick your fingers up your underaged fry cooks twat because he received a report from someone who saw her steal money from an old lady or from the cash register.

Possibly the best way education helps is by making you more philosophical or opening your little mind up to arguing the philosophical rights and wrongs of what an authority figure might be demanding.

Education is not the end all answer, however. As people can tell you, there are graduates with Harvard degrees that are dumber than a 6 toed, inbred, Appalachian child playing banjo. What most experts will tell you, if an order violates your personal philosophy and beliefs, is just don't do it because you know it's wrong for a reason.

Good Old Fashioned Curiosity[edit]

Curiosity 5123.jpg

Curiosity is the saving grace of the stupid.

It requires minimal intelligence and no education. All that it requires is for someone to simply answer the simply question of WHY or demand proof that the person claiming to be able to do amazing things be able to do what they claim.

If Tom Cruise says level 5 scientologists can fly, it's ok to be skeptical even as a Scientologist. Demand that he fly around the room like a little woodland pixie to prove it.

When David Miscavige says Tom Cruise is the Scientology Messiah, ask why. Ask why is it that the most public figure of Scientology is the messiah. Ask why him and not someone else. Ask why it wasn't some unknown.

Skepticism, curiosity and even a little doubt should always be a part of religion. These ideas are so important to faith and belief that Jesus himself reminded his Apostles of them.

Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.


—Matthew Chapter 24 verse 23 KJV

Don't drink the Kool-Aid



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