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A brief summary of all of his comics

SaladToss is a fascist holocaust-denier that makes horribly drawn comics about how much he hates everyone that isn't a straight, white, muscular, blond hair, blue eyed male, despite secretly obviously being a fat-fuck mutt IRL (or, even more likely, a self hating dark-skinned person/minority that makes media to look like "one of the good ones") as is the case with every other Nazi online.

Like most Nazi comic book creators, StoneToss has very little originality when it comes to making his comics, this meaning they all center around the same "13d50" or "43% suicide rates" jokes, or if he's feeling particularly adventurous, he'll bring up The Jewish Question, which poses the interesting inquiry: "Why are rich straight white males (((Jewish people))) so over-represented in media and the sciences despite being such a small percentage of the world?" StoneToss' answer of course being that he is pro-diversity in different fields and thinks it is better for different groups of people to get their chance in the limelight. The irony of thinking this while also being a Nazi is rarely touched upon.


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