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Typical female character in Street Fighter II.

Street Fighter II is a popular fighting game released in the 90's, showing what a fighting game could and should be. It was awesome.


The classic intro.

Street Fighter II, more like Street Fuckers II, was the brainchild of some guy named Konami. Then, a boy named Capcom bullied Konami into giving the game to Capcom and Capcom took all the credit. Originally, it was called Street Fighter, but no one cared so they added a 2 at the end. The objective of the game was to use Kung Fu on people of diverse races to defeat Hitler's father at the end of the game.

Everyone orgasmed when the game was released to arcades. It was eighty cents a game, but not even worth it.

Due to the popularity, Capcom decided they could milk this cash cow. Instead of releasing a sequel, like normal companies would, they decided to release copies of the same game. It worked well.

Then SNK was like "Hey, lets copy Capcom and make a shit load of boring fighting games filled with fap material!," and so they did. Capcom found out about this, so to counter attack they released Street Fighter III: The Next Generation. However, no one cared and still played Street Fighter 2. Then came Street Fighter III: Street Fighter 2. Wapanese fapped to the soundtrack in the back of arcades, but that's about it. Then after a massive amount of fan cum on their desk, Capcom stole SNK's stuff and made Street Fighter III: Pro Edition which poor ass Mexicans and Japanese play. It was a hit with the poor gangster types in America and is serious business in Japan.

And for all the wapanese fans, Capcom went to Squaresoft's doorstep, at first offering a partnership but in reality Capcom fooled Squaresoft into giving him all of his hentai DVDs. With these DVDs, Capcom created Street Fighter Alpha. This game is actually pretty awful, with a cheap as shit boss fight and an even cheaper AI made for sucking out all of your allowance. But, hey, at least it was loved by all the weeaboos who played it.

Stan Lee liked Street Fighter, but he thought his comic book heroes could beat the shit out of Street Fighter characters. Thus began the Marvel Vs. Capcom series, pitting Stan Lee and his minions vs. Capcom, and gained great success as Onslaught butt-raped a massive amount of Street Fighters, Mega Mans, and characters from several other series that no one gives a shit about. Then, Marvel vs Capcom 2 was created, in which Cable, Magneto, and Sentinel brutally destroyed Capcom's legions at full force. It is considered "the shit" by everyone in the arcade.

Later SNK was still butthurt from what Capcom did to them, so SNK challenged Capcom and thus began Capcom vs. SNK, where SNK lost. Then came Capcom vs. SNK 2: The Rematch and Capcom vs. SNK 2: The Xbox Rematch, SNK's strategy this time was to include multiple girls that would make Capcom basement dwellers fap all over their controllers. The plan succeeded for the most part but poor ass Mexicans and serious Asians brought Capcom to victory. SNK, even moar butthurt than before, had one last shot, they invited Capcom over as a peace offering, but it's a trap! SNK vs. Capcom: Chaos Rumble started, Capcom was outnumbered and thoroughly bloodied, but not beaten. Then SNK called up his good pal Yu-Gi-Oh!, and made three SNK vs. Capcom: Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Battle Edition games, although the games were only liked by 16-year-old Japanese schoolgirls, and only basement dwellers bought the game.

Street Fighter II is still remembered to this day as having taken a huge chunk of your change and a small chunk of your life at the local arcade.

Street Fighter II's awesome intro[edit]

Capcom's racist awesome intro. Take dat nigga.


Street Fighter II was released for the SNES, which pretty much sold the piece of shit.

The SNES's best version was Street Fighter II: Turbo Plus New Fallanges. Super Street Fighter II had new characters, but shittier music. While the Genesis version featured shittier music, it had mile a minute gameplay. And as we all know, everyone plays Street Fighter solely for the music.


Street Fighter II[edit]

Finish her!

Ryu - The main protagonist of the series, he is the most overused character evar. Most players who use him are faggots who stand in the corner and Hadouken constantly until the timer runs out.

Ken Masters - Noobs use him because he's way cooler than Ryu, despite having the same exact movelist. He floods the Street Fighter IV servers with constant dragon punches and fireballs. In the original arcade game Ken used to have a Dragon Punch that arced across half the visible screen compared to Ryu's going straight up. It was supposed to represent Ken's Throw caution to the wind fighting style. It lasted up until Fags started crying that people were spamming it until their opposing character was stuck at the end of the screen and getting killed in 10 seconds flat.

Chun-Li - Players praise her for her unique features not found in other characters. Nobody gave a shit about her until Street Fighter III, where she was the most overpowered character in the game. Street Fighter fans constantly masturbate to her larger than life thighs, even though they are so unrealistically big and muscular that they look like men legs. She's also a pre-boss in SFIV, since half of the goddamn characters have her as their rival.

Guile - The generic "American badass," he is the most constantly developed character in the entire series, with a grand total of 2 special moves in every single fucking game. In Street Fighter III, he decides to stop being a family man and turn emo.

Blanka - Typical Brazilian citizen with orange spiky hair and green skin. A favorite among furries. His special move is electric rape.

Dhalsim - Super stretchy curry nigger, a blatant rip-off of Stretch Arm Strong.


Zangief - The strongest character in the game, this Soviet son of a bitch doesn't fuck around. If you get too close, he will rape your ass on-spot. His special move is the SPD, or Spinning Pile Driver. He has no projectiles, long-range attacks, or, fuck, any useful moves at all. Only pros use him. Zangief is also impressed with the Russian president's ability to dance very well, which is the appropriate Russian fashion of celebration. He's also confirmed to be gay and had fucked bears in the past by Capcom. Nobody was surprised.

Sagat - Possibly the cheapest motherfucker EVAR in a fighting game. tourneyfags will bitch and complain if you choose him at a tournament. To win with him you just have to spam fireballs. He also has a strange obsession with tigers and probably spends most of his free time fucking shemales like Poison since he's from Thailand.

Vega - Also known as Balrog in Japan. A narcissist metrosexual who is in love with himself, he comes from Spain with a claw thing on his arm and uses "Spanish Ninjutsu." Was one of the most op characters in ST, but got screwed 30 years later in V because Capcom can't balance its own games. A favorite amongst the female and homosexual fans of the game where they like to change his Iron Claw to three dildos strapped to his wrist or Rule 63 him and have him get ass raped by M. Bison and a dick girl version of Chun-Li.

Balrog - Also known as M. Bison in Japan. Apparently Capcom thought people would confuse this nigger with Mike Tyson, so they switched the names around. Actually looks pretty white in Street Fighter II.

M. Bison - Also known as Vega in Japan. He thinks seeing street fighters pummeled to dust is DELICIOUS! YEEESH! YEEESH! An effective technique to use while playing as Bison is spamming his Psycho Crusher attack. He's notably the only character who has the ability to shut down fireballs with a fucking headstomp. This will cause Guile to point towards the sky, with a jet of fire shooting behind him, and yell "BISONNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!1" (Why did they need to switch not two, but THREE characters' names around?)

Cammy - Much like Chun Li, she's basically a whore & made by Bison for rape. Appears a lot more frequently than any of the other newcomers due to all of the fans who masturbate to her ass.

Fei Long - While running out of ideas for characters, they decided to rip off Mortal Kombat's Liu Kang and add Bruce Lee with a Fire Kick.

Dee Jay - Not satisfied with Balrog as their game's tokken black man, Capcom added in a jamaican nigger with a constant pedo smile on his face. Nice. Also the shittiest character to play as in SF4.

T.Hawk - A fail Peter Pan clone on steroids.

Akuma - Also known as Gouki in Japan. Your typical rapist, noobs use him because he was AWESOME.

Street Fighter Alpha[edit]

Birdie - Was white in the original Street Fighter, but Crapcock realized that all metalhead bikers from England are niggers, so they changed him. His special move is chain whipping.

Adon - Sagat's bitch, his goal in life is to fuck all the jaguars in the world. Sagat players pick him expecting to play exactly like Sagat, only to be pwned by some 8-year-old who doesn't even know how to play the fucking game and just spams Balrog's headbutt.

Rose - MILF from Italy. When encountered in single player mode, players lose to her on purpose just to see her victory portrait.

Charlie - Retconed into Charlie Nash because Nash is a retarded first name, Guile's "dead" friend and reason for screaming Bison every two seconds. Wore fake glasses before it was cool, although like every hipster is completely worthless, gets killed by Bison, comes back as Shadow The Edgehog FrankenNash only to get killed by him again, in the cartoon Bison experiments on him and transforms him into Blanka.

R.Mika - A blonde hair, blue eyed slut from Japan that idolizes Zangief's 7 foot long donger and wants him to pile drive her. Sounds like a dyke in V.

Dan Hibiki - Obviously the greatest character in the game, he is like Ryu and Ken but more badass. Capshit made him to make fun of SNK who constantly rip off everything that Capcom makes. Popular among fanfic authors because he is OMG SOOOOOO FUNNY! ^_^ Dies in Street Fighter X Tekken from a very intense deepthroat from Kazuya. This caused a volcano of rage from Dan's mourners. And lulz from the people watching it unfold.

Sakura - Just a female Ryu reskin.

Nigger Evil Ryu - A palette swap of Ryu to make him gray and orange. Like normal Ryu, many players who use him are pussies because they keep spamming Hadoukens and then teleport to the other side of the screen.

Sodom - An American 'Weeaboo Warrior' who has an amazingly huge fucking hard-on for all things Nihon. Grand Supreme Douchebag extrordinare, he loves making you eat red carpet while he shoves a pointed metal pussy-creator in your chode. It's like someone took Travis Touchdown and made him suck. Has no visible head under his mask, and likely makes his money by acting as a portable double gloryhole for gay parties.

Cody - From Street Fighter:1989 Final Fight. An Amerifag from New York who got screwed over by a trap and was sent to prison. Basically, he got bored of getting raped by Bubba and decided to break out of prison. His friend is a narutard. Also wears pajamas and doesn't afraid of anything.

Guy - Also from Final Fight. And his name really is Guy, yes. Apparently, he and Rose had a thing going on, even though he always chases after his fuck buddy Cody whenever he sees him.

Street Fighter III[edit]

Alex - The new main protagonist introduced by Capcom, due to Ryu being so ridiculously lame. Also a wrestler from Jew York with daddy issues.

Sean - The only gangsta in the entire series. Nobody gives a shit about him because he's just another palette swap of Ryu. His super move is a regular Hadouken. Usually spends his time getting raped by his older sister.

Elena - Wanting to introduce a character that represents the Planet of the Apes, the staff at Capcom thought a nigger would be too up his own ass, so they decided to go with an 6 foot weeaboo nigress that has white, animu hair and dresses in japanese school girl outfits. Like Yun(see below), she also caused a massive shitstorm after coming back in SF4 due to her broken hitboxes and her "HEALING!" ultra.

Twelve - Possibly the stupidest name for a character ever, he is a Russian experimental organism created to be the ultimate rape machine, made of white liquid. His attacks include tentacle rape, spike rape, and being able to transform into multiple weapons. His super move allows him to transform into the opponent character, but with a white palette. Because seriously, that's what Street Fighter needs, more palette swap characters.

Hugo - Hueg wrestler from Nazi Germany. His goal in the tournament is to destroy Twelve, the evil Communist warrior from Russia. Nobody uses him in tournaments because he suks lol! He is constantly followed by his transvestite boss. His special move is in-air rape.

Yun - Edgy Skater Kid put in because the 90s, the only character of choice for the tourneyfag outside of their beloved Chun-Li, has combos so long and boring they're likely to put the other player to sleep. Caused a shitstorm when he came back for IV because Capcom doesn't know how to balance characters.

Q - Capcom decided they needed moar robots as well as plot ambiguity in the series so they threw in Q. Is he a robot? Is he a nigger? NO ONE KNOWS and no one ever will because Capcom doesn't give a shit about you. Regardless, Q exhibits some winning qualities, namely his intro animation, which features him attempting to punch a group of fleeing children in the head.

Makoto - A Japanese dickgirl who uses karate and is a total lesbian. Her hands and feet are comically oversized, and look like they belong on a man twice her size. Makoto can fuck any girl she wants and frequently rapes the other Street Fighter women. Her supermove is a punch to the nuts, followed by several other punches to the face.

Dudley - Dainty English boxer with all the class. Dudley never takes off his boxing gloves and he enjoys drinking tea cum. Did I mention he was a nigger?

Urien - A pallete-swap (Surprise!) of the final boss, who wears a man-thong and nothing else. His supermove is a magic mirror, which is useless unless you've played the game over 9000 hours and are Japanese. He also gets emo and cuts himself if he loses by time-out.

Gill - Self-proclaimed Messiah that also fights in a man-thong. Has both the powers of Satan's flaming cock and Santa's frozen dick. Like all the other SF bosses, he's a cheap fuck who can revive himself if you manage to kill him in a match (which is pretty easy, considering how pussyshit he is).

Street Fighter IV[edit]

Abel - A French fighter who has forgotten his past and is looking for answers. Could not exist IRL, for as we all know Frenchmen can't fight for shit. Like Vega, he's a favorite amongst the homos who love to ship him with Zangief in bara fanart. Supposedly the main character of the game, he's completely boring and forgettable in any other aspect. Nice job, Capcom.

Crimson Viper - A King of Fighters wannabe MILF with huge boobs and a classified electric weapon on her hand. Can also shoot fire out from between her legs.

Rufus - A truly American overweight tub of lard who looks ridiculous and has a very animated gut. His eternal rival is Ken Masters, because Capcom couldn't think of anything else to do with the fat shit.

El Fuerte - Spanish for The Faggot, El Fuerte is a spic cooking fighter. Yes, you read that right. His moves consist of running around the screen and landing on his opponent, in a poor attempt to mimick Vega. He also has a combo called the Fierce Fist Loop. IT'S SUPER DYNAMIC COOKING TIME!

Gouken - Ryu's bearded master. He was presumed killed by Akuma, but in an amazingly bad retcon, he magically comes back to life. Akuma and Gouken both want Ryu's hot ass, but only one will claim the prize.

Seth - Villain of SF4. Besides looking like Dr. Manhattan with a yin-yang orb in his stomach used to vore his opponents, his moves consist of a mix of other fighters' moves. How original. He will rape you in arcade mode.

Juri - The actual Shadow The Hedgehog of Street Fighters. She's also korean, since all the fanboys from Korea raided Capcom to make a character from their shithole of a country. Has a left-eye sharingan which grants her Mary-Sue tier strenght, even though, in-game, she's completely useless and reguarly gets beat up by characters like Dan. In Street Fighter V, even after they "re-balance" her up, she is still one of the WORST characters in the game. GG, Capcom.

Hakan- The oiled up Turk of SSF4. He oils up his opponent until they surrender making the guys long to be a hero and the girls want to sweat. Also has the ability to shit out his opponents with his oiled up body. Surprisingly a good idea from Capcom. He also has a banging wife who is the ideal woman for any man because she doesn't talk back.

Oni- Akuma when his emo levels grow off the charts. Still same shit to expect from Ryu and Akuma. Slams the losers's head in his dick if he wins.

Poison- Prostitot from Final Fight that entered the tournament because she smelled money, like all whores. Was originally suppossed to be a cis female in the original Final Fight game, but the pussywhipped Capcom staff was afraid of making the player hit a girl and triggering the western feminists, so they decided to make her into a trap to please everyone (because hitting a woman is wrong, but hitting a tranny is alright). Ironically, Capcom later got raided by a butthurt LGBT group when they put her in Street Fighter X Tekken and made fun of her for being a dick girl in some of the characters' win quotes.

Decapre- Rather than make a original character for the last character slot, they go the Shadow The Hedgehog route (again) for character design and amp up the edginess for Cammy. Total trash. This shouldn't come as a surprise, though, since we did get dumb shit like Evil Ryu or Violent Ken in the past.

Street Fighter V[edit]

After realizing that people weren't going to buy 40 dollar reapackagings of a soon to be 10-year-old game, CapCuck decided to hire DiMPs again to work on Street Fighter V in 2014. CuckCom decided to handle development like a grammar schooler rushing to get his homework done. This game is bare as fucking bones and many of the "fighting game aficionados" were complaining about the lack of content. This on top of the questionable changes made to the present cast such as Ken having Banana Hair or Akuma looking like Mufasa.

The new characters[edit]

Necalli - The first new character announced for V. Going Super Saiyan and wanting to vore Akuma is completely unnoteworthy.

Laura- The newly introduced cumdumpster from Brazil. Like Blanka, she can control electricity, which quickly zaps her way to the "forgettable characters" garbage bin. She's also Sean's bigger sister.

Rashid- Capcom idealistically and not logistically decided it was best to put in a super unrealistic "Middle Eastern character," and ended up hilariously being proven true after recent issues with a Tekken stage, forcing a Politically Correct revamp for that game, super unfunny in the story and spammy in the game itself. Wonderful. Ironically, Capcom revealed him on 9/11 of 2015. Also not the first sand nigger from Street Fighter, since we also had a rich saudi arabian heiress from Street Fighter EX, who was disregarded later because women don't have rights in the middle east.

F.A.N.G.- The main bad guy of the game, does nothing but flail poison around like a retard; Bison, after he killed his entire clan, is his idol.

Kolin- Not technically new because she's Gill's secretary from SF3. But now she's Russian and has ice powers from sucking Gill's left nut.

Ed - This is supposed to be a 12-year-old, and his story model reflects this but Capcom decided it'd be a great idea to make him swole as Ryu for the playable version.

Falke - Just a female reskin of Ed, but also german.

Zeku - Was just a NPC in Alpha 2 now a playable character as Capcom, like always, are running out of characters to make.

Menat - Pretty much a Rose reskin (down to how she acts, her "job" and having soul power as well) just she is Egyptian (and the first fighter to be from Egypt). She can fight with two floating glass balls.

Abigail - boss character from Final Fight just put in this game for the hell of it; because again, Capcom are running out of effort to make unique characters.

G - Basically just Q from SF3, but with megalomania and multiple personality disorder making him think that people will vote him President of The World if he pulls a successful Abraham Lincoln cosplay.

Notice "bring back some character from the other game but on drugs" pattern Capcom is pulling here.

Kage - Thought this shit couldn't get any worse? Here's Evil Ryu 2.0. Fanboys will bitch and moan that he is NOT Evil Ryu, but rather Ryu's version of Oni. With him came the announcement of Season 4, so expect even more shitty ripoffs of older characters down the line. GG, Capcom.


Street Fighter: The Animated Series[edit]

A scene from the Street Fighter cartoon. Those are Ryu and Ken.

This came out shortly after the first movie. It featured such faithful nods to the source material as Ryu losing to a distant cousin of Spider-Pig and Ken defeating Akuma. Bison found this delicious. Also Ryu is the WORLD'S STRONGEST PILLOW FIGHTER.

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie[edit]

This was the animated movie based on video games that made every other animated movie based on video games suck ass. It also ultimately inspired other companies to do the same with such classics such as Tekken: The Movie and Art of Fighting: Carate Edition. They did not age well.

At least they aren't gay in this adaptation.

Street Fighter II: V[edit]

Despite what the weeaboos say, this animated series has nothing to do with the animated Street Fighter movie. Which is a good(?) thing.

Because who said that only Americans can make bad animated series?

Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie[edit]

What's that? You want another bad animated adaptation of Street Fighter? Because V wasn't enough? SHOR YU KEN!

List of Street Fighter II games[edit]

Capcom sure knows how to milk a franchise.
Example of a Street Fighter special move.
You now know The Truth

Full list of all Street Fighter II games known to man:

  • Hyper Street Fighter II: ZX Super Hyper Champion Fighting Edition Grand Master Ultimate Championship Challenge - The Tournament League Battle
  • Street Fighter II: Adrian's Revenge
  • Street Fighter II: Alpha Omega Zero EX
  • Street Fighter II: Anal Fiesta
  • Street Fighter II: Baker's Dozen
  • Street Fighter II: Battletoads
  • Street Fighter II: Beta EX-3 version 1.4π
  • Street Fighter II: Beyond Thunderdome
  • Street Fighter II: Blanka Special - Keep Pressing The Punch Button Until You Shock Your Opponent To Death You Cheap Son Of A Bitch Version
  • Street Fighter II: Chun-Li Loli Hentai
  • Street Fighter II: Chun-Li's Cock Addiction
  • Street Fighter II: Chun-Li's Cock Addiction 2: Super Shittledick Showcase
  • Street Fighter II: Chun-Li's Cock Addition
  • Street Fighter II: Crash Control X
  • Street Fighter II: Do the Cha-Cha
  • Street Fighter II: Don't Rock the Boat!
  • Street Fighter II: Electric Boogaloo
  • Street Fighter II: Ernest Goes to Fight!
  • Street Fighter II: Farming
  • Street Fighter II: Fountains of Faggotry
  • Street Fighter II: Furry Edition
  • Street Fighter II: Guile was a Glitchy faggot, but he's fixed now
  • Street Fighter II: Homosexual Adventures
  • Street Fighter II: Ken's Homosensual Escapade
  • Street Fighter II: Match of the Century
  • Street Fighter II: Now E. Honda Is Cheaper Than Ever!
  • Street Fighter II: Now It Doesn't Suck Anymore!
  • Street Fighter II: Rainbow Edition
  • Street Fighter II: Steroid Popping, Is That An Over Muscled Loli Or A Boy Edition
  • Street Fighter II: Rule 34 Edition
  • Street Fighter II: Sesame Street
  • Street Fighter II: Stepmania
  • Street Fighter II: Super Fuck Farts Ex Duo Alpha Omega
  • Street Fighter II: Super Saiyan Buttsex
  • Street Fighter II: The Epic Quest
  • Street Fighter II: The one where the guy comes out of the thing
  • Street Fighter II: Transsexual Rehab
  • Street Fighter II: Turbo plus New Fallanges
  • Street Fighter II: Twitching Muhammad Ali vs. Corpse of Pavarotti
  • Street Fighter II: Ultra Hyper Mega Super Alpha Omega Fighting
  • Street Fighter II: v2.0
  • Street Fighter II: V2.000000000001
  • Street Fighter III:Shit no one cares about
  • Super Street Fighter II: Alpha Turbo the New Challenger's Mega Awesome Chuck Norris Edition
  • X-Men Vs. Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II: A real-world demonstration[edit]


  • Everyone knows Ryu's Hadouken maneuver. Everyone.
  • Therefore everyone knows Ken's Dragon Punch if you're playing Ken For Ryu
  • A good way of trolling the Street Fighter fans is by simply telling them you like Mortal Kombat. Literally all of them hate Mortal Kombat.
  • Expert archaeologists have found remains of Street Fighter arcade machines, thus proof that at least 100 years ago there was in fact a Street Fighter game.
  • Street Fighter is the only game by Capcom with characters that aren't racially biased, especially not M. Bison (America's Balrog; an obvious tribute to Mike Tyson), Fei Long (Chinese Bruce Lee type who screams like Michael Jackson), Dhalshim (curry-eating Indian), Dee Jay (Jamaican breakdancing with dreadlocks while high on crippy reefer) and Ken Masters who is a lazy American, California type surfer dude that would rather bone his girlfriend than train.
  • Winner's don't use Drugs. Experts have determined that this is not true. Winners do use drugs, They just don't get caught. How the fuck do they expect you to do E. Honda's hundred hand slap or Chun Lee's kicks without the aid if Meth?
  • Sodomy/"Katana" was a weeaboo from the game with Haggar in it that crossed over into the Street Fighter II universe, causing all IRL weeaboos to moisten their panties that they got from vending machines. He also got beaten down to a crisp by a ninja who'd wear bright orange before Naruto made that cool.
  • Chun-Li's legs gets bigger and bigger while her tits keep getting smaller.
  • Miu Furinji is a big breasted tribute to Cammy in HISTORY'S STRONGEST DISCIPLE KENICHI while Kenichi and Hermit are Tributes to Ryu and Ken respectively, Thor - E. Honda. Pretty much every character in Kenichi is a tribute to Street Fighter II.

Guile's theme fits all[edit]

While the Street Fighter series is rather notorious for having some sweet songs (see Blanka for details), Guile's theme song received special attention in May of 2010. The king finally grew old in the Youtube Poop kingdom, and thus the minimalist video editors needed something else to kill time with: enter Guile's Theme Fits All. A Youtube profile by the name "Guilesthemefitsall" emerged in early May sporting the video that would spark a psuedo-phenomenon. The lone video on this profile featured a scene from the Super Mario Bros. movie in which Mario takes a fall due to his obese nature and resulting inability to balance. Suffice it to say, people saw this video and wanted more: more is exactly what they received. Many different scenes synced with the epic synthesizer music have popped up on Youtube with the majority of them being posted in May. This almost-meme has shown some promise, but lacks the hilarity to set itself apart from the other YTP phenomena.


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Street Fighter 34[edit]

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