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Street Skolla aka Jeremy Perez, is an example of one of a fail musician on the internet, all he does piggy back from other artist and was mostly known from his half ass diss track to rapper Hopsin. He has a massive ego, thinking he knows everything about the music industry and the world. He also can't take criticism him people who know better then he does, it's really kinda sad cause he's 30. In a nutshell, this guy is waste of space, He puts a tear to 2pac's eye. It shows that America is the home of the most ignorant fucks on this planet. With fans who are either 12 year old Lil Wayne fans or dick riders.

So Gangster!

He has such a great fanbase

one of the many good rappers who call him out on his bullshit!


Incase who ever reads this is curious

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