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These streets are his white-boy

A street soldier is just another nigger in a street gang but what makes them different than the average, dim-witted, monkey-browed nigger that is raping your Mom right now is that they think that all the G.I. Joe men that they've shoved up their asses over the years somehow makes the better with guns and Firearms then your average dimwitted, inbred, trailer trash Wal-Mart shopper. To help you grasp the idea of the street soldier remember this, street soldiers are to blacks as militias are to whites. .

The beauty and mystery of a street soldier's retirement; rarely glimpsed in nature.


It is agreed on by both linguists and sociologists that the word, 'street soldier' made the first attributable appearance in vernacular usage when a coal burning, nigger lover was asked by her parents what her baby daddy did for a living. Weighing the potential embarrassment of mentioning one of the 3 options of gangsta, pimp or retail, she wisely found the fourth option and did what they've been doing for the past five years: fraud workman's comp and made up a job for him. In a masterful grasp of public relations and spin control, she decided to emphasis the positive nature of his 'work' towards 'social equality' She wanted her parents to believe that he was more of a Robin Hood. That all his gang activities were being done to protect and rebuild his neighborhood rather than bring it further down into the sink hole hole of shit and decay that it is teetering over.

No need to keep your eyes open. No need to learn to shoot. Just clamp down on that trigger and keep shooting until you hit something

Spray and Prey[edit]

This is the prefered shooting technique of the street soldier. Learning to shoot proficiently takes time and commitment. Being a Nigger and incapable of learning anything productive, he just says "FUCK IT!" and puts a blasts a load of lead in the air because if they were to give up the time to improve their shooting skills even a little bit, they'd have to give up something else like raping morbidly obese, sweaty white women (that all niggers are drawn towards) in their kitchens during a party. This is why you always see a nigger with an automatic weapons, capable of loading obscene amounts of ammo such as the AK47 with a drum magazine. Anything less then 200 rounds and all they will probably do is hit the air.

ready for action
Locked and loaded. Pretty much idiot proof- that's why the niggers like it.

Psychology of the Street Soldier[edit]

Being so closely related to apes, experts theorize that the psychology of niggers calling themselves a soldier is evolutionary and related to events such as a gorilla making its body hair stand on end during a fight to make it look bigger and more intimidating during a fight. The experts believe that what the gang member is hoping for is that their enemies - such as rival gangs, the police, books and the English language - will think that they are something a little more dangerous, something that is skilled and trained by the U.S. Government to kill. There have been few studies done in black neighborhoods on this matter, but then again, you can get a black man to believe anything if it is said by a minister handing out free ribs and 40s at a barbecue. Whites, real whites and not those apologetic pieces of shit that will tell you it was their own fault somehow when they're robbed and their stepson raped in an alley by a nigger, are not impressed. They know that niggers are afraid to die. They know that niggers are incapable of assisting another or working together for a cause. Whites know that the main problem lies in the nigger's ego. No matter how worthless or incapable they are at doing the job, every nigger wants to lead. None of them are capable of taking a command, they all want to be giving them.

This is what your street soldiers looks like up close.

Preferred Weapons[edit]

As discussed earlier, Street soldiers don't care for overly complicated, expensive weapons that require a lot of maintainence such as the AR15 or the SOCOM 16. What they prefer is something the requires very little care and is very cheap to replace if something beyond their knowledge of the weapon goes wrong. In other words, it's loaded and cocked but not firing. This is why they like the MAC-10 and the snub nosed .38 classically named The Saturday Night Special.


OMG! An inner city military of black men, waging war against us? That is akin to putting 6 niggers in a row boat and watching them go no where because each and every one of them would want to be the captain and none of them would want to row.


—Being half-white, President Obama has a mild understanding of trhe score

Whites are ugly because they oppress blacks. Blacks, to me, are ugly because they haven't yet armed themseelves and toppled the whites.


—Whitney Young Jr.

Whitey is our enemy. The Black man will only be free once they are all dead.


—The Black Panther Party

Mother Fucker! Give me Yo money!


—No matter how they promote themselves, this will always be a nigger with a gun.

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