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Stuxnet is a computer worm created last Thursday by Israel's Jewish Internet Defense Force and some other hackers on steroids, in retribution to Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's latest trolling attempts. This includes making a speech at a UN conference about how Jews are responsible for 9/11, and threatening to throw a stone at Israel across the Labanese border soon when he'll be there, like the typical Jew he is.

The Drama Begins

In September 2010, war was beginning. A Windows-specific computer worm infiltrated Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant computers (which all run illegal copies of Windows 98), and began sabotaging the power plant's control systems. It was discovered after all the computers went into the Blue Screen of Death mode. The final confirmation came when Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent an IM to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, stating "All your nuclear reactorz are belong to us". The Persians soon assembled their local Geek Squad unit, but because they were constantly fapping to pr0n they weren't able to tame the wild worm and the launching of the nuclear reactor was delayed.

It is believed that, just like catching AIDS from a whore, the infection had originated from Russian laptops belonging to Russian contractors at the site of Bushehr power plant. You know what this means. HOLY SHIT JEWS CONTROL RUSSIA TOO!!!!!!!11

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