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Sue Basko/E-mail

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She enjoys disavowing her emails... fruitlessly.

Sue Basko occu-dramas & calls everyone a Fed (Aug 4, 2012)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sue Basko <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 1:11 AM
Subject: Olaasm long story
To: ************

Okay long story short or short story long  - HI - hello, 

Occupy  LA started Oct 1 - the planning started a couple weeks before that.  I was in on the planning from the get-go because my son and his family planned to go camp.  He was one of the main first planners, with his good friends, and I was the legal advisor.

I was often / am often viewed as a kill-joy because I told people what the law actually is and how they may get arrested.  I think people should have that info so they make intelligent choices.  If a person chooses to get arrested, okay, but if it happens because of bad legal advice -- not okay.

The first few days  of Occupy LA camp was magical.  Then all these people started to show up -- infiltrators, fake radicals, and on and on.  Some of the cops were quite open and would tell certain women at the camp how many they had each day in the camp-- how many  FBI, DHS, undercover LAPD.

When the camp was raided, there was 14 undercovers left on the steps.  Several people got photos of them, which were spread around.

After the camp broke, "They" needed a way to infiltrate.  So they started the Olaasm (anti social media) and another similar one called Black Bloc Media (this seems to be gone).

Soon, it became obvious who was playing COINTELPRO, because they spent all their efforts on harassing others.

They chased away Mario Brito who was the MAIN person who started Occupy LA.  They got a woman to file a false ludicrous court case against him and then used that to write all kinds of things and harass him to death.  

Then it became obvious that one of the people who everyone thought of as a "nice guy" (and I thought so also) (Ryan Rice) was actually NOT because he too was harassing people online, posting private emails, posting peoples' personal info to harass them, etc. COINTELPRO stuff.  

Once they started the Olaasm twitter and tumblr, they used it for no other purpose that to post defamatory, mocking, stuff about OLA people, and also to post their personal info publicly.  

I called them on this in a major blog post that was re-copied everywhere.  It was clear COINTELPRO.

There's a LOT more detail than this but suffice it to say -- they kept harassing me really badly - so I finally complained to the FBI about onliny cyberstalking which is a crime in California.  AND I NAMED NAMES - "I said I think these people are FBI agents or are hired by you, and they are violating my rights by interfering with my right to public assembly and first amendment. They are illegally engaging in Cointelpro. And you better have them stop."

And it stopped.  An FBI agent called me a few times to talk to me about it, but I never answered his calls. He left messages.  But He did take action and the Olaasm gang toned it down.  AND one of the worst people "left" and another drifted away more or less. 

The main person running the account was a woman using the name Ruth Fowler Iorio -- and her "husband" using the name jared Iorio.

The others I am sure are FBI agents are Ryan Rice (@RyanRiceLA), Craig Toennies (@Ctizzie).  Kylene Wolfstein is either an FBI agent or hired as an infiltrator.  Anthony Cristofani may either be an infiltrator, or someone who they were targeting.  I tend to think he was  a target. 

There is also a  woman who appears to be an FBI agent  -- Rocio Hernandez @Neogaia -- and she sort of leads a group of Berkeley students or grads who seem to believe they are in a radical fringe group traveling protest to protest.  She appeared on the scene around the same time as the Olaasm account -- and she changed her story a whole lot at the start, including changing what university she graduated from a bunch of times.  She mostly keeps low-key other than when she has attacked me (for pointing out COINTELPRO) or attacking Chris Hedges, or gathering her group of "radicals."

I believe she and others would and could entrap people super fast, just as those people in Chicago were entrapped so fast.  
There are other random people in Occupy LA who have since become FBI informers.  There really is nothing to inform on, so who cares, really, and at least one of the people has become better behaved since she became an informer.  The FBI called in or went to visit a bunch of people to ask them about the May 1 port close down -- and low and behold -- some of those who went to talk came back very changed.  

A man named Adam Rice from Occupy LA seemed to me to be an FBI agent, but some thought he was not.  He is a white man who tries to sound ghetto, who looks white trash.  He apparently did not know I am from Chicago, and before NATO, he told me he was from Chicago, and how he and his "brothers" were planning to do all this stuff in Chicago during NATO.  He was calling me a "snitch" and all this other stuff.  The stuff he was telling me about Chicago made it clear he had never really lived in Chicago, as he told everyone.  He was talking about "popular" places that I never heard of.  Anyway -- he came on the free bus to Chicago, and has not been seen or heard from since.   lol.  Supposedly he had a home and job in L.A.,   

The worst disruptors were Ruth Iorio and jared, and Craig Toennies.  They  are all gone or toned-down now.   At their peak, the things they were doing were shocking!!  People would say they were either FBI agents playing the part of crazy -- or they were off their meds crazy.  They were FBI and could be totally calm and sane when they wanted to be.

 Up in Oakland, they have infiltrators, too.  whoever @Laurenriot is is obviously one.   Most everyone just avoids her .

There's a man up there called Jaime Omar someone who is an obvious FBI agent.  He claims to be half Palestinian and half Colombian.  LOL.   4 of the people up in Oakland called him on this publicly with a blog post, which I guess they should not have done -- naming names.  All 4 got kicked off the Social Media team. I can't remember who the 4th person was, but I know 3 of them.  2 of those 3 are super smart Black people -- a man and a woman -- and they could just see right through this Jaime person.  Or Omar.  I think they call him Omar.  I think it is Omar Jaime Yasin or something like that.

 Finally Occupy Oakland broke into two -- the one group that welcomed the obvious COINTELPRO people and their open plans for violence, and a second group called OBAU -- Occupy Bay Area United.

The thing is, Omar  still keeps spending all his efforts on harassing others and breaking up the group.  You have to wonder -- Either we are supposed to buy that these people have such horrible personalities that  they spend all their efforts on harassing others, wrecking meetings, and trying to recruit others for strange and mysterious unnamed "radical" groups, -- or we just say -- hey they are undercover working here to entrap or whatever.

In Chicago, I do not know if there are any agents or infiltrators  (aside from those two using the names Mo and Gloves) , other than that Keilah person who got my live streamer friends raided by the cops .And she claimed that was not true, etc etc but it was rather obvious.  Maybe it is just coincidence.  All I know is that their experience was hellish.  There are parts of what happened that they have not told publicly -- but it became obvious they were being set up for entrapment.   They used their smarts and avoided it -- but they were being set up.   

ANOTHER THING TO BE AWARE OF -- though I do not see this in Chicago -- or have not seen it yet -- is to be wary of NLG people.  yes, they help and all that and are a godsend.  But they are just volunteer lawyers and no one checks to see if they are competent or anything.  

In  LA, the main NLG lawyer who gives info, Carol Sobel, kept giving really bad legal info, which caused people to be arrested.  And guess what? Then she filed group lawsuits trying to make mega-millions.  

it gets worse -- Before the Occupy LA raid, the same lawyer filed a motion to ask the Court to stop the eviction, but she "forgot" to file it properly so by the time it came up, the raid had already taken place.   LA Occupiers kept saying "The raid was illegal, we had a motion pending,"  --  and Carol never told them she did not file it properly.  Some found out.  

But you see -- because the raid took place, and peoples' rights were terribly abused while they were detained  (and I mean terribly abused), Carol will be filing mega-millions lawsuits.  She will take her 30% or whatever.   
Then she recently did another thing where she told the Occupy LA people it was legal to Chalk on the walk and that the law had been overturned by a court case. Well, this info was 100% incorrect because after than court case, the CA legislature rewrote the law to make chalking illegal specifically.  

I tried my best to let people know they could be arresting for chalking.
 AND anyway to make a long story longer -- close to 30 of them were arrested for chalking.  IN LA, the cops always soup everything up, so they add on things like resisting arrest.  They'll pile 6 cops on top of one person and claim they were resisting arrest.    

So -  I guess that makes a long story a lot longer.


-- Sue 


    On Dec 6, 2012, at 10:20 AM, Susan M Basko <[email protected]> wrote:
    Dear Lauren,
    Thanks for your help.  I am trying to get screen shot of the death threat with pic of bloody knife.  Got one? It's deleted on Twitter.
    it was from Senator Pooptickler.
    -- Sue
    On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 12:32 AM, Lauren Becker <[email protected]> wrote:
    I did not get a screenshot of that, sorry.
    These guys aren't actual nazi's. Again, they say horrible things for the purpose of shocking an appalling others. The interview you sent me [is] a farce and parody in horrible taste. To them, it is funny to say those things.  It doesn't make the knife threat okay, but don't get yourself worked up thinking these guys are actual nazi's based on this interview, please.
    On Dec 6, 2012, at 11:12 PM, Susan M Basko <[email protected]> wrote:
    Dear Lauren,
    You are mistaken about the reality of this.  It is very real. They are dangerous and motivated for real by anti-Semitism.    
    A LOT OF PROGRESS HAS BEEN MADE. I finally made my FBI report today and a person stepped in to expedite the process and get it directly to a Special Agent.
    WE HAVE THE REAL NAMES/ locations/ Online identities (usually quite  few), CHAT LOGS, DMs, tweets, etc.
    Actually there were over 50 death threats, 8 of them credible.  And actually, they were driving around trying to find me to kill.  Luckily they had a totally wrong address.
    The person that made the death threats is very twisted.  As it turns out, it appears he also sent the fake letters to Ginger and has been stalking her under different identities for some time.
    He is Travis Gosselin =   @SenPooptickler = @Wild_Goose88 = @Debidaly1 = @anonymousbro137 = TRAVIS GOSSELIN  
     I have DMs and a chat log .  They really are motivated by hatred of Jews.  They think I am Jewish.  ALSo a member of their own group has stepped up (quietly)  to tell what they know.  
    Also, they are motivated by hatred of me for helping Aaron/ Corey.  That is also well-documented in writing now.
    ALSO-- THESE PEOPLE HAVE harassed people for years, under different names and different teams.  Some of them have a "nice" persona that they use to attract people and then have various evil personas they use to attack them.  
    ZACHARY TAYLOR  = Shm00p   He has been very active in this. A few of his own people have turned against him now. He is a racist Anti-Semite from Ypsilanti Michigan and formerly with UgNazi.   It appears he was in on the death threats.
    Also @asshurtmacfags who I did not realize was as involved as s/he is, but  s/he is, in a big way.  He is part of the Rustle League and was part of TeamPoison.  From what I have been told, he is already wanted on 3 fraud crime charges and that is why he is freaked I used his name.  There are chat logs, etc.
    -- Sue
    On Dec 7, 2012, at 12:56 AM, Susan M Basko <[email protected]> wrote:
    On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 9:26 AM, Lauren Becker <[email protected]> wrote:
    [LAUREN:] I would caution you in believing your source. They may be in on the whole joke and feeding you fake info to get a rise out of you.
    [SUE:] THere are very trustworthy and talented people helping.  WE have chat logs.  CHAT LOGS.  I never thought I would like chat logs so much.
    [LAUREN:] I don't think Jaime was phased by your dox of her.
    [SUE:] S/he was phased, but I think mainly because I used her name and she is already wanted for crimes.  She twisted this to say I outed her as trans, but she is already outed  by her own actions and everyone knows she is trans.  There is no secret whatever.  Aside from this, I did not out her as trans.  
     She engaged in a campaign of defamation and got MANY people or many sock puppets to post very bad and shocking and mean things about me.  MANY.  
    IT WAS A WAY TO TRY TO DEFLECT BLAME ONTO ME FOR HER PARTICIPATION IN THE STALKING/ HARASSMENT OF ME -- BLAMING THE VICTIM  -- YOU SEE -- Jaime was doing many illegal things against me (as evidenced by chat logs!) and then these  two guys started with the death threats  -- and -- that drags all of them into that.  They are all aware enough of conspiracy laws to know they are all responsible.
    There was not just one death threat -- there were about 50!  
     Jaime also got the whole Anti_semitic crowd to post things against me, by saying I am Jewish.  The posts were horrifying.  Jaime is VERy anti-Semitic (again, chat logs!  as well as witnesses)
    They THINK I am Jewish.  Some people are very hateful toward Jews.  Even Weev/ Rabite/ Andrew Auerenheimer, who is a terrible racist/ anti-Semite, posted the nastiest comment.  And -- that shows how crazed he is, because he has contacted me for advice several times, and  despite his bad character, I have helped him. So for him to post pure crap at me shows whatever lies Jaime was telling had to be really something flashy.
    [LAUREN:] (Jamie) seems pretty open about a lot of things?? At first I thought she was a girl getting her 15 minutes since she happened to be in the tinychat when BB was raided. But overtime I realized she's got a tough skin, so I wouldn't think she freaked about that. I think she was just taken aback because you accused her of the knife threats and she didnt know where it was coming from. But who knows.
    [SUE:] I NEVER ACCUSED HER OF THE KNIFE THREATS!  WHERE DID YOU GET  THAT IDEA?  She WAS  in on planning and approving them, but I never accused her of it.   Again -- chat logs!
    Also, Jaime has a long history of being in one internet stalker/ hacker gang after another.  I did not know this until the past 24 hours.  I had always heard she worked as an infiltrator for Tom Ryan.  She may still do that.
    [LAUREN:] But hopefully you can get to the bottom of the knife threats with the LE help. That shit needs to stop.
    [SUE:] WE KNOW WHO THEY CAME FROM.  SEVERAL SOURCES ASSISTED AND PARTICIPATED,  BUT MAINLY THEY WERE SENT BY  TRAVIS GOSSELIN.  I SENT YOU the info on him.  He also sent the worst one to Ginger.  He seems truly demented. HE HAS been stalking Ginger for some time.  
    These folks are all part of the Rustle League.  That is a melding of the UgNazi leftovers with the TeamPoison leftovers.  They united forces at Rustle LEague.
    The whole group is a bunch of fucked-up misfits and losers who spend their time harassing other people.  THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE that dislike them very much.
    Sent from my iPhone
    On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 10:55 AM, Lauren Becker <[email protected]> wrote:
    I'm trying really hard to explain to you that their horrible racist speech doesn't equate them to being horrible racists, and I don't know how else to have it make sense to you.  It probably ultimately doesn't make sense except for the fact that anyone can say anything on the internet regardless of their IRL character. Yes, they are probably fucked up in the head for wasting their time saying it and harassing people, but it is essentially their weird fucked up version of performance art-Saying fucked up shit to get a rise out of people.
    There's a real life version of this at my alma mater UCSD. It's a student media org called the Koala. They literally say the most fucked up shit up to the limits of speech law for the sole reason that they can say it. I spent time with the people in the org and in real life, they were great people who wouldn't hurt a fly. They just get a rise out of getting a rise out of others with vile speech. Ultimately, if someone was bothered by what the Koala said, they could very easily tear up the paper and ignore it. It was ridiculous to see how much energy was wasted with Black Student Union groups at several state universities protesting in solidarity with one another against institutionalized racism at state schools just because the editor of the Koala said the n-word on a live late night student tv broadcast.  At my school, many black students were crying about fearing for their safety just because of nasty (ultimately legal) things people said as satire to prove the limits of speech law.
    Again, ultimately, I think you should focus on the knife threats and that individual.  That, of course, crosses the legal line of speech. Going after the rest of them for conspiring behind it will just feed their machine.
    I would tell your source that unless he has info about someone being an imminent threat to you, that you don't want to hear it.  All the extra racism bullshit and whether or not they think you are Jewish is extracurricular nonsense that doesn't matter (unless it is immediately paired with a threat, of course). At this point, if they all keeping stepping up the harassment and you need to take legal action against all of them, you probably have enough chat log material at this point to show their malicious intent re: racism.
    Sent from my iPhone
    On Dec 7, 2012, at 2:45 AM, Susan M Basko <[email protected]> wrote:
     Slow down!   The racism is shown in the chat logs and DMs.  It is from the peoples' own words.  
    Second, as a crime victim, I do not control anything that happens in an investigation or prosecution.  NOTHING may happen.  I was retweeting the threats off to the FBI Chicago office and so they were waiting for me to file a report.  
    An investigator approached me before I approached them.  The investigator had a great deal of info already in hand -- things way beyond what I had.  People were busy at work on this while it was happening. It is HIGHLY LIKELY that people witnessing the threats were also calling it in to the police and FBI as it happened.  Or emailing to the tip line.
    I am just really tired and behind in my real work.  So I need to do that.    
     -- Sue
    On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 4:03 PM, Lauren Becker <[email protected]> wrote:
    You're telling me to slow down? Are you serious? I have done nothing but try to explain to you why you need to calm down.  The "racism" in their words is an ill-conceived form of satire, a commentary on the extent of free speech.  I have paid attention to the Rustle League style of trolling for a while. The knife threat? Yes, report. Everything else is a waste of time unless, again, it's immediately attached to a threat.
    Sent from my iPhone
    From: Susan M Basko <[email protected]>
    Date: Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 9:49 AM
    Subject: Re: did you get a screenshot of threat with knife?
    To: Lauren Becker <[email protected]>
    Lauren,  There were 50 death threats.  There were hundreds of vicious tweets.  There were fake letters sent out and spread around about me and about people I am helping.
    I did not choose what to "report."  An investigator came to me with it all already amassed, other than for a few things.
     As I explained, the FBI phone was obviously ringing off the hook while the people were attacking me -- and Ginger.  She got death threats also.  People on Twitter are not blind and they all know how to use the FBI tips form and their phones.  By the time I got around to reporting it yesterday, it was old news at the FBI.  
    I have no idea if they will take any action.  That's our of my hands.
    -- Sue