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A Suethor is an author of a Mary Sue. Usually about 13 years old, female, fat, (usually) a weeaboo, ugly, retarded, and incapable of spelling anything, up to and including her own overly-florid screenname. Suethors generally lack any imaginations in their stories, frequently relying on storylines of well established novels, and even borrow character names from other books for their own characters. It is generally an act of (il)literary masturbation.

Suethors rarely have any understanding of netiquette, and when injured they will resort to anything to make their oh-so-righteous rage known to the world. Frequently descending into trolldom, they’re liable to yell, speak in ALL CAPS, spam, call their friends and sock puppets in to spam, or threaten to report you to the local administrator (even/especially if you ARE the local administrator.)

If a Suethor is also a fangirl, her Sue will usually be paired with the object of her desire, and will rape canon of that TV show/book/series up the wazoo to fulfill said sad, twisted desires.

Male Suethors are usually the authors of webcomics. They are usually ronery Canadians who get draw their quirky/damaged fantasy women and get erections. Examples include Jeph Jacques, Aaron Diaz, and David Willis. Oh, Faye. You're so busty and damaged. Maybe your standards are low enough that you'd let me palm your mams and drone on about guitars I want to get, because your dad killed himself in front of you.

An example of a notorious, and particularly obnoxious, suethor is queensakurachan, Kaoru Yuuka, Meyshi or Axelswife1. Another is Tara Gilesbie, who wrote My Immortal.

Famous examples[edit]

[...and then there was a gay orgy.It was a dark and stormy night...]

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