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A cat demonstrating the correct usage of Sup.
"WAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSUUUUUPPPP" quickly became old meme... at least 100 years ago.

A corruption of "What is up, my brother?." Since it's annoying to say "wassup" after Budweiser co-opted it for an advertising gig, we now say sup. It even works IRL.

Sup is actually a rhetorical question as nobody really cares about anything that is actually up. Plz, don't use a question mark with it or otherwise people will give you their life story.

Some internets experts argue that when Sup is used without a question mark, it isn't a question anymore. Obviously, those experts are retards.

If you must answer a "sup", the only correct answers are "nm" or "nmu."

An internets classic

For camwhores, "Sup" is the correct method of addressing a *chan, most commonly on /b/ by writing said words on a body part or object. The appropriate response is to request for them to kindly display their mammaries at once or hastily excuse themselves from the board.

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