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Will only date rich- errr I mean ambitious guys! Cuz I care about money- err I mean ambition!

SuperMaryFace (a.k.a. Mary G Thomson) is a YouTuber. She dresses in provocative outfits and costumes then complains people are commenting about her body and looking at her when she is just trying to be an artist.

Who is SMF[edit]

SuperMaryFace was born in South Africa and lived most of her childhood there, but because she lived 10 minutes in Australia she insists that she is from Australia. She moved to the US when she met youtube gamer CinnamonToastKen (Pewdiepie's partner). He got her some breast implants and paid for her to stay with him in the US. Supermaryface had been looking for someone to buy her love for a long time. She was on MillionaireMatch where she mentioned she would only date rich dudes who provide for her. On the website she posted some topless photos of herself and some masturbation videos to prove she would make a great girlfriend. She prefers men with long blonde hair and hates beards. However she settled for Ken because he's so "ambitious" (aka is rich)


She believes in important issues. She preaches often on adopting pets from shelters (however she got her 2 dogs from a breeder then gave one up like an unwanted toy). She's also very vocal about other popular SJW topics like racism, sexism or homophobia. Yet she will literally jumps at any other youtubers with more subscribers than her to get more fame even if these youtubers are known for making racial and homophobic jokes or for voicing sexist opinions. For example she was featured on Shane Dawson's I hate my Selfie short film (notice how she used her fiance last name and not hers) and on Trisha Paytas YouTube Favicon.png Hot for Teacher video clip (how ironic since she said that sexualizing school uniforms was not ok since it was sexualizing young girls).


She works extremely hard on her cosplays. It was hard for her to buy the right clothes for her cosplay of Tomb Raider and the modelling photos of her spreading her butt cheeks was simply just her wanting to show the quality of fabric for the shorts. She preaches to her oblivious teenage fans that you should love their bodies no matter what even though her MeetMe profile was 2012 states: "My worst nightmare would be: TO BE FAT! Skinny is better. I don't have any respect for girls who are fat. You can eat better, you know? They can fix their bodies and they choose to be fat."

Mary's teenage fans believe that she has no nude photos and naughty home videos even though tons can be found online.

Her cosplays are majority purchased, which would be fine if she didn't call herself a professional cosplayer. She sexualizes every character she cosplays because she wants to pander to nerd. She'd make more money doing porn.

Doing Paid Reviews And YouTube Videos[edit]

Mary is a compulsive liar. She has lied to her fans and friends multiple times. She changed her modelling names/portfolios many times after claiming certain photographers on were stalking her and sending her rape comments. These photographers deny this ever happened. She went by the following model names: "Mary G Thomson" "Mere Thomson" "Hana" "Mary Gordo" and "Mary Gordon Thomson"

Mary has also a tendency of making a ton of paid sponsored videos, pretending to have bought the shown products with her own money, but when confronted about it will deny it, throw a tantrum and blame her fans because "they requested that review" (see her video about the Perfect Body Tea). She is currently working with a company named Uniwig that uses her as a model on their online shop but keeps pretending to only promote them because she loves the quality of their wigs. Several brands use her face on to propose paid sponsorships. But when asked about this she will just say that "these are not proof since screenshots can be edited".


Don't feel bad for her fiance CinnamonToastKen though, he's completely aware of Mary's past and doesn't respect her anyway. He can be often found jacking off to photos on instragram. He follows many nude models and boob instragram accounts. He never posts photos of Mary.

Mary Thomson is a compulsive liar. A warning to all photographers looking to work with SuperMaryFace: She took nude modeling photos in 2013. She was embarrassed to admit this to her fans and instead made up stories which dramatically hurt the photographers who worked with her. She claimed the nude photos she took with JulieM Photography were fake and were actually CHILD PORN (a 15 year old girl with her face photoshopped on). She got her fans to report the photographer to authorities for child porn. It eventually came out that Mary was lying and the charge was dropped.

Although she keeps saying about how depressed she is because she's been bullied so much since being a youtuber, she keeps sending her minions harassing everyone that disagrees with her. She tends to turn every person that does not lick her ass into a misogynist or racist a-hole so her gullible spiders can have a reason to send "kill yourself" messages.

Not only that, but she lies about only being engaged to CinnamonToastKen. The two are married so that Mary can gain citizenship to the US. No doubt Ken will be discarded like an old unwanted cosplay outfit once Mary gets what she wanted out of him. Either that or she'll just put up with his ugly face and suck his tiny penis so she can get money for doing absolutely nothing. Though since Ken's channel is dying she'll no doubt be on the search for a richer version, she's already been making eyes at PewDiePie but he's not interested in her skanky ass.

She also claims her job is Ken's "editor" yet we all know this is a lie and that Ken does the majority of his editing. Mary is a lazy bitch who wants nothing more than to put minimal effort in while having things bought for her.

She is now pregnant with his child, begging the question that perhapes she is little more than a vessel for Ken's heir.

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