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TG Comics is perhaps the most back asswards, sexually bizarre site this side of the internets. It reduces men to whining, borderline-retarded transexuals and women to big-cunted vampire bitches. In light of this, most members and all artists fall into the batshit insane category.

Too Gay Comics revolves around the fantasy that women have perfect lives and live on some enlightened ethereal plane, high above the grasp of even the most accomplished men. This makes clear to anyone with at least one fucking brain cell that this shithole is a hub for those who want lopsided tits and a pussy that you can tell was originally a cock, instead of a MIGHTY PENORS. The mindset of these 3D Hentai flamers is that if a man was a woman, his life would be great. Gender identity crisis anyone? So, as you guessed, there's some seriously fucked up shit here.


The site's premise is that women are infinitely superior to men in their enlightened role as sex objects. Everything a woman experiences is pure matriarchal bliss, men only disposable tools her entitled destiny. The men are accurately depicted as sex-starved imbeciles, and the women and ex-men are glorified hedonists, happy to engage in such productive pursuits as:

  • Becoming a maid
  • Stripping
  • Prostitution
  • Becoming a vampire date rapist
  • One-Night Stands
  • Masturbation
  • Marrying a rich man

The comics, in a clever literary ploy unrivaled by Shakespeare, omit pesky plot or even filler in favor of a string of sex and masturbation scenes jimmied together with undeveloped dialogue. In short, 99.9% of them are about a dude transforming into a chick. Then he buys shoes and pisses with his new vagina on the ground outside KFC.

Arrogance and Hypocrisy[edit]

Like a tuberous heifer assuming all men unaroused by her "sassy" personality the smell of necrotic flesh are gay, TG Comics makes a few assumptions and derisions of its own.

TG Comics contains a mindful warning about the ocular penetration encompassed within. Some may find the presence of a "decline" option redundant due to a convenient button located in the top left corner of most browsers.

The purpose of this an option is not to spare the user a few pixels to the left and up, but rather to arouse ire.

Rather than redirecting the viewer back to whichever dark site set him upon this abomination, the site redirects the user to Chick Cartoon Tracts.

Does anyone uncomfortable with the material have a keen appreciation for Mr. Chick's work? Femur thinks so, whilst simultaneously deriding many stereotypes about transsexuals.

TG Comics is Obsolete[edit]

Luckily, sites like TG Comics are a passing trend.

Technology such as this gives people a first-hand perspective of what day-to-day life as a woman is like. When I first tried it, I realized that this was the last time I went for less realistic alternatives like wearing my sister's lingerie.

Cooking Mama.

Noteworthy Comics[edit]

There are several comics which are especially noteworthy for their sexual shenanigans.

The Hot Date[edit]

If your woman acts funny, rape some sense into her.

Narcissus’ Twin[edit]

Not to be discriminatory, TG Comics also endorses man-rape.

TG Comics Discovers Encyclopedia Dramatica[edit]

On December 4, 2009, TG Comics members discovered ED, reducing some members ladyboys to tears, while others respond by outright admitting this is true!

Notable Members[edit]

Gallery of SickFuckery[edit]

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