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Role in Kiwi Farms deletion

I've slightly amended the claim that Oliver and Vordrak closed Kiwi Farms by sending child pornography to the employers of Joshua Moon's mother. This allegation is dubious at best and seems to have been invented alongside the rumours Joshua's family was murdered on 8chan (they're obviously total shit). What probably happened is Oliver/Vordrak (and whoever else is in their crony "email group"), sent emails calling Joshua's mother a paedophile, and sent this to her employers.

Based on an news article Vordrak denies sending any emails (although he's certainly lying), but Oliver admits to contacting the employers of Joshua Moon's mom. According to Oliver, he only told them that her pay-check was funding a cyberbully forum. However, if I'm not mistaken there were some blogs put up a few weeks ago with the title "Candy Potter a child molester". I can no longer find them. Kiwi Pyre 12:13, 30 January 2017 (EST)

There's a copy of the letter sent to Josh's mother on this blog. BigBlackDicks 08:10, 19 March 2017 (EDT)

Final statement from Oliver D. Smith to ED freaks and perverts, stop this

I moved on, and you're wasting your time writing more misinformation about me and trying to defame me. When for example did I send anyone death threats? As in me saying I would actually kill someone, not just they should be killed/receive capital punishment for wicked crimes. A few Kiwi Farms trolls took what I posted out of context. And I never had any involvement with Margaret Pless; she was once in Vordrak's email group, but she never responded. The article also paints the false picture I "harass" people, when I don't. You're mostly talking about quarrels over trivial/silly wiki edits from years ago. No one cares. I spoke to GethN7 on email, he deleted his blog articles on me, and I deleted his. I also deleted Lulzkiller's, Rome Viharo's and Mikemikev's blogs. I have no more further communication with Mikemikev, although I've been told he's now a regular poster on the ED forum; like I said he's a no-lifer. And I presume its him editing my article still (vekimekim is Mikemikev spelt backwards).

I never harassed Joshua Moon's family by emails. Its nothing to do with me, if that even happened. I sent one email to Candy Potter's employer and her being fired had nothing to do with her having an account on Kiwi Farms. Note that the Candy Potter's Kiwi Farms account was created 7 months ago. That's before I even knew her name, or I had made contact with Sam Smith. Ridiculous for Joshua to accuse me of creating a fake account in her name when that account pre-dates my activities.

Regardless Sam Smith informs me he's having a lengthy break. Kiwi Farms "drama" over; all leave us alone. I stuck by my word and removed everything, further I no longer even respond to JuniusThaddeus since he said he wanted some peace too. There was no reason to re-create my article. I already left this place alone, but a Kiwi Farms user (probably Jamias) has decided to still target me when the Kiwi Farms is deleted. Sam has told me he will delete his blog entries on Joshua and remove, when the dust has settled.ShadowofRome 23:12, 2 February 2017 (EST)

Yeah you sex pests, stop writing mean things about this vengeful troll or he'll get your mothers fired. Vermin rat.png VERMIN  01:05, 3 February 2017 (EST)estate
Hi Oliver. Vekimekim 03:11, 3 February 2017 (EST)
I've removed the death threats allegation because its not sourced. However, as I said in response on my talk page; the article obviously stays. I don't though plan to much further edit it since it logs your Metapedia/Mikemikev, Kiwi Farms and ED involvement, that's all I intended. I have no interest in your shit-posting on wikis. In my opinion the old versions of your article focused far too much on shit no one cares about, i.e. posts from years ago you made on Wikipedia. If its true you've finally moved on, stopped posting on wikis and recognised the error of your ways, then I'm sure in 4 years or something your article will get flushed. Mikemikev is a perpetual shit-poster, so don't bother about him.Kiwi Pyre 12:00, 3 February 2017 (EST)

Kiwi Farms clarification

Quite obviously I'm not Oliver and it would be too much of an act if I was, since he's posted abuse to me here and has criticized the article I wrote on him - see my talk page. JuniusThaddeus decided to delete Oliver's article entirely; I never removed the original information, for example the Stormfront stuff Kiwis are now posting about was never here when I started.

Someone asks why I made the Oliver article more "neutral", well because unlike Kiwi Farms I'm not trying to attack, smear or malign Oliver that he constantly whines about. Case in point is Oliver complained 90% of the old article version was inaccurate and not even his internet history. JuniusThaddeus then made many amendments, noting a large proportion of the account history is not Oliver, but his brothers. This goes back to Wikipedia, Rationalwiki etc shit from years back. I don't see any of it as relevant and Oliver has a valid point about people digging up stuff when he or his brother was as young as 14 to use against him when he's now in his mid or late 20s. I did though post the naked lara croft thing from 2006. Kiwi Pyre 03:59, 19 March 2017 (EDT)

Is there proof that the brother exists and actually helps Oliver? BigBlackDicks 08:16, 19 March 2017 (EDT)

Evidence was apparently posted for 3 or more brothers. JuniusThaddeus changed the article to his brothers, a duo or trio of them. Rome Viharo also calls this the "Smith clan" in his recent articles and no longer claims its a single individual. Its 2, 3 or even 4 brothers. Oliver's Wikipedia archive has at least 3 brothers involved in it. JuniusThaddeus made the mistake of thinking it was all one person, but he's retracted this. According to Oliver or someone else at Kiwi Farms, Oliver is a triplet and he provided proof at least of an identical twin. There may also be a fourth brother if he is a triplet. Who knows. All I do know is Kiwi Farms was completely wrong about it being one guy (Oliver). The fact there's so many of them actually accounts for their countless sock-puppets and very different views on Wikipedia; there's no way its a single guy because their edit patterns and interests are very distinct. Even Mikemikev recognises this.Kiwi Pyre 09:17, 19 March 2017 (EDT)
To answer second question, there's evidence of 1 or 2 brothers helping Oliver against Rome Viharo, but I don't know any involvement of his brothers in Oliver's crusade against Kiwi Farms. Viharo just published a piece that mentions Oliver and his twin. However Viharo is known as an SJW, a massive cry-baby and self-victimizer, he screams "harassment" at everyone, so I wouldn't say his website gives an accurate view of the Smith brothers. Also ED decided to only cover Oliver, not any of his multiple brothers. Oliver can be connected to accounts since his focus on Wikipedia was Greek mythology and history; the other brothers edited different things.Kiwi Pyre 09:48, 19 March 2017 (EDT)
Final point: the mistake Junius made was not sloppy because as he wrote (despite their different interests), the "Smith brothers" (all 3 or 4 of them) engage in the same activities, especially on wikis. For example Oliver was a sysop on Rationalwiki, but so was his twin, and possibly another brother. If they're all editing the same wikis (Wikipedia, Rationalwiki) people will confuse them. When you examine things in more detail they can be distinguished based on their interests as noted. One of the Smith brothers "Forests" ( was obsessed with astronomy/cosmology at Rationalwiki, that doesn't look like Oliver at all.Kiwi Pyre 10:12, 19 March 2017 (EDT)



Is there any chance we can delete this article now?

Kiwi Farms deleted their thread on me like 7-8 months back and all that 'drama' is long dead; I've not heard or spoken to anyone from that forum since and I cut-off all contact with Sam Smith ages back, nor am interested in Kiwi Farms the slightest. JuniusThaddeus and others here agreed to flush the article, and its been repeatedly deleted, but restored. The article I presume was created by a Kiwi farmer since he has the name "Kiwi" (who likely went by email "Kiwi Hunter"), originally hostile to me and Sam, but later said he was a "turn coat" who had turned against Kiwi Farms and tried to be my friend on email; I just ended up blocking him, likely it was a troll and not serious.

ED is meant to be for satire and 'lulz' yet my article reads as defamation and spread falsehoods about me, quotes things I never wrote etc and contains absurd lies. Little in the article is even accurate and almost none of it reads as funny, but as a personal attack.

I have no "beef" with Suarez, Kiwi Farms, GethN7 etc. Like I said the 'drama' that occurred is over, so I request this article be flushed, or at least remove all the lies and nonsense.Temple (talk) 23:02, 24 January 2018 (EST)

Let Oliver be Mikemikev's and Rightpedia's problem for now on:
Oliver hasn't caused trouble here for months. --JuniusThaddeus (talk) 09:27, 25 January 2018 (EST)

That just changed

Oliver Smith merely took his trouble elsewhere or for a time, and just brought it back. Or are the accounts below his brother? Wikipedia decided to ignore the difference and just block both.

  • January 25, 2018 Temple, obviously Oliver (though protective, not offensive).
  • January 28, 2018 OldKnight, obviously Oliver, but still defensive.
  • March 2, 2018 Innocentbubbles, if this isn't Smith, is the best imitation I've seen. Favorite target and approach. Create defamation on RationalWiki, feed it to media, which then does obviously shallow verification -- if any --, repeats the defamation, and then Smith cites the media reports as proof. Great for lulz, but not so great for real information and sane analysis about a person.
  • March 8 Toot, obviously Oliver, favorite targets and harassing Junius Thaddeus (but actually attacking me).
  • March 8 Oedipus continues to harass
  • March 8 Stesichorus continues
  • March 8 Corinna continues
  • March 8 Anoncreon continues
  • March 8 Run (adds especially detailed lies and threats!)

(Junius moved the later edits of Anoncreon and Run to User_talk:Abd#Abd vs. the Smiths and I moved it to a subpage, because I'm not going to clean it up until Smith tells me he's done running off at one end or the other.

I saw this progressive behavior when directly communicating with Oliver. In a couple of emails he seemed somewhat reasonable, then it deteriorated rapidly and seriously until he would seem to be frothing at the mouth. I have no doubt that he has a personality disorder, as has been reported. However, he has done a lot of damage.

One point not covered in the article. He has a brother, Darryl L. Smith, just as disruptive, and it's often difficult to tell the difference. While Oliver's interests are as described in the article, Darryl focuses more on psychics, parapsychologists, and the perceived enemies of Oliver and "skeptics." Together, they have run quite a number on RationalWiki, which is vulnerable to long-term, persistent socking, not to mention editor coordination. I started out documenting the Wikipedia and WMF wiki stuff, but then linked it to RationalWiki, where I was a sysop. (Long story, I wasn't active there, but had kept the tools.) When I documented the WMF socking, I was attacked with an army of socks. So I investigated further. This is currently a category on my blog, and, as he claims, there are many pages covering "Anglo Pyramidologist." Those are not blog posts, which get much more attention. In any case, this is how they can be found:

There are also categories for rationalwiki and wikipedia which have specific studies as subpages, It's still a mess, I'm still researching and will eventually organize it for better access. The Smiths hate documentation of what they have done and will do everything they can to kill it, and they lie in the process. I will only cover one lie here, from "Run," posted to Junius Thaddeus Talk:

"*Abd says he has deleted Smith's home address from his website, he hasn't, he has a page called "Identity" where this information is still stored, he took it from Rightpedia. Abd has doxed Smith's family and parents, he does this as harassment.

This is easy to confirm. The page is at anglo-pyramidologist/identity/. Originally, it had the full listing, taken, not from Rightpedia, but from Lolcow wiki (and obviously from public records). (I did not verify the information directly, but only adequately to confirm that it was likely true, and, of course, the immediate attack demonstrated that it was true.) I then redacted the street address, leaving the town and postal code, because the point is not harassment, but identification. I also redacted the names of three other family members living at that address (parents and an older brother), because they are not needed for any legitimate purpose. This information was put together with abundant IP address information from edit records, checkuser data, and my own raw access logs (and another person attacked by Oliver published the access IP as well). Notice that from this complaint above, anyone could find that original family information, Smith just told the world where to find it.

The significance of the remaining information is that there are indeed twin brothers, as ODS has himself confirmed directly. The theories that it is all Oliver, impersonating his brother, are not impossible, but unlikely. This, in part, explains how Smith manages to be so active. It's not just one person, it's two! --Abd (talk) 01:30, 10 March 2018 (UTC)

  • Please note, Abd is a known internet harasser who has been banned on many wikis - He has been banned from Wikimedia Foundation for doxing where people live and work and on Wikiversity for doxing people, less than 30 people in existence have been banned by the WMF so Abd did something very serious, doxing peoples house addresses and posting where they work like he did to Joshua Schroeder. Abd also sent Joshua harassing emails, he then leaked these private emails on his website. There is an ED no dox policy but above Abd links an address on his 'identity' hit-piece. Abd should be banned from here, and an ED article should be created about Abd. Lulzkiller hates Oliver Smith so he will do the opposite of anything to annoy him. We have no issue with Lulzkiller so if he would like to put his grudges aside, clearly Abd is an lolcow who should be covered at ED. Redemption (talk) 12:40, 10 March 2018 (UTC)
This is all easy to check. Joshua Schroeder claimed I had harassed him by email -- a serious charge on WMF wikis if the WMF interface was used, and it was for the first mail -- so I published the emails. Schroeder forfeited his right to privacy by claiming harassment. My guess is that the WMF believed the lies, and so ... my next steps are obvious. They take time and are a royal pain, but it's about time that someone confronts the "no appeal" nonsense, because the WMF went to far with that by using a star chamber process, resulting in defamation -- as can be seen above. Oliver (Redemption is obviously Oliver) is correct that WMF bans are very rare. So this created a cause of action, and some social benefit may come out of all this.
There is no home address in the identity page. Again, easy to check. So he is simply lying. If I'm a lolcow, fantastic! I love to make people laugh. Moo! --Abd (talk) 02:36, 12 March 2018

Oliver lying about Abd lying about emails

Abd on his blog asked me to email/contact him to respond to the allegations on his website. I did that. He then responded with huge emails (thousands of words) about RationalWiki accounts I don't care about, and some bizarre claims. After I pointed I had no interest in responding to his delusions and nonsense, he turned nasty and starts emailing me insults. Those insults were pathetic because he thought I would take offence to being described as "when you have kids, you will be a bad parent." I don't want children; I decided to be voluntarily childfree since a teenager. Furthermore, if you at data, people who don't have children tend to have more qualifications, higher intelligence and lack of religiosity (more rationality) than those that do; Lomax had 5+ children because he has no degree, has a low IQ and is a religious nut.Herodotus (talk) 10:54, 11 March 2018 (UTC) This crazy old man (he's 74) was banned on Wikiversity for continuing this vendetta:

These vendetta's that you are pursuing are a large part of the reason why you can no longer participate at Wikiversity. @Abd: your wv user talk page is now locked. You no longer have an "agenda" to pursue at Wikiversity. Please stop wasting everyone's time.


Herodotus (talk) 11:02, 11 March 2018 (UTC)-->
OMG! I used too many words for the poor baby! It hurt his head to look at them! I did publish the full mails from Oliver, with commentary. They included clear libel and I considered it necessary to expose that. (I'd take them down on request from the libel target. I think, though, that since he has suffered libel in the media based on Oliver's "work," he may want it to stay up. Oliver thinks he is being trolled because that's what he does. Very common human trait: assume that others think like you do. Did I write what he claims? I don't recall and I'm not taking the time to look. I wrote that I would publish my mails to him on request. Nobody has requested it.
Oliver described himself in his mail as an antinatalist. So I looked it up. This is not merely deciding not to have children. That's a personal choice and people can still be a very useful and joyful part of the human community, contributing to community survival, without having children. Our species is collective and collaborative. However, antinatalism is a lot more than that. Antinatalism considers having children to be immoral. This is, to use the technical term, "fucked up."
I did have five biological children, proud of them. All but one of them have far more money than me; the remaining one is doing okay. I helped them learn how to live, and their lives demonstrate it. "Low IQ?" This guy lives in his imagination. HTF did I get into Cal Tech, then, that famous refuge for the intellectually disabled? But ... this is Oliver Smith. He says whatever he can make up to attack, and because it's an "anonymous account," he thinks he has no responsibility for it. (To be sure, I'd have a hard time with a libel suit because this is opinion in a place where nobody would take it seriously. He fucked up by pulling this stunt on Wikipedia, and, from results, RationalWiki, though it shouldn't be taken seriously, it is. As well, when he attempts to create division, personal rejections, by libelling people in even private email, he's crossed a line into defamation and harassment. It's illegal where he lives. --Abd (talk) 02:36, 12 March 2018

Oliver continues spamming his brother's RationalWiki article on me, on the ED Forum.

The widely exposed fascist troll, serial impersonator and real-life harasser, abuser of sheep, pedophile-obsessed, has done a nifty job of photoshopping, but I would never wear underwear like that. WYSIWYG. Oliver is feeling the heat of blowback for his years of self-sucking, he's getting desperate. --Abd (talk) 14:00, 13 March 2018 (UTC)

Mixed in with the ravings of one demented, the truth

Oliver is literally insane and this makes it obvious. With a string of irrelevancies, he has just confirmed that the emails published on my blog, (see especially this one are from him, and he thinks that his trolling will make a difference. Unless, of course, Herodutus is an impersonation sock, which seems very unlikely. Nobody else argues like this. "People who don't have more children tend to have more qualifications. Yes, for the game called "who can go extinct first," or the Darwin Award. This is obvious: having and caring for children takes time and money. Those who don't spend that tend to maintain control over more resources, short term -- if they don't kill themselves directly. If the goal is personal survival, for as long as possible, then not having children makes complete sense. And, of course, having that as a goal, if it is genetically related, or even if it is a cultural meme, it will breed itself out over time. Losers!
Meanwhile, it appears that a rift has developed between Oliver and his brother Darryl. The currently most-active Smith sock on RationalWiki who openly admits in many places being Oliver, is Debunking spiritualism. Recently, DS made some remarkable moves: he requested deletion of my article on RW (which he created originally), and he also requested deletion of the article on Ben Steigmann, which he also created. RW sysops are starting to get wise to what is going on, there are mentions of the extensive socking involved, but with regard to my article, many have believed the deceptions that Darryl put in that article. After all, he often points to "evidence." When evidence has been framed to create a deceptive appearance, "lying with the truth" can work, and both Oliver and Darryl know that well. (It is also possible that they believe their own demented interpretations, which would explain the persistence. They are apparently "believers" in a kind of evil in others, and forget to look at themselves, which any genuine skeptic will do. So if Emil O. W. Kirkegaard -- Oliver wrote that -- posted an argument for the continued lawfulness of "simulated child porn" on his blog, eight years ago, it doesn't matter that the argument was also the basis for a U.S. Supreme Court decision that such porn is not legally "child porn", rather, Kirkegaard is, for Oliver Smith especially, a "pedophile" or sometimes he states it a little more neutrally, but still vastly exaggerated from the evidence, and untruthfully, a "pedophile apologist." And if I point this out, as I have, I am also, to him, dfending a "pedophile apologist." A racist one, to boot, though evidence for Kirkegaard's "racism" is weak. Racialism is close to racism, but not the same. Hereditarianism is sometimes used in racist arguments, but is not, in itself, racist. but "pedophile" is just pure attack, pure defamation. It doesn't matter so much here, because ED is for the lulz, but on RationalWiki this caused real harm, because some idiots take that as reliable.
So what ODS wrote in an Articles for deletion discussion on my RW article, restarted by Darryl, was this:
  1. Debunking Spiritualism has been coerced into deleting the article by Lomax, since the latter has been harassing him and posting threats. I'm the other person, Lomax smears on his blog, but I don't give in to cyberbullies. So I vote to keep the article. Furthermore, even if the article was deleted, Lomax won't stop harassing DS.ODS (talk) 13:04, 10 March 2018 (UTC)
So he just outed Debunking spiritualism as his brother. That investigation is over, sealed, done. (See the DS RW contributions, block log, protection log, the guy is obsessed with me). We know where Oliver lives, but not Darryl. There were claims that he moved to New Zealand, and I just saw an IP that indicated that, but this is still unclear. There are completely lawful reasons for wanting to know where he lives or works, given what he is doing. Privacy is great, but when you defame others, you may lose your right to privacy. --Abd (talk) 00:48, 12 March 2018 (UTC)

Oliver Smith bald twat

OliverSmith plus book collection.png

Mikemikev impersonating Oliver Smith

Mikemikev or possibly Wyatt from Rightpedia has been impersonating Oliver Smith on Abd ul-Rahman Lomax's blog. Please be aware of this. Redemption (talk) 12:46, 10 March 2018 (UTC)

Thanks for the link, Redemption, every bit helps. However, how "Redemption" knows that this is mikemikev is beyond me. Telepathy, perhaps? What's the evidence? Supposedly these are skeptics, but they seem to believe much without evidence. There is IP data there if anyone cares to look. Which comments, specifically? There are 15, from 13 different claimed names. I have no verified sightings of mikemikev on my blog, but it's possible.
On the other hand, as impersonation socking, this would be very weak. For starters, the commentors down't pretend to be Smiths, except for "David Smith." That's two comments, claiming to be another member of the family. I don't buy it, but I suppose some gullible idiot somewhere might fall for the idea. Hey, it's possible! Or maybe it's a ghost or a space alien!
Tron, in particular, used UK Dedicated Servers, which geolocated close to the known Smith residence.... but that is not proof, because there are also proxy servers there and maybe the nefarious Mike figured out how to grab that. I have, as a domain host, additional evidence that I'm not revealing, i.e., it is for me to know and you to worry about and waste time figuring out how to evade. Living in hiding is work, tough work, but you pay your money and you take your choice.
I've done a fair amount of IP editing now on RationalWiki. I never did that before, except for a very brief period on Wikipedia in 2011, all of which I documented. Those were not actually anonymous, merely block-evading, they all disclosed identity in the edit summary. That was fun, and the research produced some valuable information, at least for me. Remember Wikipedia Rule Number One? I was following it. That community forgot its roots.
What I do know is that Darryl Smith socks claimed that mikemikev was behind the impersonation socking on Wikipedia, and when anyone criticizes the Smiths, it is claimed by Smith socks (Oliver? Darryl? They are twins!) to be "mikemikev." or Rome Viharo. Or JuniusThaddeus. Or any of several other names, including that "internet harasser" Abd. Meanwhile, what I independently found seems to verify most of what mikemikev wrote on Lolcowwiki and later on Rightpedia. His politics may suck big ones, but that doesn't make him wrong about Oliver D. Smith. He misses the significance of Darryl, how they have supported each other.
The Smith brothers are the most corrosive sock masters I ever saw on WMF wikis. To be sure, it is probably mostly Darryl, which confused many, since Oliver is a known person, far more than Darryl, who mostly has been a footnote. That's shifting as research develops what actually happened. It seems that Oliver got tired of being blamed for Darryl's shenanigans and blew the whistle. Too bad he didn't just stick with that, but his own crap apparently is tightly stuck to his butt. He should stop sitting on it and take a bath. --Abd (talk) 01:46, 12 March 2018 (UTC)

Just saying

Totally not gay, too

Photo for the article

Oliver D Smith Neo-Nazi skinhead.jpg

Oliver used to be a Neo-Nazi skinhead once. BugMeNot (talk) 02:01, 15 March 2018 (UTC)

request to remove nonsense

Despite some sysops voting to delete the article, some trolls want to keep it up to continue abusing search engine results of my name, with smears and lies. While it is apparent people aren't going to remove all the defamation and inaccuracies about me -At the very least someone should update or revise the outright nonsense, or stuff that is outdated (e.g. Kiwi Farms):

"Oliver is infamous for going to extremes to remove websites or articles that he believes have offended, disparaged or merely criticized him" -- if that was true I would never have been published in peer-review journals that heavily scrutinised and critiqued my submissions, nor would there be websites up that write quite disapprovingly of my theories etc. All of this I accept. What I don't accept is people lying and misrepresenting me, because that isn't criticism. Criticize me for actually the things I believe or have written, in the right context. Simple?

"Oliver sided with conservative yellow journalist blogger Vordrak (Samuel C. Smith) to close Kiwi Farms, while at the same time denouncing The Donald (whom Samuel supports) on Vordrak's blog. The alliance of Oliver and Vordrak, with left wing feminist Margaret Pless has been called strange bedfellows" -- I don't care about Trump, I must have written less than a sentence on him; I never allied with Margaret Pless, a woman I don't even know - I left her a single comment on her blog 2 years back and have had no contact with her. While I worked with Vordrak against Kiwi Farms, I cut off contact with him completely and we blocked each other on email. I've not spoken to him in 10 months and we ignore each other. I don't like him, and he probably doesn't like me.

A massive wikisperg. I'm retired from Wikipedia and RationalWiki, so no longer a wikisperg if you define that word as someone with a lot of edits.

(e.g. his arch-enemy Mikemikev) of various crimes, setting up attack blogs on them, hounding, stalking and impersonating them using sockpuppets -- I don't consider Mikemikev my "enemy", just a troll who has wasted 5 years of my life with a pointless feud. I recently suggested to him to delete his stuff on me, and I would do the same. He refused and he doesn't want to end the conflict. He's 39 years old, while I'm 27. I would have thought at nearly 40 years old he would want to move on; unfortunately not. Any blogs I created on Mikemikev I deleted; impersonations in an online 'war' (especially on wikis) also work both ways, he's been impersonating/using my name on multiple websites, and still does this.

"Nate Spidgewood is another bat-shit crazy internet associate of Oliver; both have worked together in Taking Down ED" -- Rarely ever spoke to Nate; he sent me one message that exists in screenshot and people have already seen. Some emails were then sent to me with Nate talking about Lulzkiller's identity. Is in the past.

In 2006, Oliver, then about 15 years old, posted on the TombRaiderForums (as the user Archive today-ico.png Scionic Evil) that he had once downloaded Nude Raider as a patch for the PC game Tomb Raider or its sequel Tomb Raider II, making Lara Croft fully nude. -- The comment is from 2006, referring to pre-2000 when I and my brother played Tomb Raider I and II ("I had it ages ago on pc"), no older than 10 years old. Hilarious how trolls tried to go through my internet history to find dirt on me, such as anything sexual, and could only find this. lol.

Politics, religion etc. that whole section is nonsense.

"Smith says he contacted Moon’s mother’s employer, a Realty company, and told them her paycheck was being used to fund cyberbullying. Moon’s mother was fired soon after. After getting Joshua Moon's mother fired, he began spamming various forums with posts containing the dox of Joshua Moon's relatives. He attempted to smear their reputations by calling them pedophiles and rapists. He also advertised Donny Long's harassment forum. Vordrak called him one of the leaders of the fight against Kiwifarms." -- I was misquoted in the news article. Eddy Dzial (sp?) was the person who sent the email to the employer; i merely got tagged/put into it, and wrote a response, as did a couple of other people. Any posts on websites I made on Joshua Moon/his family I deleted in good faith after he removed my Kiwi Farms thread. Timaeus (talk) 01:36, 19 April 2018 (UTC)

Oliver Smith continues to lie above, contradicting earlier statements. Feeling the heat, he claimed that he had been lying since 2011 about his brother, it was all him. (and see another email from him). But now he's seen the light and he will, from now on, tell nothing but the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth. Yeah, right.
Oliver, if you want people to stop writing about you, stop creating mountains of socks and STFU. For a long time. Meanwhile, what you have done will continue to be exposed, because you have offended and attacked many. If you want to clean things up, affirm the actual full-disclosure truth, and stop making up stories about what a victim you are, and stop calling people who testify to what they have ssen "liars," and filing complaints to get them sanctioned. You acknowledged on ED having written the employer of Joshua Connor Moon's mother. What was it, a commendation? A family member of mine just received harassing comments. Who is doing that? Somehow I doubt that it's mikemmikev.
Or carry on and burn in your own self-made hell. --Abd (talk) 19:30, 19 April 2018 (UTC)
You're lying again. I've not contradicted any statements. Only you are obsessed with Wikipedia accounts no one cares about. Whether you want to believe I have a brother who edits Wikipedia, or those accounts are mine - I couldn't care less. My emails were only to maximise the ambiguity and uncertainty because you stalk and harass my family members on your blog; I won't confirm or deny allegations. I've managed to frustrate you because you don't know now what to believe. That's the whole point, dumbass; I don't want an old creepy man in his 70s stalking my family over Wikipedia. Anyone with a brain-cell can see that, heck, even Rome Viharo could work it out when he emailed me - he now doesn't know what to believe, if I have a brother or not. Anyone else in my position being stalked would do the same thing.Critias (talk) 20:18, 19 April 2018 (UTC)
Also, I don't know who your family members are and have had no contact with them. Doxing, harassing and libelling family members is what you do, not me.Critias (talk) 20:18, 19 April 2018 (UTC)

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Oliver d smith is a fucking spastic.png

СидецарPutin surprised face 180.jpg 19:38, 19 April 2018 (UTC)

Perhaps you cannot read. I said I accept criticism meaning someone criticizes me for what I actually believe, think or have written etc. The current article doesn't criticize me, but lies about me. Lying isn't criticism. All the views/beliefs etc on the article don't reflect mine; they're either made up to misrepresent what I believe, or comments I've written that are taken out of context. The article is a lame hit-piece.Critias (talk) 20:18, 19 April 2018 (UTC)
This is Encyclopedia Dramatica, where drama rules. The acknowledged creator of hit pieces in many places, defamation blogs, and real-world harassment, is butt-hurt because someone said something UNFAIR about him. He claims. And he acknowledges, on this very page, that he lies. We got that message. He likes his pants on fire. Until it starts to burn, then he starts screaming. --Abd (talk) 21:03, 19 April 2018 (UTC)

Why Abd posts here

"After being blocked from RationalWiki and Wikipedia, Lomax wrote thousands of words on his blog about his bans, continuing to attack more editors. In December 2017, Lomax was permanently blocked on Wikiversity for long-term disruption and misusing the site for his personal vendettas to harass other users.[3] In February 2018, he was globally banned by the Wikimedia Foundation. After being banned on practically every respectable wiki on the internet, Lomax became a troll poster on Encyclopedia Dramatica.[6]"

I blocked like 50 of Lomax's socks on RationalWiki ( and since he is perm-banned there, he became a 'shitposter' here since all respectable wikis have banned him.Perseus (talk) 20:51, 19 April 2018 (UTC)

Is "Perseus" claiming to be Debunking spiritualism? I thought that was Darryl L. Smith. All those socks listed were impersonations, my real accounts (disclosed and also blocked) were not listed. It was all DS smokescreen to deceive the RatWikians, not that they are difficult to deceive. Other than a few, they are easily led by the nose, worse even than Wikipedians.
What is a "respectable" wiki? Isn't that an oxymoron? There are really only two wiki bans, RationalWiki and the WMF wiki family, and both bans were created by the twin brothers, they have actually acknowledged that. I have accounts in good standing on other wikis. And, in fact, also on RationalWiki. Just not on WMF wikis, because I'm planning a legal appeal and socking would harm that effort, being a TOS violation.
I love it. User creates account after account and accuses someone using a clearly identifiable real name of being a "troll." Yeah, right. --Abd (talk) 21:17, 19 April 2018 (UTC)

How ODS or others may suggest changes to the article

Including me, since editing the article is for administrators only and it's too fucking much work to suggest changes here. I have created a user space page, Trolling the troll, starting with the present text of the article. I may make suggested changes there, and others may as well. I will periodically review all changes and revert or edit whatever I fucking feel like, and anyone allowed to edit this talk page may suggest a revision there as a possible change to the article. I will not waste the time of ED sysops with useless junk. Oliver Smith is creating piles of socks to harass ED users, but I suggest that, if he has an unblocked sock, that it not be blocked solely for edits to that page, if they can possibly be taken as good faith efforts to correct errors. He's crazy, but even the craziest can have bouts of sanity. This can't do any more harm than the present situation, and possibly less. Plus I have some juicy lolcow shit to add when I have some time to waste use.. --Abd (talk) 18:42, 20 April 2018 (UTC)

Suggested edit. This section of the user space copy of the article. Any thoughts? That page is open for editing to improve it. It's in my user space.If someone else wants to host a copy for improvement, they can. There is a talk page there for discussion. --Abd (talk) 02:28, 20 December 2018 (UTC)

Another suggested edit about trolling is at the end of that section now. Please comment, it will take an admin to edit the article here. MrStrong (Oliver)is currently blocked, but that has never stopped him from expressing himself. He just farts and the smell travels around the world. --Abd (talk) 17:24, 20 December 2018 (UTC)

Oliver deliberately inserts misinformation; SJW's always lie

Oliver attempted to frame Rome Viharo and Abd for his brother's accounts:

All while knowing that the "Skeptic from Britain" / "MatthewManchester1994" / "Vanisheduser3334743743i43i434" account belongs to his brother Darryl:

Oliver and Darryl's IP address during much of 2018 was

And that is likely the IP address of MatthewManchester1994:

--JuniusThaddeus (talk) 04:16, 20 December 2018 (UTC)

Do we have

any proof that ODS's brother actually exists? I recall reading that ODS claimed to be somehow uninvolved with (perhaps estranged from) his brother "Darryl" and yet the post immediately above ^ claims that ODS and "Darryl" share an IP address. Something ain't right here.

I have always found it a bit sus that ODS has an "Evil Twin" who gets blamed for a lot of his brother's misdeeds. It's exactly the sort of excuse that a compulsive liar would invent and the coincidence of the name "Darryl" beginning with Oliver's middle initial makes me even more doubtful. Third-party verification would be good, e.g. a photo of ODS and "Darryl" together.
СидецарPutin surprised face 180.jpg 05:44, 20 December 2018 (UTC)
Records exists. Same location, same age, same surname; all indications that they're twins.
Darryl also used his real name on certain sites: doesn't include anchors to link to, so you've have to use ctrl+f. Keywords to use include "Darryl", "RationalWiki", and "Deleted profile". Anyway, you can see that Darryl ("Deleted profile") linked to his RationalWiki article on "Extended evolutionary synthesis". Darryl created that article as "DinoCrisis" and "Forests":
Although he deleted his account, you can see (using keyward "Darryl") that people responding to "Deleted profile" are calling him Darryl, with one even calling him "Darryl Smith", which was presumably the name of the account before its deletion.
Darryl also tried deleting his Amazon account and comments, and Christine M. Janis called him ("Forrests/Drifter/Darryl Smith") out on it:
Although he deleted his posts, people have quoted his text. You can see one person (M. Helsdon) quoted text of Darryl talking about how he created a RationalWiki article on William Fix:
RationalWiki's "William Fix" article was created by "DinoCrisis":
Which means that Darryl essentially confessed to being "DinoCrisis" in that Amazon thread.
Darryl also had his Stormfront account deleted:
You can tell that Stormfront's "DinoCrsis" is Darryl through the following:
Notice how he mentions Gordon Rattray Taylor. Darryl edited Wikipedia's article on "Gordon Rattray Taylor" as "Livingforests":
Darryl / "Livingforests" was fed up with his brother's activities and requested his own ban:
In another Stormfront post, he mentions Richard Milton, C.H. Waddington, and Soren Lovtrup:
Darryl created RationalWiki articles on all there. He created the article on "Richard Milton" as "" and "DinoCrisis":
And "" is known to be one of Oliver's and Darryl's IP addresses:
He created the article on "Conrad Hal Waddington" as "DinoCrisis" and "Forests":
And he created the article on "Søren Løvtrup" as "Forests":
--JuniusThaddeus (talk) 12:29, 20 December 2018 (UTC)
None of those links show that Darryl is a real person. They only show that someone calling themselves "Darryl Smith" has been active on the internet. And that "Darryl Smith" visits the same sites as ODS and has very similar interests to ODS. This includes the evidence that ODS and "Darryl" share an IP address.
СидецарPutin surprised face 180.jpg 12:40, 20 December 2018 (UTC)
As I said in my first sentence: records exists; Oliver links to his own dox and confirms it as his. --JuniusThaddeus (talk) 12:46, 20 December 2018 (UTC)
And as I replied, that link doesn't prove Darryl Smith exists. It's a link to a screencap of some kind of list, on which the names "Darryl Smith" and "Oliver Smith" appear. There's no source stated, and no link to the supposed source. So the one piece of evidence "proving" that Darryl exists could be a very easy photoshop job, or just from a very unreliable source.
Also, if you look at what ODS specifically said in the link you provided, he doesn't "confirm" anything except that the address is that of his parents. Go on, look again.
СидецарPutin surprised face 180.jpg 12:54, 20 December 2018 (UTC)
  • (ec with above) "Proof" is a big word. There is evidence, apparently from public records, that there are two brothers, same age, (confirming the early Wikipedia claims of being twins), named Oliver D and Darryl L Smith, who lived at the same address with their parents and an older brother. They may no longer both live at that address, but we think that Oliver may. the brother also may visit and access the internet from the parent's house.
  • This is not a typical "evil twin" story. Both Oliver and Darryl are highly disruptive, but they have very distinct interests. Darryl is the anti-pseudoscience activist, and is very likely the one who created impersonation accounts to attack enemies on Wikipedia and then Wikiversity (which is how I became involved, defending others and the wiki). Darryl has claimed that he was paid by a skeptic organization to edit, and it's plausible. Oliver is batshit crazy, to use the technical term. He has outed his brother's accounts before (often "defending them.") It would be Oliver who is active here at this time. Oliver is now claiming that Debunking spiritualism, a clear Darryl sock who was sysop on RationalWiki and who went on a deletion rampage and then claimed his account had been hacked, was me, and then it is claimed that I hack and impersonate.
  • I have never seen this level of chaos created by a single person, for as long and with as wide effect. It's a *little* easier to explain with two than one. On Wikipedia, they don't care if it's one or two, they block both on sight. But the only person who was active on WMF wikis who had come to know the behavior of these two in depth, -- me -- was globally banned apparently as the result of private complaints from socks and allies.
  • (Global bans are never explained, and there is no warning, so I only have indirect knowledge of what happened. I had been effective in identifying and obtaining blocks and global locks for "Anglo Pyramidologist" socks, and they have allies, including administrators, who use them as attack dogs. Oliver actually published an email from the WMF Office acknowledging the complaint and their action. So at least he complained.(I was not outing them by name on an WMF wiki, and I did not violate policies, but . . . they lie, and often provide "evidence" that can look a certain way if you squint.
  • The WMF does not allow any appeal, ignoring legal demands, and obviously does not provide any opportunity to defend. They assume that they know what they are doing, while, in fact, to disentangle the mess these create can take months of study. No way did they put that effort in.
  • Emil Kirkegaard, as an example, is not a pedophile, there is no evidence of it, and did not actually defend any pedophiles either, but merely made comments on the topic, on his blog, years ago, that, quoted out of context, look like he was. I also never defended a pedophile, but because I (and many others) pointed out the deceptive claims, that, of course, is, for Oliver and those who don't question his claims, "proof." And the articles that were written by Darryl (probably) and then expanded by Oliver, on RationalWiki, are cited as sources by others, -- including media! -- and the others then refer to those new sources as "proof." The brothers have been very effective in certain ways.
  • Nothing that Oliver claims may be trusted without confirmation. Even then it's suspect! (I.e., look carefully at the confirmation, it is often quoted out of context or created by the brothers.) --Abd (talk) 12:56, 20 December 2018 (UTC)
Nothing that Oliver claims may be trusted without confirmation. Even then it's suspect! (I.e., look carefully at the confirmation, it is often quoted out of context or created by the brothers.)


You said it, not me.
СидецарPutin surprised face 180.jpg 13:05, 20 December 2018 (UTC)
While the brother story originated with them, many years ago, there are confirmations, most notably the public record giving an address that matches the IP evidence. And it doesn't matter, really, it just can help in understanding, as I wrote below. I told Oliver, who was whining in an email to me (confirmed address) about the damage to his life caused by his brother, that he was responsible as long as he didn't truly blow the whistle, telling the whole truth, what he knows. He then proceeded to claim it was all a lie, his brother was innocent, and then he claimed that we would just have to figure it out ourselves or something like that. Oliver Smith is definitely confirmed, that's a real identity. I could pay to get more information, but haven't been willing to do it. --Abd (talk) 13:15, 20 December 2018 (UTC)
  • one more comment: understanding that there may be two brothers who occasionally support each other can help when examining IP evidence. It also allows understanding that the common "duck test" can become confused because the two brothers have differing behaviors. I have looked at the contributions of many hundreds of accounts. Junius Thaddeus is also quite familiar (and initially helped me to see what was going on, because AP socks had created a smokescreen, accusing others (i.e., mikemikev). Checkuser blew that one up! Ultimately, however, I published nothing based on his information, I only published what I personally verified, and always invited correction. When I state something I know directly, and I give the source, and invite correction, and am attacked as "lying," I know I'm onto something. When I am then threatened with retaliation for telling the truth, I become certain. And when those threats are carried out, as they were, I then have more confirmation than is common to receive in life. One of my daughters is somewhat of a public figure, and received an email warning her that her father might be a pedophile, pointing to the RationalWiki article. Nice, eh? --Abd (talk) 13:07, 20 December 2018 (UTC)
I couldn't give a 4 on the Bristol scale about any of this turbocharged autism. I asked if there was solid evidence that "Darryl Smith" exists. So far, I've seen nothing at all that substantiates the claim that "Darryl" exists independently of ODS's well-established history of relentless lying and sockpuppetry. That is the end of my interest for now. You may carry on as before, and no doubt would have done so whatever I had to say about the matter. It is after all "easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled."
СидецарPutin surprised face 180.jpg 21:16, 20 December 2018 (UTC)
One of the things I did to satisfy myself was to find voting records for Oliver and Darryl Smith. Among other things, this was a rough verification of age, and it matched the directory listing that has been published, and this is solid evidence. You want more, go find it your fucking self, I'm not going to search for it again just to give you a link. I have enough to put names in my reporting, and to be prepared for legal action if necessary. As to fooling and fooled, yes. However, got any evidence to present, other than your own rejection of what two people are telling you who have been looking at this for many, many hours? When I published the name of Darryl, suddenly both Oliver and the Darryl sock active at the time started making "can't we forget about this" noises.... But they continued to lie. --Abd (talk) 00:41, 21 December 2018 (UTC)

You need to get your own story straight before you go pronouncing on anyone else's.

There is evidence, apparently from public records, that there are two brothers, same age, (confirming the early Wikipedia claims of being twins), named Oliver D and Darryl L Smith


—You, at 12:56, 20 December 2018

Oliver Smith is definitely confirmed, that's a real identity. I could pay to get more information, but haven't been willing to do it.


—You, but at 13:15, 20 December 2018

One of the things I did to satisfy myself was to find voting records for Oliver and Darryl Smith. Among other things, this was a rough verification of age, and it matched the directory listing that has been published, and this is solid evidence.


—Also you, but at 00:41, 21 December 2018

There's no such thing as "voting records", not in the UK. Ballot papers are secret (and are destroyed after each election anyway). If you mean the electoral register, you'd have had to pay money to view that online. But you said you didn't pay any money at all. And I just checked, and there is no "D Smith" listed as residing in Radlett, Hertfordshire. So (contrary to what you are now claiming) it appears that there is in fact no match with the one purported record of Darryl Smith's existence, wherever that purported record is supposed to have originated.

Who to believe? Oh, it's all so incredibly confusing.

Well, it would be confusing if I gave a speck of smegma about your years-long anti-Smith crusade. But I don't. I only wondered if we could beef up the article's references to ODS's brother, or dismiss him as a sockpuppet. The personal beliefs of a couple of gibbering spastics on this talk page are not sufficient evidence. So, you may continue upon your merry way, sunshine.
СидецарPutin surprised face 180.jpg 01:18, 21 December 2018 (UTC)
Sidecar, there are voting records available, I saw them. They were not "ballot papers," and some of the electoral records were freely available. Just because you didn't find them means diddly. I'm a journalist, it's my main activity, and if you don't believe me, you can GFYS. And I have not been on an anti-Smith crusade for "years." You have swallowed the propaganda. I found out about Smith when he attacked users on Wikiversity, a bit more than a year ago, and then more extensive damage was done. That's all extensively documented on my blog. Junius Thaddeus has known about him for much longer. There is, in fact, practically no evidence that Darryl does not exist, other than a lie that Oliver promoted for a few days, and various suspicions about the usual usual, and plenty of evidence that he does. I assume you have seen what was on Rightpedia, with all the names, put there by Mikemikev. He claimed on Kiwi Farms that someone sent it to him. Someone probably paid for that. But, sure, anything is possible. It could all be Mikemikev, taking the piss out of everyone. Suit yourself, I DGAF about the article here, I would not have created it, nor do I care about expanding it.
Just for the lulz, I looked up the voting register information. You can buy the "open register," yes, but there are companies that buy it and offer peeks at it to promote access to fuller information, as I recall. I might even have signed up for a trial account, I don't remember. I see that this exists on I did not end up paying. The world is more complicated than a narrow mind will expect. I verified the information I had from the Mikemikev image, that was enough for me. (I had extensive IP information from a number of sources, as well.) --Abd (talk) 01:45, 21 December 2018 (UTC)
Be quiet.
СидецарPutin surprised face 180.jpg 02:02, 21 December 2018 (UTC)
K. --Abd (talk) 14:19, 21 December 2018 (UTC)

Oliver desperate

Oliver has been ridiculing people for years who suggested he might suffer legal consequences for his extensive campaigns of harassment and defamation, and pleading with them to Just Do It! and it looks like he is feeling the heat, because he's been requesting deletion of many articles he created on RationalWiki. I cover this here, in detail. Much that was merely reasonable inference has been confirmed. Of course, tomorrow he will claim that his account was an impersonation or hacked and it wasn't him, and it was all Mikemikev or Abd, just like he claimed in email to me that (1) most of the trolling accounts were his brother, then, (2) he'd been lying for years, there is no brother, then (3) ha! ha! you will have to guess. --Abd (talk) 19:32, 8 February 2019 (UTC)

As part of what surfaced with the requests, a RatWiki article on Oliver appeared, obviously written by Oliver, then blamed on Mikemikev. There is a page here on this,Oliver_D._Smith/Smith_on_Smith. Chickenshits can run but they can't hide. The fastest gun in the West, if he gets cocky, ends up bleeding in the dust. --Abd (talk) 21:13, 9 February 2019 (UTC)