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In regards to the YouTube video of the woman talking about portal 2, I would like to remind everyone that the scene that the Chinese girl experienced with Wheatley making fun of adopted people was only because she played on PS3, and PS3 doesn't have any games. Also, they expected to get in contact with VALVe, which is funny on it's own, since VALVe will respond at the same time that they release HL3 after saying that it will be released earlier than planned.

SIGN YOUR GODDAMN POSTS. Anyway there's some shitty live action portal short film on youtube that's got a fair bit of attention. [1]Should probably include that in the article. Any negative attention to it is like pissing off a nest of hornets. Polynymous 08:39, 13 September 2011 (CEST)

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File:Portal Demotivator.jpg
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