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The Honest Freaking Truth[edit]

O RLY a wiki call "The Internet Villains" inspired of this website (ED website wikia, what a rip-off) was fucked up, oh really LOL look at dis this one. So really live in a pretty damn successful outside, ROFL. This was made of a wikia one of her freaking previous fantard who were fucking arch enemy/ or lame ass rival. This was happen on January 16, 2015. People, this is the moment of truth that she's successful outside than the interwebs really.. FUCK NO!!! Working for Character Art of "Valorous Games", she is becoming a freelance artist, pess.. i'm crapping at this photo.. She not fucking famous and she doesn't have a damn successful, oh she stinks.. She has no fucking successful life. This is the moment of truth.

the moment of truth, people how popular she is outside in RL than the internet
 — Preceding comment added by TheInternetVillainsDramatica (talkcontribs), who is too much of a fucking retard to sign their own posts. IT'S FOUR TILDES (~~~~), NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!

We got Kylee Henke true identify and her personal information, yup. I think she going to be dead meat, LMAFO. She need to get off the internet and get off deviantART for good for real now she gonna be like history. Now her life is in danger, her birthday date, her location where she lives and her personal social media account we got everything on the website. Yup this is chick going down, she need to go away from dA and all of the website for GOOD RIDDANCE.

Hey fuck off anonymous about your business, her fucker arch enemy a fantard, we are all of her enemies. BITCH, this fat ass whore are the enemies to everybody. WE don't like this bitch nor love this fucker whore, she need to get off deviantART and get herself a REAL FUCKING LIFE, taking about arch enemy to someone. Welcome to your life the Reality: the blog: the experience!!! NOBODY FUCKING LIKE YOU anymore you piece of shit.

Fuck off.PNG

missing images[edit]

-hipcrime Emote Pop tart cat.gif 23:04, 15 January 2013 (EST)

Dox to track down this chick? And find her[edit]

We need to find this chick, she attend to some anime convention and that SakuraCon that she goes to. We need to find where she live, what her phone number and her address. She has a personal facebook profile, instagram and etc. This chick is going down, her life will be in danger and she shouldn't join deviantART in the damned first place ROFL. This girl is history.

The Fucking Watch Bullshit[edit]

Remember somewhat fantard who though a total flame war since goddamn 2005-2006 on deviantART that talk about the fucking watch about this Mary Sue killer weaboo Kylee Henke that she is a fucking whore evil bitch who like to get away shit, this fucking useless from her fucker fantard quote "GET THE WATCH!!" LMAFO. THIS PIECE OF SHIT, this bitch... cant get the classic.

Tumblr niaz5zQYpn1qetzngo1 500.jpg

The Face of Camwhore from Kylee Henke[edit]

Taking herself of real true self for tumblr, facebook, other website of fuck shit.. This is where she posted of selfie. This fat fucktard whore, you suck. Get off the internet and get the fuck off on deviantART, piece of shit.

YOU PIECE OF SHIT person. Tumblr nl0x5pBBwM1qetzngo1 500.jpg