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Because it would not be completed without.

Tani-Da-Inki also known as Wryan Gallimore is known for being a 'gay demon' artist, one who draws exponentially giant sized dicks, split balls and the most poorly drawn vagina's on the face of the planet. Don't let this supposed transgender fool you, they will turn from goody goody to two-face bitch in a matter of seconds. This only makes her the biggest cunt in the world, not really claiming to have an enlarged clitoris automatically makes her a man! But don't let that fool you, she also binds her chest to make people further believe she's actually a man as well. It doesn't stop there guys, her friends seem to enjoy jumping the gun to be the white knight in shining armor and protect her from anything! Even her girlfriend acts clueless on almost everything.

She also seems to believe she can get commissions, she's doing such a good job at it she should get a trophy for her fantastic deeds. Let's not forget about Wryan's cheaply made fursuits, for an amateur he certainly is perfect. Check out the links below and you'll see what I mean.

How To Piss Off Tani

1. Say shes a girl

2. Critique her shit...I mean work..This is sure to work

3. Tell her your more manly than she is, even though your a girl yourself

4. Ask her to draw a anatomically correct penis and set of balls

The Rage Quit Parade

As the infamous Tani-Da-Inki continues to rage on and on after she claimed journals before there would be no more reactions. Instead she happily obliges and gives us MOAR to feast upon our trollish fangs. Don't be fooled she's so mother fucking unstable she'll burst a gasket when you tell her she has an invisible CAT. BBBAAAAWWWWWW!! Tani-Da-Inki is calling internet police because she was called a girl maybe if she grew balls and a penis already she wouldn't baww so fucking much.

Puppy Mill Horrors

The culprit in so many puppies he can't keep his dick hidden can he?

Tani-Da-Inki seems to believe breeding more dogs and selling them for adoption will make him more homely, keep their home or generally get money. What he doesn't seem to realize is he's whoring out his bitches just as much as he's whoring herself out. The dogs shit in the house and are rarely taken outside, They just keep multiplying like fucking rabbits. Someone castrate their male dog Joey he could use a break from fucking them bitches. As well as getting ASPCA called on them to seize the dogs, rats, cat and whatever the fuck they are hording in their house. FUCK FOOD..GET MORE ANIMALS.. seems to be her logic


Hinting some pedophilia or baby drowning.

When it comes to sculptures it seems as if Tani goes a bit to far in her mascarade of seemingly meaningful infant sculptures. As well as putting them in Condoms with water to further her meaning of knowing the risk of pregnancy. Of course with how disturbing it is making and naming these sculptures only could hint much bigger and more volitile suggestions to what she may be doing. Pedophilia perhaps? apparently after showing off the pictures she ate the babies.

Poorest Censorship Of All The Land

Tani-Da-Inki here seems to believe in such beautiful anatomy is her pride and joy. Here you'd think it would've gone unnoticed, She thinks she has perfect grasp at male genitalia but with her work? It looks like she dropped her characters on poles to make them become fucking contortionists with split balls. You'd think that'd be healthy.

Homestuck Slobs Unite

Looks like wryan can't keep her incredibly tiny clit in her pants around her girlfriend hm?

Here we have 12 retards including Tani and her girfriend spitting into a bucket believing they are actually making babies

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Wryan Gallimore
202 Strathnaver Ave
Selkirk Manitoba, R1A 0H3

Home Phone
204 785 1578

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