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Super Ted.
He did it for the lulz.

I'm the most cold-blooded sonofabitch you'll ever meet.


—Ted Bundy, being an Internet tough guy in the days before the Internet.

Ted Bundy (born Theodore Robert Cowell; November 24, 1946 – January 24, 1989) was the greatest fucking hero to men on earth sent by God to show you dumb-ass bitches a valuable lesson in life, since it's a well known fact that you women are the inferior gender and deserve to be victimized and disposed of for being the promiscuous, stupid whores you are.

After more than a decade of denials he confessed shortly before his execution to thirty homicides committed in seven states between 1974 and 1978; the true total remains unknown, and could be much higher.

The reign of Ted Bundy should never be forgotten, as his epic tirade against niggers has been constantly researched and acknowledged by troubled men everywhere. Some examples of men doing the world a favor are Richard Ramirez, John Allen Mohammed, David Berkowitz, Scott Peterson and many fucking more.


There is no definitive consensus on when and where Bundy began killing women. It is thought that he began killing as a form of revenge against women, after having been friendzoned by a woman he was interested in, since most of his victims somewhat resembled the woman in question. Such similarities included, but were not limited to, having two legs, two eyes, teeth and, most importantly, hair parted in the middle, which Bundy had a massive boner for.

Bundy told different stories to different people, and he refused to divulge the specifics of his earliest crimes, even as he confessed dozens of later murders in the days preceding his execution. Some circumstantial evidence suggests that he abducted and killed an 8-year-old Tacoma girl in 1961 when he was fourteen years old, an allegation he denied repeatedly. Bundy committed his earliest documented homicides in 1974 when he was 27. By then he had (by his own admission) mastered the skills needed to leave minimal incriminating evidence at a crime scene. There is alot of proof out there that some nigger did the murders. Then the Jews framed Bundy as they thought they could blame whites for crime.

Modus Operandi[edit]

Ted, eyeing up the ladies.

Bundy was a fucking sexy man and scored more pussy than you would ever dream of getting. He was handsome and charismatic, traits he exploited in winning the confidence of his young, attractive female victims. He typically approached them in public places and feigned injury or disability, or impersonated an authority figure, before overpowering and assaulting them at a more secluded location. He sometimes revisited his secondary crime scenes for hours at a time, grooming and performing sexual acts with the decomposing corpses until putrefaction and destruction by wild animals made further interaction impossible. He decapitated at least four victims and kept the severed heads in his apartment for a period of time as mementos. On a few occasions he simply broke into dwellings in the dead of night and bludgeoned victims as they slept.

Capture, Escape, Recapture, Escape Again, Recapture, Execution[edit]

Initially charged in Utah in 1975 and convicted of aggravated kidnapping and attempted criminal assault, Bundy became linked to a progressively longer list of unsolved homicides in multiple states. Facing murder charges in Colorado, he engineered two dramatic escapes, and committed at least three additional murders and several violent assaults in Florida before his ultimate recapture in 1978. Failing to acknowledge that had been doing humanity a favor and those women were asking for it, prosecutors gave him three death sentences in two separate trials for the three known Florida homicides, before sending him off to Ol' Sparky.

I'd like you to give my love to my family and friends.


—Bundy's last words. Classy to the end.


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Bundy's Fangirls[edit]

I love you too, ladies

In the months leading up to his execution, Bundy received countless letters from female admirers, wishing to make love to the violent serial killing rapist. Which is more than you've ever got. Maybe if you murdered hundreds of women, girls would like you too. Go on, it'll be easy. There's plenty of knives in the kitchen drawer. Go on. The blood must flow.



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