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God; sometimes referred to as "Ted"

YouTube Favicon.png Tedjesuschristgod is God. Ted is the "maximum sovereign thing" that exists within Ted, because he is the king of Universe and of Heaven and Earth, from world, to marbles, to wevilds. for years to come. Basically in his own words, "Now TED has PROCLAIMED and PROCLAMATED and DECLARED and DEGREED this on Earth!". Ted R. Kurts is notable for being the Founder, President and CEO of Quest Systems which he started back in 1989. He has provided the world with many Internets, and should be respected as a true American hero. TED also commands maximum up and maximum down.

Ted Tube[edit]

File:Tedjesuschristgod sunsystems.jpg
proof that Lord Ted was a computing pioneer
Ted has Additional to 800 Videos on Ted's DISCs what now are Around 8 GB to 8.5 GB DL or Dual Layer -R and or +R DISCs and these what are currently 12 and increasing due to HD Videos where there are now 8 Ted Jesus Christ GOD Around 8 GB DISCs and 4 Ted IS God! Around 8 GB DISCs. Where only a Tiny Sampling is Put by Ted to YouTube currently. You can start to OBTAIN these DISCs from currently and this is Wevild Earth Date of 04-07-2010 COMPLETELY FREE with Things to Download in Around 100 MB WINRAR Parts what can if you get all correct Parts can be Extracted ALL to an ISO Image then can be Burned to an 8.5 GB DL or Dual Layer DISC and this. Therefore this is only a TINY sampling now of Ted's MANY Videos! WHY? Ted WANTS ENOUGH to obtain Ted's DISCs therefore this can be Archived and Preserved and Carried Forward On and In and Around Wevild Earth and this NOT COUNTING on Ted's Internet Sites and Flash Videos on Ted's Internet Sites and Photos on Ted's Internet Sites and What is Currently Internet Site Developed and On Internet by Ted and or YouTube or Anything Else On Internet including Free Leader Internet Sites and Other Things what can have Videos on them and Other Things with Photos and Writing and In Internet Site Format! Ted has HAD ENOUGH of HECKLERS and MOCKING and JEERING and JOKING about and Other Things including Too Bad and Too Wicked and Too Evil to WORST EVIL Humans and even what Think are In Right and Ted is Wrong or are To Right of Ted or Insist Ted is false to WORST FALSE and or evil to WORST EVIL and Other Things in Comments and Video Responses and Other Things what are now RESTRICTED or CONTROLLED by Ted ENOUGH with this YouTube Channel!




Tedjesuschristgod awesome.png


—Ted on how it's difficult being God

I AM interested in meeting single FEMALES for a POSSIBLE RELATIONSHIP to MARRIAGE! This is MAINTAINED by Ted Jesus Christ GOD DIRECTLY and PERSONALLY and COMPLETELY by Ted HIMSELF! This has had STABILITY PROBLEMS and therefore Ted is putting ON Internet Other Internet Sites.


—Ted on "TED"

This was her POSE of ANGUISH BECAUSE she was Child Molested and Forced to be in an Incest Relationship with Dad and therefore BROKEN IN what was her POSE where Ted told her NOTHING of a POSE to do! After Dating Ted a while she was CRYING and WEEPING and LAMENTING about was CHILD MOLESTED and FORCED to have an INCEST RELATIONSHIP with Dad where Dad was FORCING her to LIVE AT Home and NOT in a Human Females Dormitory at Loma Linda University - La Sierra Campus and this! Ted did not INSIST she have a HYMEN FULLY IN TACT then and to be MARRIED HAD TO BE a COMPLETE VIRGIN or a Virgin at least with a HYMEN FULLY IN TACT and NOT Broken In! Ted later did Agree to be Married to Rosie and was RELUCTANTLY due to seemed to then due to this have SO MANY MENTAL PROBLEMS due to that! Ted NEVER in Human Life had EVER even child molested or done incest with anything except an older sister some where she really PUSHED IT to DID IT to Ted when Ted was about 5 years old. Ted Felt Ewe like YOU are my sister!


—Ted on the bummer of which is his life

Currently Ted's FAVORITE THING TO DO is to ATTEND GENTLEMENS CLUBS to BEST STRIPPER BARS and or DANCE CLUBS and or BARS with Human Females to Talk To and to Touch and Feel and even Dance and Possibly Strip and Lap Dance For and or See and Squeeze Both Tits and Touch some of Top of Pussy and Other Things Touch like Stomach and Back and Butt and Legs Entirely All of Legs and Feet and Some Things Of Head and or Face including Touching of Head Hair! This CAUSES Ted STILL TO BE SEXUALLY EXCITED and TURNED ON and TO START TO FEEL HARD a DICK a HARD SOME HARD DICK or STIFF or SOME WOOD! Ted DID NOT and DOES NOT and CONTINUES TO NOT to have ANY Sex With and or Hire To Have Sex With and Does Not Have Sex With a Hire except a Few Times.


—Ted prefers both tits, if available

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