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Since it’s inception, Teen Mania has demonstrated a strong commitment to organizing young Christian men and women to help others in need. Your efforts contribute to a brighter future for all Americans.



Teen mania ministries is a conservative Para-church corporation sponsored by former president George W and spawned by the mind of former junkie turned elitist fag-hating evangelical conman Ron Luce. The batshit insane cult is aimed at brainwashing Christian kids and teens with shit Christian Rock concerts, youth pastor recruitment programmes and the promise to “invoke a revolution by recruiting and building America’s next generation of leaders and youth pastors“. To put Ron’s warped goal in better words, Teen Mania’s hope is to create a bland generation that believes in censorship, NO drugs, NO alcohol, NO movies, NO porn, NO TV, absolutely NO fags and definitely NO nailing of the pussy and all at the expense of millions of gullible parents/families hard earned moneys to get their christfag kids into the culture crusade that is Teen Mania. Because of this cancerous idiocy, Ron happily manages to fork in about several million dollars a year for himself with the BattleCry campaign, the "Honor Academy", "acquire the fire", "global expeditions" and many more ministries he's built under the teen mania name.

Ron Luce

Ron and his TradeMark Pedogrin

Meet Ronald Allen "Ron" Luce (or, if you prefer L. Ron Lucifer) your saviour of Christian youth. He loves you, your money but more importantly your children

Teen Mania is run by its founder, president, and commander Ron Luce. Another rancid creation shat from the hole of Oral Roberts’ Televangelist legacy and quite possibly the greatest conservative Troll to ever grace San Francisco. Ron is considered to be the next generation Hellspawn of Skullfuck Roberts, but to the public eye, he is God’s cultural warlord for Jesus and the end result of what happens when you top scripture of god with a former alcohol and drug fueled madman. With the power of Raptor Jesus on his side Ron is on a mission to touch and save American Christian youth.

In his young days living in Tulsa Oklahoma when he too was a teen, Ron suffered a horrible childhood because his Mom and Dad divorced never to be together which left Ron BAWWing in his derelict shithole of a home alone with his abusive father. Worried that Mommy and Daddy wouldn't love him anymore, he eventually ran away to live the awesome life of drugs, weed, booze and hookers. On the verge of ODing at any moment Ron escaped natural selection by finding salvation through Church thanks to a Pastor where he became a Christian. After embracing his love of God and the Pastor’s delicious meat in his mouth, Luce was all set to commit his life of Evangelism for young people. Along with his beloved Mary-Sue wife Katie, Ron founded teen mania in 1986 (In his van...no, seriously!).

In the mid 90’s when Teen Mania had yet to be known in the Christian limelight Ron Made his face known on GodTV with his Televangelist show “Acquire The Fire” sporting the almighty Mullet of God. It was this programme that Ron’s hatred of fags became apparent, telling sissy limp wristed gay Christians that they were not welcome or accepted in this holy war against Evil. It was also around this time his “centre for creative media” was involving young teenagers to promote Ron’s holy war like propaganda teaching teenage kids to be fired up real men and to be “Loco por Jesus”

Afterwards he took the easy route that any evangelist would normally do for education nowadays by buying his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Theology from the corrupt university of the now dead televangelist Oral "skullfuck" Roberts so afterwards he could receive his Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology from the university of Tulsa. In 2002 President George Bush appointed him to the White House Advisory Commission on Drug-Free Communities which he served until it became too Super Cereal in 2004. Later on Ron joined the board of trustees of Oral Roberts University in January 2008 to carry on the legacy and to ride the money train of the Skullfuck for himself.

Ron’s War on Culture Terror

Ron Luce’s lore of popular culture is similar to Oprah’s discovery of a known group consisting of over 9000 penises raping children. In Ron’s fucktarded mind he sees everyday Pop Culture as "the enemy," who are, in his own words "virtue terrorists that are raping virgin teenage America on the sidewalk, and everybody's walking by and acting like everything's OK. And it's just not OK."


  1. Porn
  2. Violent video games
  3. Drugs
  4. NBC
  5. MTV
  6. Paris Hilton
  7. Booze
  8. Gays
  9. San Fagsisco
  10. The Internet
  11. Coca-Cola
  12. Billy Mays
  13. Vince Offer
  14. Barry Scott
  15. The Chans
  16. You

In many of his campaigns he has emphasized a militaristic tone to wage his culture war on the world. Often bastardizing words like "war", "army", "battle" and even biblical scripture such as these quotes...

  • Psalms 144:1: "Praise is to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle."
  • 2 Timothy 2:3: "Endure hardship with us like a good soldier of Christ Jesus."
  • 1 Timothy 6:12: "Fight the good fight of the faith."
  • Ephesians 6:11: "Put on the full armour of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes."
  • Matthew 11:12 "From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it."

With the power of Ron’s shameless self promotion and his own brand of merchandise and commercials, Ron and his Fundamentalist buddies go forth on a crusade to annihilate these enemies of Christ and to recruit and train the next generation of American Hitler youth. Though their campaigns may have saved the elite 4% of bible believing Christian teens (a number that Ron seems have the royal hard on for) Ron and his ministries have done more to brainwash and rape average sane teen minds than any Serial Child Molester (or Catholic Priest) could do in a day. Inflicting depression, suicide, self loathing and even doubt about sexual orientation on young Christians and all doing it for his branded golden goose Teen Mania.

BattleCry/Acquire The Fire Campaign

The BattleCry Campaign (moar appropriately named "CattleCry") or known as Acquire The Fire is one of the well noticed and profiting Campaigns of TM Ministries and the frontline of Ron’s culture war. Well known for it’s feature on Christine Amanpour's "God’s Warriors" on CNN, Ron heavily promotes his annual 27 hour session of sermons, dramatic plays and shit Christian rock and rap to bring out the “BattleCry” in christfag teenagers. In these BattleCry gigs, Ron tells his Teenage Screamo followers to reach out and join together in a joyful orgasmic Bawfest while being touched by God. The core objective of the BattleCry campaign is to raise awareness of the evils of corporate branding, rock, sex, and violence in TV and video games. While this would be considered a great idea in the eyes of a stuck up Christian parent, Ron’s hidden objective is to lead the brainwashed parent’s kids to an attack on abortion and fags.

To actually gain interest to these young teens for the rallies, Ron at times has hired piss poor Christian rock bands like Skillet, Pillar and POD to heavily promote BattleCry’s method of recruiting youth pastors. and has even used current and former members of the U.S. armed forces prominently in BattleCry events to encourage young people to become "The Warriors in this battle." because nothing says a culture war without the goddamn Army to back up your statements. In his BattleCry Coalition Ron has featured familiar pastors to the fight such as Jerry HHHNNNNNNNNGGGGG Falwell, fag hating Pat Robertson and, ironically the FABULOUSLY SUPER Ted Haggard. Of course knowing that such an event would cost money for workers And the fact that Teen Mania’s finances are fucked six ways from Sunday, Ron manages pretty well with a small budget. After all its Stage Planners, Actors, Media designers and all other employees are all managed by none other than Teen Mania’s very own students from the Honor Academy!

The CattleCry San Francisco raids

From 2006-08 Ron, being the most sharp dressed Texas troll in San Fran, made full use of the brainwashed christfag teens by performing some of the biggest IRL raids on San Francisco by heavily promoting anti abortion and anti same sex marriage with 6AM rallies held on the front steps of San Francisco’s city Hall. "Operation truth" another rally was performed "to publicly let legislators know that Christians will not stand idly by while being bombarded with legislation that attacks the core values of believers.". The legislation that was under fire from Ron’s mindless Christian kids actually prohibits Gay discrimination and hatred of Fags in California’s schools.

Operation Truth Poster

And It didn’t end there. Ron’s publicity even earned him 8 minutes of fame being on Bill O'Reilly’s show with idiot "World Can’t Wait" representative Sunsara Taylor who focused more on President Bush's administration than Ron Luce himself ultimately losing the game and putting Ron in a good light.

What Ron apparently missed about San Francisco is that the city hall where the rallies were held is where the city’s first gay supervisor, Harvey Milk, and Mayor George Moscone, were assassinated in 1978 sparking riots in 1979. When Ron was asked this in the Rallies he simply put on his troll face saying he was unaware of the city hall’s history while under his breath whispering "I did it for the lulz".

BattleCry 2006

Much of what Ron Luce's "Teen Mania Ministries" has to say is pretty awful. Mainly, it's a condemnation of Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll. This is a reductive and uninspiring message. It's reductive partly because it presents such a naive and stunted notion of what constitutes evil. If SD&RR really is the apotheosis of evil, then Mick Jagger really is the Prince of Darkness: a greater threat to humanity and a greater source of pain than Osama bin Laden, or Kim Jong Il, or Ken Lay or any other predatory purveyor of pain and injustice.


—Slacktivist on Teen Mania

In 2007 Ron’s culture war faggotry became even more relentless as he led teen mania to battle with 20,000 teenagers on the steps of city hall yet again. From there he huddled his group to create a roman centurion formation wielding BattleCry placards like shields to the faces of every Fag in the city. There like last year, he would be greeted once more with angry Lazer charged San Franciscans, CNN and ABC.

To add even more salt to the wounds of the people of San Francisco, the almighty Ron came back in 2008 to take part as a leader in another youth rally called "the fine line" to present his "8 for 8" action plan and support Proposition 8 which would prohibit same sex marriage. Prop 8 finally passed and the pool was closed to every fag bringing a permanent constipated grimace on Ron‘s face.


They enter oblivious, hands outstretched, fat cheeks and watery eyes staring skyward to the Lord. They are to leave warriors. Convinced by arguments crafted from statistics and fear, these children of God are told they are to be the salvation of a generation in decline, one beset by the perils of pop culture, advertising and corporate greed. They absorb those lessons, squealing in delight whenever a speaker mentions the righteousness of Jesus. Then they head to McDonald's.


—Jen Gerson describing Ron’s brainwashed teen audience

To feed them military language makes it into a campaign, makes life into an aggressive campaign where evil must be overcome by good... I don't think there's enough trust placed in teenagers to be discerning and let them find their own authority without having an authority thrust upon them.”


—Bob Shantz

It is – and I use this word very advisedly – it is the aesthetic of fascism. Ron Luce isn't a fascist, but it is the aesthetic of fascism. And one of the strange things about Ron Luce is it's also the aesthetic of Stalinism, that these red flags that they wave - and you're not a member of this movement – you're a trench mate. It is designed to draw very stark lines and to dehumanize those who are on the other side.


—Jeff Sharlet

This is why? I love these childish evangelical movements so much. We have to battle the evils of porn and cigarettes and drinking and..... WITCHES. WE MUST STOP THE WITCHES. Shine on you crazy diamonds. Excuse me, I'm gonna go jerk off now while smoking and summoning the devil.



Ahhh brainwashing, so cute.



Hey BattleCry: Dr. Goebbels would be proud! Keep up the good work! God Bless and Sieg Heil!



The Human rights controversy

Ssempa hard at work

By far the most controversial of the CattleCry events was held in Uganda of 2009 to start a branch of the Honor Academy in the country with Ron’s long-time friend Pastor "EAT DA POO POO" Martin Ssempa. The branch was set to help Ssempa spread the word of the dangers of AIDS and Homosexuality. Ssempa however in Uganda had already been known for proposing the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill which criminalizes Homosexuality altogether leading to life sentences or otherwise execution. When this was brought to Ron’s attention he replied on his Facebook...

I did talk with him and what has been reported about him is not true. The bill is about men with HIV raping boys...and the parliament (not martin ssempa) wants to give them death penalty (this is the same as the law they passed 13 years ago for HIV men raping underage girls). Martin and other pastors have recommended 20 year sentence for this crime. Please pass along the truth to others…


—Ron Luce

However contrary to what Ron had said in his Facebook, the very first sentence of Bill said:

The object of this Bill is to establish a comprehensive consolidated legislation to protect the traditional family by prohibiting (I) any form of sexual relations between persons of the same sex


—The Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Regardless of whatever excuse he tries to make or how much he tries to white knight his friend’s asses, Ron still will try anything to wash the world of fags clean off this earth making him the next leader of the Westboro Baptist church in the near future.

The Honor Academy

Perhaps the real heart of Teen Mania's operations is held in the Honor Academy internship program in Teen Mania’s Headquarters in Garden Valley, Texas. The Honor Academy, the core of TM's alumni caters mostly for High Schoolers, dropouts and College boys and girls of all ages with the pursuit of finding God or being utterly retarded enough to include Ron Luce in their future Resume at the expense of thousands of Dollars for each student. Its campus is run by Ron and the Honor Academy Head David Hasz Vice President of TM and former Jarhead of the Navy SEALs.

Before even setting foot in the academy money must be paid to an account to enter. The price for getting into this wonderful programme is a crippling 650 to 850 dollars a month which amounts from $8,000 to more than $10,000 to enter for just one year. Additionally it is said by TM staff that the money in your Honor Academy account is originally been donated to the “general fund” leaving a loophole open for David Hasz should you fail to pay the entrance fee for the academy and if you don’t reach the target amount before honor academy's deadline your internship won’t be awarded and David Hasz keeps the rest of your money. That’s right NO FUCKING REFUND!

Year 1 of HA internship (Undergrad)

In year one you’re listed as an Undergraduate. The lowest of the low, in short the Nigger slave of the family. While in the first year as an Undergrad it's guaranteed you'll be broken, sleep deprived and be thrown into a world of depression and self loathing from the start. Your sleep pattern will be strictly 7 hours sleep time everyday if not less and when not studying or hitting the books you will be made busy by the overzealous Graduate interns hitting the pavement with 5km runs or War like role-play. The campus and it’s system is built like a Concentration Camp to promote the oppressive War like feel giving interns the excitement to play the part in Ron’s holy culture war.

The Campus’ rental Property will have you seated with several other Interns which you’ll be looked after by a Graduate Intern as a leader. Once you’re living in his/her grounds, you’ll be sure that the GI’s will lovingly provide you with nutritious meals and will be there to support you throughout the many trials and tribulations you‘ll most likely face in year one of the HA.

HA’s accountability card which must be filled in EVERY week!

Trufax; Higher interns will not give a royal shit about you, your injuries or whatever low grade shit they'll give to you on your bed or on your plate at dinnertime and most likely will slam it into your face. And whatever complaints you have or had in the past with any interns or any health complaints you’ve suffered from will be considered “Spiritual Weakness” according to Hasz himself. after your wonderful time in the academy it’s promised by Ron Luce and Hasz that the HA sets you up for the many events that await you for life when in reality it’s left you with life long injuries or loss of whatever sanity you had left before you walked in the fucking door. Good to know that you’re 10 Gs was worth all this bro.


There was a boy in my brother core who, while brilliant, had a form of high-functioning autism and therefore was a bit socially awkward. His mind was amazing--he knew the names of all 600 interns, which dorm each person lived in, and who their CA was, not because he spend time memorizing these things but because he just naturally retained the info. The ministry could have utilized him in so many different ways. Instead, they stuck him in custodial. I will never forget the day I had gone to the dorm for some reason during work hours and found him in the bathroom, emptying the boxes full of used tampons in the bathroom.


—Former HA Intern showing Hasz’s love for Asspies

Year 2 (Graduate Intern or GI)

After more than a year you can see your new Counsellor for your traumatic experience or do it all over again by forking another 10 Gs to Hasz. In year two you'll then be given the title of graduate intern or GI. (Jesus still doesn’t love you btw) from here its pretty much the same position you were in before except now you also play the role of a Resident advisor or Core advisor. Here you have the power to lash out the whip at other fellow undergrad nigras you look after in their campus by giving them punishments and non related work of your own. Apart from ministry placement Many of the HA’s GI Joes and Janes are also assigned to work in teen mania’s finances. It’s a fact now that in the past many of these GI’s had taken part in Ron’s more less-than-divine secrets from stalling Teen Mania’s debt call’s on the phone in the finance department, to the funding of rental income to David Hasz and even transactions to Ron’s very own offshore accounts!

Overall, the Honor Academy is your everyday Chinese Sweatshop of Pain. While at the Academy you're forbidden to watch TV or listen to Music, no Porn or Adult Films, no going online without supervision, no Alcohol or Drugs and no dating…AT ALL…not even holding hands! The punishment for these heinous sins would involve being quarantined for a month to being sat in a cold shower for hours or being locked in your room for days without any access to shower or even to take a shit to being kicked out of the academy with no questions asked. To top it off many in the academy could give two shits if you had a serious injury calling it nothing more than "spiritual weakness".

The entire campus gives interns up to 5-7 hours of sleep everyday while the remaining daily routine involves working them like a genuine pack of chained niggers. from jobs like campus work to military exercise to dragging them into events like ATF BattleCry and Global Expeditions to fund Ron’s culture war, if you're not doing what's on the above list you're more than likely to be thrown into what is called an LTE or “Life Transforming Experience” an event that would have you…

  • Running for miles or hiking up to a mountain and back again.
  • Running 20km
  • Watch dramatic war scenes for subliminal suggestions
  • Hold a brick over your head to recreate torture methods from concentration camps
  • Buried alive in a wooden box as done in the LTE “World Awareness”
  • Running while getting shot to shit in the face with paintball guns in the “World Awareness” LTE without masks
  • And if you’re lucky enough you can do war role-play where you even get the chance to your fellow intern

Aside from the LTES there’s one optional event that’s supposed to truly bring Interns “Closer to God” and is Teen Mania’s greatest tradition known as the Emotionally Stretching Opportunity of a Lifetime or more commonly named ESOAL




—The official ESOAL motto

ESOAL is a 3 day non-stop, no-sleep training programme inspired by the Navy SEALS “Hell week” training also known as "Torture Camp" by former HA Interns. It is told by David Hasz that the retreat is an incredible life-changing experience that not only brings Interns closer to Jesus but sets you up for whatever emotional events that occur in life. How it never at all stated to the Undergraduates what the programme actually consists of. The mentally breaking and brainwashing opportunity of a lifetime for the idiot alumni who dares sign up involves…

  1. Running Interns non stop through the forest while being yelled at with a Megaphone by Dave Hasz or his brother John
  2. Depriving Interns of food often been hinted at by Core Advisers to eat insects at times during the programme,
  3. Dividing Interns to fight against each other,
  4. Being sprayed with a hose
  5. Rolling down hills or fields of their own vomit
  6. Having Interns do exercise in the mud
  7. Instructing Interns to point to losing interns after a competition yelling "it pays to be a winner and you're a loser"
  8. Having Interns eat vomit triggering food before moar exercise like e.g. Cat Food, Spam or pigs feet
  9. Playing dramatic war music and setting bonfires in the background of the programme to set the war-like mood
  10. Diving in mud lakes
  11. Crawling in ready-made tunnels
  12. Climbing up mud hills
  13. Exercising and going face first in mud lakes
  14. Look again the interns are now Negros!



—Happy ESOAL Negro

David Hasz Head of the HA

Proud distributor of cat food since 1986

Former NAVY SEAL David Hasz is the head of the Main driving force of Teen mania’s beloved HA alumni and Ron Luce’s beloved right hand for holy masturbation. Hasz over the years has relished in children’s suffering by taking his frustrations out on the Interns due to his harsh service spent as a SEAL. Under orders from lord Ron Lucifer, General Hasz takes pleasure in raping teenager’s spirits. Despite his abuse to these lovely gifted children it wouldn’t be worthwhile if he wasn't paid.

Of course Hasz gets paid for blowing the eardrums of every retarded Christian but apart from his usual share of the HA and the missed admission fees that come along with it Hasz has managed to set himself for life thanks to the interns rental income of $80,000-10,000 and not only that, Hasz has even used HA resources and ordered interns aside many a time to participate in the construction of his house without pay. When not receiving moneys you'll usually find him screaming down his golden megaphone at young girls, ordering interns to slam their face in the mud for Jesus, or calling interns who drink beer wicked sinners!

He would ask us questions and even when we would respond with the right answer, we would be punished. For example, he would ask, “What is my mother’s name?” In unison we would say, “Mary Beth.” And he said, “No, it’s Mrs. Hasz for you! Get down and do x amount of push-ups. You do not talk to my mother that way!”


—An example of Dave Hasz on a GOOD day

RecoveringAlumini (a challenger appears)

In 2009 a blogger page named RecoveringAlumini or "My Teen Mania experience" was created by a former Intern of the academy to share stories of former interns who had left or were otherwise butthurt by their experience in HA. The site gained immense popularity with most former and current alumni either coming forward to share their stories or with bawing HA alumni to white knight Ron Luce by telling the admin of the page to "burn in hell". With many stories of physical and mental abuse amounting in just one year, many current interns began to leave while Ron and Hasz completely shat bricks.

Together with Teen Mania's board of directors the Jesus crew moved in knowing how dangerous the internet is (but not knowing jack shit about the consequences about feeding trolls). decided to create an entire website dedicated to the RecoveringAlumini site http://recoveringalumniresponse.com/ containing emails from Ron, Hasz and the board themselves. Additionally Ron Luce delivered a mass email sent to all HA alumni to address their new enemy http://www.recoveringalumni.com/2010/03/ron-luces-email-to-honor-academy-alumni.html

Unfortunately, it wasn't much of a "response," and was more like a bunch of hastily thrown together excuses, with some character assassination of the creator of the Recovering Alumni blog thrown in for good measure. Teen Mania Ministries' response website lacked comprehensive answers to the serious questions that have been raised about the Honor Academy program, and the letters they posted contain grammatical errors that make it seem like they were lazily written.


—Teen Mania Watch

Ron just gave up any excuse that anyone could have ever made for him by sending this message - or having it sent with his name on it - which includes a whole set of the usual condescending, responsibility-avoiding clichés used by the leaders of abusive groups throughout history.



On his facebook status updates. He's like "I'm sorry if I ever hurt you at TM", basically, and interns/alumni FLOCKED to him and said "NO! You could NEVER offend anyone! They're dumb; you're doing a GREAT THING!


—Nunquam Honorablus from RA describing Ron’s white knights

Aside from Teen Manias batshit insane response a conference call was recorded to "clear up" issues with RecoveringAlumini and the issues surrounding all the drama. TL;DL (skip to 1:57:26 to hear the RA admin/Hasz convo)

Despite TM’s many failed attempts to ridicule recovering alumni’s stories it wasn’t enough and the RA admin took it a step further by making her site known to local Texas news station KLTV7 where it was revealed that the RA admin was actually a former grad intern known as Micah Marley.

Teen Manias board now realizing that consequences would never be the same, nearly decided to cop out by pressing the DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING button and remove their RA response site completely. However after a brief shutdown TM decided to bring up their response site up but left out Ron Luce’s original letter to the Teen Mania Alumni. What made things even more hilarious was Ron Luce’s own daughter Hannah ran in to the RA site afterwards like Kool-Aid on crystal Meth calling the RA admin “A Joke” with “The Heroin Syndrome” making spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that would make the average grammar Nazi mouth foam up in less than a second.

Teen Mania butthurt spread across the Christian forums which resulted in utter hatred towards the RA Admin. Eventually Christfags had enough of Micah’s trolling and decided to get revenge of their own by dropping Dox on the Unsuspecting admin, throwing missiles at her house and writing her address out to the Mormon Church.

Just 2 days later, after giving my interview to KLTV and BEFORE it aired, at around 2am on Saturday morning, someone published all my personal details to the blog: address, phone number, picture, etc. Luckily, I happened to be awake and immediately deleted it and put all comments on moderation.

But apparently, that wasn't enough. When I woke up the next morning, my home had been vandalized. An acidic smelling, gelatinous substance had been thrown all over my front door. No other house on the block had been vandalized.

Coincidence? I don't think so.


—Micah Marley after Doxing

The aftermath?

After the news was brought out Dave Hasz Teen Mania immediately announced on The Tyler Morning Telegraph that it would assemble an independent committee to evaluate ESOAL to judge whether or not to approve the retreat and suspend the LTE until further notice. However Miss Marley Didn’t buy Hasz’s bullshit and when the Honor Academy revealed the 8 participants of the “committee” she exposed 5 of the 8 to having ties with TM. Of the five, three were part of the Community of Christian Fellowship in Lindale. Home church of Ron Luce and Heath Stoner the other two who were exposed turned out to be heaths close buddies on Facebook. After the names were exposed one of the participants backed down knowing that the committee was nothing more than biased horseshit stirred by TM’s Board.

Hasz, not wanting anything to do with Miss Marley anymore, decided to have the RecoveringAlumni site blocked on the Honor Academy Campus computers. No news of ESOAL being banned in the HA has surfaced and obviously never will as the retreat is TM’s long tradition and also Hasz’s favourite way of abusing children.

The Battlecry song

Ironically Ron’s Popularity has managed to grab the attention of many rock bands including one unknown MySpazz band of nobodies called Shut Up Sydney. Their recent track has currently become the anthem of many former Teen Maniacs who blow their speakers at the front gates of the Honor Academy.

Fight worldy evils, like abortion

Free-will, and religious pollution The gays and fags are gaining ground They're threatening God's Mannderbund

Just loving God ist nicht enough Yell battlecries, Ron Luce Youth get tough Spread Jesus' love through racism 'Cause I said so, it's God's solution


—Shut up Sydney

This Is My Battlecry by megatokyo girl.jpg
Not even DevianTart is safe!

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