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Post this to trigger any TTG hater
The autism is high here.

Imagine a popular show being dumbed down in today's society and making a joke out of the original and mocking it's fanbase with it's crude humor. Teen Titans Go! is a perfect example of that. With it's slew of characters that are more autistic than ever before, this show has managed to stay on Cartoon Network for over 200 episodes in just a 5 year span. It's an amazement that the show is still on the air despite thousands being pissed off over it's existence instead of getting a life.

How it all started...[edit]

Silkie gets a bath

After the sudden cancellation of Teen Titans in 2006, fans wondered and speculated on whether or not there would be a Season 6 of the show. The TARTlets at deviantART raided the creators' telephones in a bid to make them BRING BACK TEEN TITANS NAO!!!!111, because complaining to a show's creator will definitely save your favorite show, as evidenced by the show's return in 2013.

DA journal from 2009 regarding someone wanting Teen Titans back.

The Drama Begins[edit]

Journal announcing the "return" of Teen Titans as Teen Titans Go.

Because the way the TARTlets went about it was so immature, the creators thought that they were being lobbied by children, so the new show launched as a jew-animated fart-comedic parody aimed at the 8-13 year old market, despite having hundreds of jokes kids wouldn't understand, as well a bunch of sex gags. This caused great distress to fans of the original series, who can be seen bitching in the comments of every YouTube video of Teen Titans Go, but when the writers made Raven a brony and made all the BBRae/Anti-Terra fan theories happen, hundreds of old BBrae fangirls complete with the Tara Strong defense force turned against the fanbase and started defending the show by bitching that the new show is aimed at children, and the original show is overrated. Both sides are easily trollable by simply stating one is better than the other.

The Cast and Crew of TTG[edit]

The cast and crew present their autistic "masterpiece".

The creators, Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath admitted to the fact that despite knowing about the Teen Titans show they only watched selected episodes to get ideas for Teen Titans Go! episodes. This caused quite the rage among those against Teen Titans Go! and only made them more butthurt than before.

It should also be noted that the crew members do make cameos throughout the series, specifically the infamous "Let's Get Serious" and the "The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular!" episodes. The cast and crew of the show seem to be fully aware of how dumb and autistic the show really is and goes as far as to make references to it in many particular episodes of the show because they clearly are running out of ideas for episodes and don't want the show to die

Of course, despite the hate the crew gets they manage to brush it off because Teen Titans Go! is still "popular" with kids. In their minds, as long as the show keep them entertained, what use would it be to cancel the show? Especially because of a few butthurt manchildren who don't seem to have a life besides constantly whining over how the show treats them.

Scenes from the Show[edit]

Starfire dreams of a kitty picnic

Silkie does love Starfire and Raven!

Wally T admits he prefers the original Teen Titans.

Robin goes the "spicy life"

The Titans find out the truth that they are just a tv show.

Even the GO! Titans admit to preferring their former incarnation.

Pie Song

Burger vs Burrito

The Titans Themselves[edit]

As noted above, the new series has plenty of sex gags, aimed at the manchildren and bronies who watch the show because it's colorful and action-packed. Manchildren and bronies being the perverts that they are, naturally the characters are shipped in poorly written fanfics all over the Internet.

Most of them follow this formula:

  • Robin loves Starfire despite years of sexual molestation by Batman and like most girls of her age, she is oblivious to his or any boy's ability to breathe because she wants the hot older guy with the car. Much like the male fans of the show, his only sexual release comes from obscene amounts of masterbation.
  • Starfire is a cocktease from planet Tamaran, who loves only Aquaman and Silkie, and the Titans go inside her before they go inside Cyborg.
  • Cyborg is a powerful half-robotic token black guy whose secret crush is Beast Boy, but covers this up with an alleged crush on Jinx. Much like the average, inner city black person, he can only speak by screaming and using spastic body language that makes it look like one of the white girls is about to get raped.
  • Beast Boy is the youngest Titan, who happens to be a furry and is in love with Raven and Terra... this formula naturally results in tons of shota fantasies by sex-starved tweens
  • Raven The holy grail of the show due to being voiced by the overused fake-breasted horse hag. A pegasister who leads beast boy around by the dick when she isn't cuting herself or listening to the Cure or both. For some reason she is drawn to look like a monkey wearing a pillow case.
  • Silkie is Starfire's pet maggot and subject of several bestiality fanfics

Notice that all the male characters are generally useless, and the female Titans are the powerful ones. This can only be attributed to the vast feminist conspiracy to indoctrinate young males into cuckoldry. Notice that the only male with any real superpowers is Cyborg, a big, black sexy buck who serves as the center of the fantasies of the suburban white females who write Internet fanfics and so he isn't a completely positive black role model and suffers from having a few black stereotypes like screaming all the time because soccer moms hate it when the black men they lust after get reduced to vanilla caricature of themselves.


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Cartoon Network's Teen Titans Go! Drama[edit]

Police.gif Fact Alert
Teen Titans Go is known for mocking it's viewers and making fun of themselves IN THE SHOW as well as the fans of the original series because they have autism. Much lulz can be found in the multiple rant videos regarding the show's antics.
"We have a gift to you" - Cartoon Network Christmas 2017
Hate comments regarding Teen Titans Go on YouTube.

Once the show gained enough popularity after it's premier in 2013, Cartoon Network realized they had found the next big thing ever and has treated it as such since. This caused a lot of people to make pointless and dumb rant videos over how Cartoon Network overplays the show in the same manner Nickelodeon has done with SpongeBob and even bashing at the creators and the president of the channel itself because they fail to realize the target demographic of the network.

They clearly don't understand that these executives don't give a shit about a few manchildren and autists whining over a show meant for kids. Most of these people are either autistic fags who are into shit like Adventure Time or the original Teen Titans. It has also replaced Johnny Test as the most hated cartoon by autistic fanboys, who won't shut up about how it should be cancelled and it's creators murdered. They've even created pointless petitions Like this one for example regarding the upcoming Teen Titans Go! Movie like that will do jackshit

Rant Videos people made regarding the drama[edit]

He claims this is his "final" Teen Titans Go Rant.
Someone sperging over how the Cartoon Network Schedule has changed.
It's called business dumbass. Deleted because recently, an EDiot managed to get this taken down with one single comment.
People butthurt over the Teen Titans Go Movie.
Some kid whining over Christina Miller, the president of Cartoon Network
As usual, Benthelooney rants on something modern because he's a nostalgiatard.

The Movie[edit]

In 2017, Warner Bros. thought that just 4 seasons worth of episodes wasn't enough, so they went and announced a movie. Of course all the hate went all the way up to 11 because to them, Teen Titans Go! didn't deserve a movie, and they knew it was going to be bad. The joke came on to them when the film not only was (somewhat) of a success (it didn't beat out Paramount's Mission Impossible film released the same day), but critics actually liked it. Even most haters of the series admitted to liking it.

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